October Better Than Fair to Middlin’ Contest

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Major spiderweb.jpg
All spider pictures are my own, taken with my iPhone!

Hello All Good Steemians!

Welcome to my third (!) Better Than Fair To Middlin’ contest! In keeping with the name, I will continue to post the contest during the middle of each month for an unknown, but decent stretch of time!


I like to keep things interesting, so the challenges (and the prizes) will be a bit different each month. Pay close attention to the rules to make sure you get a chance to win as much as possible!

The Steemians that know me well know the number three is very special to me, so we’re really going to get into it this time!
I really like Halloween, Day of the Dead celebrations and all the superstitions and hauntingly fun activities that come along with this time of the year, so we are going to build a web of stories!

Let’s Build a Web Together!

web on bush.jpg
Notice how the web spans over the entire bush, and how the spider makes a classic zig zag "writing" out from the center!

These pictures are of Argiope aurantias (and their webs), otherwise known as the writing spider, the orb weaver, the zig zag spider or even Charlotte, in the classic children’s tale, Charlotte’s Web. This garden spider is harmless to humans, but it sure is scary when you get caught in one of their webs!

So this month, I am asking you to get caught up in the web we will weave together! You can join in anytime, and tag on to anyone else’s post and just keep adding to the story we weave!

If you want to add visual elements just like the writing spider does, feel free to do that! Just make sure the gifs, drawings, pictures.. whatever you add fits the theme of the story!

Base of the Story

Only this part of the story must be included in with your addition. You can jump in anytime, anywhere, but all the story adaptations must include the story base, here:

Story Base

She was so scared; her heart was beating loud enough for the intruders to hear it, even though she was hidden under all those covers. She tried to calm herself, make her breath quieter so it would not give her location away.
Her mind searched for her salvation. She was stuck on the second floor with no way to escape, and they were on their way up the stairs!

Why Better Than Fair to Middlin’?

In case you missed it in the first contest post; fair to middlin’ was a phrase my father loved to use!

Although you may find a few variations, the phrase originated as another quality category for crops in the US. Fair to middlin’ is a general and somewhat variable quality or grade between poor and excellent. Not the best and not exactly average either, but definitely good enough, or maybe just a bit better!

I Want Better!

If you are doing better than fair to middlin’, you’re definitely doing well, and that’s what I want for all my fellow Steemians. Let’s do better than fair to middlin’!

October Challenge - Open to all!

Trick -or- Treat Prizes Awarded on the Spot!

Do you Trick -or- treat in your country? In the USA, youngsters wear their Halloween costumes and visit their neighbors asking for goodies. After ringing doorbells or knocking on the their neighbor's doors, the standard saying is “Trick -or- treat!” The children hold their treat bags open to receive all kinds of goodies from those they visit.

If you enter the contest you will get a visit from me, and a few (I’m asking for three!) other anonymous judges from @Crowdmind!
You will get a 100% upvote from me on your contest entry, just for making an effort! The Croudmind judges will upvote your post according to how much they like your entry!

When I visit your entry this month, I will send you a goodie from my trick-or-treat bag (my Steem Engine wallet), right after I have read your entry! So enter! What have you got to lose?

spider and zz together.jpg
Diminished picture quality, but a bit of a closer view of the spider at work!

What You Need to Do:

Important: you will need to use #trickortreat somewhere on your post, so I can find your entry!

The Rules:

1 – Include the story base and whichever leg of the story you are embellishing!
2 - Your written entry must be no less than 50 words.
2 – You can add a visual element accompanied by at least 25 words.
3 – Please do not go over a maximum of 100 words!
(Post must be easily accessed and read from the Steemit platform)

A Few More Details:

  • Contest deadline is just a bit under 13 days beyond this announcement post. That is 3:00 AM UTC on October 28th!
  • All qualifying entries will be placed in an online random generator to select the top three names!
    The top three in the generator list will also receive 1 unit of Steem Basic Income (SBI) each!
There is a lot going on here,
so feel free to comment on this post with any questions or uncertainties you may have!

Bonus Prizes For Plankton HODlers:

  • First Place – 1 Steem, 1 Plankton and 1 PAL
  • Second Place – 1 Steem, 1 Plankton and 1 Neoxian Silver
  • Third Place – 1 Steem, 1 Plankton and 1 Creative Coin
You must be a Plankton token owner to be eligible for a bonus prize!
(If you are not a Plankton HODLer, you can purchase Plankton in the Steem Engine.)

gif by gerber

Good Luck to All!

Power House Creatives _night mode.png


I would kinda feel sorry for the spider if I walk into that huge web...must have taken it quite some time to make that. But it won't feel comfortable walking into that as well, reee. Thinking about that gives me the nerves.

And, it's quite an interesting contest...short story or hyper short story with an additional media? Good luck to anyone that's participating :) (I mean, I would want to join but I don't think my schedule works! Reeee...)

What a fun challenge @cindyhartz I hope you get plenty of entries. 🤞

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Thank you! So far, zilch! I was even thinking of writing a post asking for feedback! You may be seeing it shortly! 😉

And thank you for resteeming! 😘

Hi @cindyhartz!
Here is my entry: https://steempeak.com/@marblely/october-better-than-fair-to-middlin-contest-by-cindyhartz
Hope it is valid. If there is anything missing, please let me know and I will update the post.
Thank you and happy Sunday to you!

Great contest you are holding @cindyhartz!

Thank you! I hope you will consider entering!

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I will try to join if able! Thank you for the invites :)

Thank you! 😘

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Magnificent web! And huge! I remember once as a very very young boy I walked into a spider web and thought a spider was going to try to come chow down. I was pretty freaked!

I'm going to try to make the time to enter the contest this month. Looks fun!

Awesome! I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Thank YOU! 😘

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Hey @cindyhartz, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @cindyhartz
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