Steemit Virus Contest: My Favourite Quote

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First of all I just need to say a quick thank you to @gbenga for introducing this contest to the community.  I enjoyed the original post, I think this is a great idea for a contest, as well as reading the other entries to the contest. 

We are asked for our favourite quote, we are asked to write a post about it, and finally we are asked how our quote can help in daily life. So come along guys, it's a simple contest so get involved and have some fun ;-)

But for my entry....:-

Now, there are a handful of quotes that I like, and in fact the list of quotes that I like grows bigger and bigger month on month, but my favourite has to be: 

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

- By Marilyn Monroe. 

It has a special meaning to me because yes, I spent so many years of my youth with the wrong boys. The inappropriate boys. The (if I'm perfectly honest and with the beauty of hindsight) not good enough for me boys. And the boys I just shouldn't have wasted any time or any tears on. 

These were the boys who weren't happy when my selfish or impatient or insecure side surfaced. I am sure every girl who has dated knows the sort I mean!

The kind of boys who were more than happy when things were well and when I was the life and soul of the party, but if Depression had taken ahold of me one day and I couldn't even face going to the party, let alone being the life or the soul of it, they didn't want to know me, they were so quick to replace me with any other girl to take to that party. 

But luckily even back in my youth I knew that someone who couldn't or rather wouldn't put up with the dark side of me wouldn't be the one for my longterm. And they were soon shown the door and asked to leave. Thank you very much. Bye bye. See ya later alligator. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. 

And then I met my husband. 

He understands that not all days are "good days" with me, but he holds my hand on the bad days, and stands by me, and because he does that for me, there is no one I would rather share my good days with. And month by month, year by year, I think with his help we are getting more good days. 

And that has to be a great thing, right?

My picture was from Pixabay.


You can read the original post on this contest here: 

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wow...awesome write up..i appreciate the fact that u used your personal experience. so sorry for the bad experience u had with those guys u dated....hope u have an amazing and happy married life....cheers .
Am @amec


Oh bless you, thank you for your kind words.
And it's cool. I think often you go through bad things and it makes you appreciate the good things more :)


Well said

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