WINNER for the October Better Than Fair to Middlin’ Contest - or - Woe is Me, No More TrickorTreat Tags Do I See!

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Hi Steemians!

As I mentioned earlier, I like Halloween, so I always try to entice and encourage the neighbors to come and Trick-or-Treat at my house. I decorate and prepare and hope!

Every year, less and less little folks come along with their Trick-or Treat bags. But all those that do come to my door get lots of goodies and are met with enthusiasm. Such is also the case with my October contest:

Grand Prize!

The only person who entered my contest is @marbley!

@marbley gets a unit of Steem Basic Income (SBI), in addition to the tokens she has already received directly from my Steem Engine wallet, and I’m going to promote her post in various discord channels, because she did a great job!

Read her post here!

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Recap of October Challenge and Prizes:

Just to refresh your memory, here is a recap of the contest rules and prices:

What You Need to Do!

With Halloween approaching, the challenge will be scary fun!
Important: you will need to use #trickortreat somewhere on your post, so I can find your entry!

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The Rules:

1 – Include the story base and whichever leg of the story you are embellishing!
2 - Your written entry must be no less than 50 words.
2 – You can add a visual element accompanied by at least 25 words.
3 – Please do not go over a maximum of 100 words!
(Post must be easily accessed and read from the Steemit platform)
To see all the details , and the required story base, you can find them

A Few More Details:

  • Contest deadline is just a bit under 13 days beyond this announcement post. That is 3:00 AM UTC on October 28th!
  • All qualifying entries will be placed in an online random generator to select the top three names!
    The top three in the generator list will also receive 1 unit of Steem Basic Income (SBI) each!

You can read the entire announcement here.

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Help me out here!

I want to get some constructive criticism and/or just plain feedback on why there were so few entries for this contest! I have placed a 10 Steem bounty on this post, so I can encourage you to comment.

I know there have been a lot of great contests going lately, and some of them are offering much bigger prizes, but the whole idea of this contest is to help the entrants boost the quality of their posts and earn a little extra in the process.

If you have any expertise or helpful advice, I would appreciate that too!

I know we are all very busy, but I want some quality feedback to help me decide how I want to design my upcoming contests. “I was too busy” will not get a vote or a portion of the bounty!

So be honest with me and tell me:

Why did you not enter this contest? I will give higher upvotes to the most helpful and honest answers.
Thank you in advance (TIA) for your helpful answers!

gif by gerber!

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@cindyhartz has set 10.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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I didn´t join because I´m only seeing this post now. But as you mentioned, the prize could have been one of the biggest reasons people did not participate.

I could recommend you to try giveaway @steemmonsters cards (bigger community) or if you can afford it some STEEM.

Other than that, the contest looks good, the cleaner and easier to understand the better...


I did not know you run a contest. I have not seen it so do not know which tags you used.
Contests and steembasicincome?

I noticed it is getting harder to find participants, even if you invite them, help to remind them the motivation is low.

Those who complain they earn hardly are not more eager to join, not everyone is happy with "just" SBI.
I only knows it takes a lot of time to host one, translate, comment, and it always costs me my weekly earnings or more. Somehow it feels the Steemians are spoiled or perhaps the problem is they are lazy. If you can get SBI for free (see dpoll) why bother writing, posting, leaving your link?

Most are here for a quick post and leave. You could try collecting commentcoin and use that tag (#cc) if you have enough coins. Your contest might be noticed earlier.

Might be there are just too many contests and I once heard the prize is not interesting/high enough either. I doubt that is the reason. With me people did not join the contest with 10 Steem as a prize more as the one with 1 Steem.

Perhaps all smaller contest better work together or people are busy this month/end of the year.

Happy day and congratulations to @marblely. 💕

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Thank you for your very thoughtful feedback. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. I think you are right - less contests and more collaboration and combining would be better.

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Perhaps you like to join us as a ccc-contest? I think a simple description of the contest will make it easier too. I took over two contests and they look very messy/chaotic to me and each time I try to delete a bit more info and make it look easier.

You could invite people too to join. That is what I do after some days. At times it helps but sometimes I think "who cares" I can keep my money. By the way I see more contests with only one person participating. Most do not pay out. I think there should always be a reward for joining (as long as not 200 people do). Happy day, let me know if you continue the contest. I would like to join. 💕

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Thank you so much @cindyhartz!! 😘 It is not easy to host a contest for sure and I thank you for hosting this! It is such a fun contest and requires quite some imagination. I was wondering too why nobody joined. I think some possible reasons are:

  1. They wanted to join but kept it aside while thinking of a story and then forgot about it. I kept a reminder in my head of the dateline, but it would have been easier to keep the reminder on my phone 😁. Maybe you can post a reminder in the middle of the contest duration?
  2. There was quite a bit of information in the post. I read your post a couple of rounds to make sure I do not miss anything but I was still unsure if I did. I was also waiting to see some entries from others but there wasn't any to refer to.
  3. I was also wondering, does the next entry continue from for example, my entry or does everyone write their own story, as long as they include your story base?
  4. Oh and how about collaborating this contest with @freewritehouse / @mariannewest ? There are many #freewrite members there who joins #freewrite daily and I am quite sure this contest might interest them 😊

Can I join again by continuing my story or maybe wait till someone else enters and continue their story? 😁

Thank you again @cindyhartz! #NewSTEEM ON!!

Good suggestions! This particular contest is concluded, but maybe you should write more for your story. It is good! Thank you!

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Thank you @cindyhartz and Happy Halloween!!!

Or with @bananafish or with @team-ccc. @marblely and I host a ccc-contest too.

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Oh my, what a fun contest you have here! I'm so sorry I missed it. It's a great idea and I am honestly very surprised that you had only one contestant.

You asked for feedback. I would only suggest that you make sure you are a) posting consistently (hopefully daily) and b) sharing your links in the channels on #powerhousecreatives. I am always looking for great content to read, comment on and upvote! So if you post regularly and share your links in the Power House Creatives channels, we will definitely all find you! Especially use the contest-challenges channel for posts like this one. I hope that helps! I will definitely keep an eye out for your next contest as that is a sweeeeet bounty!

Actually posting about twice a week usually, which is all I can do right now. However, the contest was posted 2 weeks ago. I didn’t have time to promote it in discord as I would have liked, but I did put the link in the contest channel. 😊

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Oh that’s good. I checked there before making that suggestion and didn’t see it, but maybe I didn’t go back far enough. I do know what you mean about time! To-do items are plentiful, and time is not. I used to run contests and then shifted away from it to other ways of creating engagement, as it is really quite a lot of work! So kudos to you and don’t give up. Let’s try to get more action on your next contest! If you tag me, I will help promote it.

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That’s sweet! Thank you! 😘

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Don't stop and keep on going my dear. It was in my mind to make an entry but I forgot the time until I checked it done already. I'm sure I will be joining your next contest.
I am supporting you last time and just this time I was overloaded. Don't stop and it will work better., @cindyhartz

Thank you Olivia! I got busy too, and didn’t have time to promote the contest in discord like I planned either!

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No worries there will be a next time. Just keep it up. We will see other will support you.

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@cindyhartz, I was so very busy as my mother was so sick. I can't concentrate on making anything. Thank you for being a good steemians. Keep it up and see for your next round.

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Thank you! I’m sorry your mother is so sick. You are a good son.

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@cindyhartz, Resteemed and keep up the engagement boosting and community development work. Stay blessed.

Thank you! 😘

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