Daily Drawing Challenge #4 / Get 50% of rewards for this post

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What’s up, world?

I was away for last couple of days and was unable to announce new challenge and the winner of the previous one. I will announce the winner of Daily Drawing Challenge #3 in the next post and now it’s time for Daily Drawing Challenge #4!


This time I suggest you to draw a curvy body, not necessarily naked. You are free to use any medium. Digital pieces are accepted too.

The winner takes it all

I am giving away half of the payout for this post no matter how much this post earns to only one person whose work I choose.

All submitted entries will be featured in my future posts.


– the picture is drawn by you and you are publishing it for the first time specially for this challenge;

– use the tag “cookiedrawing” (not necessarily first);

– upvote this post;

– resteem this post;

– post your entry in the comment section to this post (I will not take into consideration entries that are not posted in the comment section). 

You have a week for submitting your entries till the payout day.

Ready? Set. Go!

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WOW! So many awesome artists here! There are really some masterpieces...
I like yours the most though - but it's simply because of the very primitive reason, that I like big butts 😀Seriously, great competition and I wished I could draw like you all!

Esta es mi entrada, espero no haber llegado tarde xd

Imagen 006.jpg


Here is my entry, hopefully I am not too late.


I found this model to draw from lovefigures.com.



te quedo genial o.o


Muy agradecida, espero ver el tuyo porque tu también dibujas muy bien!!!

I've been keeping my eye on these drawing challenges, and I'm so glad I decided to make the time to draw something for this one! Hope you like it. 😁



me encanta el efecto que le das con las sombras o:


Muchas gracias, encantado de escuchar eso:)


te quedo muy linda! :)


Gracias amigo.


te quedo muy linda :D




demasiado brutal!!


Gracias amigo por tu comentario. Seguimos dibujando y divirtiéndonos. Saludos.

Haha, that is an original theme ;)

Thanks for hosting the contest! For your information, I just added it to the weekly traditional art contest list:

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 12/03-19/03 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests


Thanks a lot!

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ya empiezo a preparar mi presentación me gusta este concurso, saludos y mucha suerte y éxitos a todos con sus dibujos.

Wow big mom👍👍👍
How price😂

Lista para prepara mi entrada!!!


amigaa esfuerzatee quiero ver como progresas! :)


hola mi amiga ya subí mi presentación, espero te guste y esperando para ver tu presentación, éxitos.


@betzaelcorvo amigo no me la pusiste nada fácil, voy a tener que esforzarme esta vez con mi dibujo. te quedo genial.


gracias amigo, en realidad fue un trabajo de muchas horas y mucha paciencia con los detalles, espero que realices un buen arte y te deseo mucho éxito, si lo haces con mucho amor por el dibujo sera genial, saludos.


graciaas, tratare de dar mi mejor esfuerzo, tienes algún medio para contactarte pedir consejos y aclarar dudas privadas? :D

Какая красотка!


Красотки должно быть много

You got a 30.77% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @cookiespooky!

your drawing made me smile)) thanks!!!