Crazy Cryptokas Riddle. First edition. Win 7 Steem!

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Welcome to the first edition of the "crazy cryptokas riddle"! The winner will receive 7 Steem! The first person who post the answer as a comment will win (editing comments are not allowed). The contest is over when I receive the payout of this post. I will announce the winner in a separate post together with the solution. If you like to participate with the "crazy cryptokas riddle" you need to upvote this post. The reward of this contest will increase when it gets more attention.

Guide lines

  • Use the hints to get started
  • You may need other tools & websites (search engines, youtube, text & photo-editing software, ...)
  • It's possible that additional hints exists
  • Everything written is this post is part of the riddle
  • Use your creativity

Hint 1

Monkeys will do everything to find the word. Are you a monkey? Open the window to get a better view ...

Hint 2

The first letter of the alphabet is a gift!

This is the hashed (sha1 with secret salt) answer for this riddle. Don't waste your time on decrypting it!


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Not good at these things


Nice try! but incorrect :-(


Thanks for the fun game and I'll try next time. Good luck to everyone else.


don't give up! you can have more entries! just don't edit your comments ;-)


Do not tell if the answer is correct or not until the final count down begins.

My second guess: Omega.
At least this have some connection with the animal world unlike the word "Lambda" which I guessed first.

Hahaha... I've got nothing. I'm not good at these :P


Hi mate, welcome to the "crazy cryptokas riddle"! BTW I like your juice :-)

I wish I was smart enough to give you the right answer. Good luck to the ones who try to calculate the correct answer.. :)


You don't have to calculate... don't be a monkey!


Its WordFind with greek letters. There is whole greek alphabet excluding xi. After you strike every greek letters, following letters will survive:


But it is encoded some way and I dont know how. PS: Caesar dont work


lol, I got as far before quitting XD


Uhm I also figured out the greek alphabet and striked out all words, but came to this:


Mine is significantly shorter and I'm quite sure there is no H left in it, so your's is probably wrong. Mine doesn't work either, so there must be something with this I'm doing wrong.. :(

Hey @cryptokas! Thanks for the fun contest! I spent some time working on this tonight and made a little progress. I'll have to pick it up again sometime tomorrow if it hasn't been solved, yet. I'll also resteem the post tomorrow to hopefully get some more views and participants.


Thanks Misko!

Moto Mate it's my answer. 😊

The answer is Omega

Alpha and Omega

Got it! This was a lot of fun @cryptokas!
The answer to the riddle is:
let's steem on!

Is this the answer?:

PGLDOZMCFGBIRG with secret salt: 695435647

I don't get it. Am I supposed to look for a word, or do I have to use some program to decrypt stuff?


Inspect the post carefully, open the window to see more!