Guess Bitcoin Price Challenge #2! Win prize in SBD!

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Hello to all Steemian friends!
Do you want to earn some SBD? If you do, you should participate in this challenge. Let’s get some fun by guessing Bitcoin price 48 hours from now on Coinmarketcap. Write your Bitcoin price in comment that you think would be 48 hours from posting this let's say contest and earn ALL SBD generated by this post. The participant which entry is closest to actual Bitcoin value at that time, will be pronounced as a winner and mentioned in announcement post! After that I will send all generated SBD to winner Steemit account when I redeem the reward.


Rules of the challenge :

-One entry per participant
-You need to upvote this post with 100% voting power
-Resteem this post
-Follow me @cryptomoneymade

Current Bitcoin price on coinmarketcap


All entries are valid 24 hours from this post piblishing time cause of Bitcoin price manipulation. We want fair play here.
If you have fullfil the criteria mentioned above, then you are eligible to participate.

I’m inviting and encouraging @adsacly @penguinpablo @dollarvigilante @jerrybanfield @supereasycrypto @cryptonized to support this contest by upvoting this post or donating.

Winner of the last contest was @angelteo30


Thank you for participating and good luck!


*This challenge need to have at least 10 entries to be eligible. *


This post is resteemed and upvoted by @bestboom

This post is resteemed and upvoted by @alimirza0416 , bitcoin rate gona go with US $ 8333.78,

Gonna be around $9145

For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8519.50USD

$ 8,889.00 usd

bitcoin prices range $ 8915

Gonna go with $8,253.62

$9200 aproximadamente

My guess for bitcoin price will be around $10,000


Is it over ?

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