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The Thank You Economy - Week 27 with 5 SBI Shares

It's That Time Again!  

Time For Your Weekly Dose Of Heart Felt Thankfulness

Welcome to the  Thank You Economy, a fun and engaging project where we try to promote a sense of thankfulness.  I really enjoy hosting the contest as I meet new people and awesome communities every week.  

In last weeks contest we gave away 5 shares of SBI and we had over 23 comments, a total of 12 Participants! and 19 Engagement Bonus Entries.

I just want to Thank Everyone again who has been participating, and resteeming the posts.

What is The Thank You Economy contest all about?(simplified version)

An Attitude of Gratitude - The Thank You Economy is simply a way to say thank you to someone who has helped you, influenced you or blessed you in some way in the Steem community.  It can be tough getting started on Steemit, and the people who have been here for a while realize that.  I could see community members helping out everywhere but what can new people do to show appreciation back?  Not much....

That's where the idea for the Thank You Economy contest arose, I wanted to do more to say thank you.  

Maybe I can do more.  I thought there might be others who wanted to do the same, not to mention it's fun.  

Just saying thank you to someone opens up all kinds of opportunities to interact with each other.  YOU CAN THANK ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE....


On to the Contest Rules 

The Base Contest - We'll keep this simple.  

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • In the comment tag someone who has helped you or influenced you on Steemit use the @coinsandchains format.
  • Then briefly tell us why you chose them.

That's all you have to do.  (upvotes, restreems and follows are appreciated though)

One thing, please do not tag bots or alt accounts.

The Prizes and Winner Selection: This Changes almost every week


I will pull winners on day 6 or 7 of the post.... 

  • 1 commenters will be randomly selected by the amazing prize wheel I found. The account making the comment and the account tagged in the comment will receive one SBI share each (2 total shares)
  • Most awesome or heartfelt entry - 1 commenter and their nominee will receive one SBI share each (2 total shares), this will be selected either by a guest judge or myself.
  • I will also give an upvote to each valid entry, but that does not amount to much.  Upvote your own comment if you would like, or if you have a @dustsweeper account it might help.  


So we are going to have One Bonus Round this week!!!! 

Bonus Round: Community Participation 1 winner!

If you know of other communities feel free to let me know in the comments. These are just the ones that I have engaged with.

Anyone who is participating in ANY of these Engaging Community Groups is eligible for an additional random drawing.  


All you need to do is Add a Tag to your comment entry, if you are participating in multiple communities each community counts as an entry!  Please use the Tags above if possible....

Just In case You Don't Know What SBI Is.

In the interest of saving space you can learn more by visiting @steembasicincome.   It is a pretty cool project with several people working on it. The brains behind the operation and main sponsor is @josephsavage #steembasicincome  


Good Luck To the Steemit Community If you enjoyed this please Follow Upvote and Restream

Something you might want to check out, the Information Finding Championship has just kicked off season two

IFC Season 2 Round 1 begins now! (100 steem grand prize)  

You can also catch me on 

LinkedIn  Yes I'm a super-nerd computer geek who likes nature and gardening.

Twitter   Mainly use this for airdrops and other things I enjoy scoping out.

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I would like to thank @theycallmedan for all the support that you have been giving us here at this platform! Thank youu so much and may you continue to be Blessed all through your life.


Hey glad you decided to Swing back through. I do believe I like theycallmedan... I watched a couple of his vids, I like it just shoot straight, if you don't like it don't listen.... Not to mention his upvote just sponsored the post for several weeks....

I would like to thank @yogajill for always being a positive presence on the blockchain and encouraging others! You rock! <3
#contestkings #needleworkmonday #PowerUP #MinnowPusher #Engagement #smallfishgames

I would like to thank @roleerob for taking the time to look at a relative newbies account after I followed and provide encouragement, upvotes , and a plethora of helpful links and advice.


Well thank you @steemstreems, I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

And @coinsandchains, nice to "see" you again. An "attitude of gratitude" - I like it! 👍

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How's the retirement going? You seem to be enjoying some travels, that's awesome... I've got a few more years to wait unless I decide to stop early..... Probably not but you never know...


Good morning @coinsandchains! Retirement is very new to me, so still working on what it will become long term. At the moment, enjoying some long anticipated time with my siblings. Very likely, once back home, I will be working at something, as I think we all need a purpose in life.

And I'm not ready to stop working altogether. Someday I simply won't be able to be very productive, no matter what I might think. But ... That is still off in the future somewhere ...

How are you? From dim memory, the one time I can recall you and I exchanging a few thoughts were you not facing some problems with your family farm or something like that?


No problem. Hopefully our luck will be good :-)


That's pretty cool, @roleerob is a pretty good guy with loads of great content. He's got some real good starter material out there. It looks like you are a pretty fast learner, just from a quick scan of your account, already delegating, earning and pretty active...


Thank you! I like to think of myself as a quick learner, but I'd like to be even quicker than I am!

I have not had a chance to really read all of his stuff, but what I have read is very informative and logical. I like logical :-)

Thank you for this contest!

Howdy @coinsandchains! I'd love to come around to see how you have been? Are you keeping busy? :)

I thank you for continuing to put together such a great event that documents a network of community building groups! God Bless!

I think I should tag you!! You are awesome for doing this! I love the encouragement of the expression of gratitude! Carry on!!!

I'd like to say thank you to @boxcarblue for supporting several of us minnows with delegations of SP. It means a lot that someone is reading content and interested in promoting new people.
@mariannewest #freewrite

Gotta give a tip of the hat and a big as the all outdoors thank you to Jeff Berwick (ala @dollarvigilante) for giving me the heads up about this crazy thing called steem. 😎

This week, I'd like to say thank you to @fraenk. He's doing some excellent work on Steemit, and has created a free dust sweeper like bot, @dustbunny, for new Steemit users to benefit from. He's also created some random upvote bots, called cuddlebots, that dispense upvotes and cute GIFs. He has also very generously delegated me 20 SP so that I can more easily use this platform without running into RC restrictions.


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I thank @casberp. In other contests I mentioned other names and I had forgotten that he also helped me a lot to understand things and gave me the opportunity to participate and work on the PTGRAM POWER project to encourage and support the Brazilian and Portuguese language community here at Steemit.

Howdy sir coinsandchains! great job for doing this. I reckon you're super busy on outside contracts?

I thank @czechglobalhosts for their excellent curatorial project and photo contests

I am going to give a Thank you this week to @shaheerbari for the post he shares with us on his homeland. Pakistan can be painted as a very evil place by many media companies and countries. Yet he shows me often that there is so much good going on there also. I am very glad that I catch this post from time to time to see another side of a place of the world I might never go.



Thank you so much @stever82, I hope you visit Pakistan one day I'll definitely show you the positives of the beautiful land

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I'd like to thank @distantsignal because seeing filmmaking posts always gives me an extra jolt of enthusiasm for the intersection of my activities.

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Thanks for listing our contest/community! :) It's much appreciated.

Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

Here is a 100% upvote from @contestkings

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