WINNERS for the August and First Ever Better Than Fair to Middlin’ Contest!

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Hello All!
It’s almost September and I haven’t announced the winners of the August Fair to Middlin’ contest yet!

So, without further ado, the winners are:


Each of you will also be receiving 1 unit of Steem Basic Income (SBI) from @mermaidvampire!

However, anyone who entered this contest is a winner, especially because I had some *generous supporters add to the sweet pot of prizes!

Due to these generous benefactors, the winners and the remaining contestants (just below) will also receive 1 Steem and 1 Plankton token each!


Recap of August Challenge and Prizes:

Just to refresh your memory, here is a recap of the contest rules and prices:

You Need to Do!

As some of you already know, my father was a very special person in my life, so in remembrance of my dad, the first challenge is to write about a special person in your life! Tell me about someone you both love and admire, and tell me why you feel that way!

Additional Rules:

1 - Your entry must be no less than 300 words.
2 – Please do not go over the maximum of 800 words!
3 – Post must be easily accessed and read from the Steemit platform.

More Details:

  • Bounty for the August Better Than Fair to Middlin’ is 6 Steem.
  • Contest deadline is right up until payout for this announcement post.
  • I will pick my top three favorites from all the entries, so it is subjective!

Bonus Prizes:

  • First Prize – 3 Steem
  • Second Prize – 2 Steem and 1 Plankton
  • Third Prize – 1 Steem and 2 PAL

Caveat - You must be a Plankton token owner to be eligible for a bonus prize!

(If you are not a Plankton HODLer, you can purchase Plankton in Steem Engine.)

Update on the Bounty

@steem-bounty was having some pre-hardfork hiccups and the 6 Steem I sent to them at the time of the post was lost in cyberspace. BTW, @steem-bounty, where is my refund?

images are from Pixabay!

Under normal operating conditions, when you send Steem to @steem-bounty, they automatically send everyone that commented on your post a portion of the bounty, based on the percentage of upvote(s) their comment(s) received. And, it works beautifully!

Since I promised a bounty distribution, I am still manually dividing and disbursing a portion of the bounty to anyone that commented on the contest post. My math won’t be as elegant and, as you can see, I work much slower than @steem-bounty! But, it is important for me to follow through with my promise.

September Contest Teaser

Like I said before, I want to keep things interesting, so the challenges (and the prizes) will be a bit different each month. September will focus on visual art, so be thinking about the art you see on Steemit!

@thekittygirl has already contributed 6 additional Steem to the prize pool! More prizes will be announced at the time of the contest post at the “middlin’” of the month!

Special Shoutout to the Contest Supporters!

I want to thank the generous supporters that added prizes to this contest. Thank you on behalf of myself and the winners!

@veryspider – 6 Steem
@mermaidvampire – 3 units of SBI
@otom – 50 Plankton! (using 5 for the month of August)

gif by gerber!

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_float.png



you just rose a upvote from @curationhelper thanks for post promotion. For Information read my daily post

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Hello my dear @cindyhartz thank 'you so much for being a good Steemian.. You make my day! God bless you ant the sponsors
@veryspider @mermaidvampire @thekittygirl @otom

Oh good Olivia! You wrote a very endearing story - Congratulations!

When it realy' happened to our life, it is so easy to express such feeling. Like you about your father, I was touched and cried. jejejeje.

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Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Good morning @cindyhartz. I'm a call center employee and sometimes I visited steemit. Thank you so much for choosing my entry. God speed.

Your story pulled my heart strings! Congratulations to YOU!

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You're doing great in growing a plankton @cindyhartz, keep on rockin!

Thank you! You are doing a great job as well! Plankton to the moon!

Ma'am @cindyhartz, just home from my work and my wife so happy telling me she saw notification that I won. Thank you for this gift.

You earned it! Tell your wife I said Hello! Plankton to the moon!

Awesome! Keep this going.
Shares already purchased for the 3 winners. Congratulations!

Awesome! Thank you so much for ALL of your support and all the things you do for the Plankton members!

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