My largest contest ever?! New partnership with @kiwibot! Win a month's worth of daily upvotes with Kiwi + a lifetime of upvotes with Steem Basic Income shares + many more prizes available!

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Disclosure and my own mission goals

Full disclosure, because I don't want to lead anyone who happens to follow me astray, I hate shilling things which is why I have never endorsed an ICO or other random shitcoin in my time here. I don't like seeing people get scammed.

But if I absolutely don't endorse anything or anyone then that impacts my ability to grow this account, which runs contrary to my self-instated mandate that it be used for charitable purposes and as a means to redistribute the funds I accumulate to help people reach a certain level of self-sufficiency, because I would be doing so at a slower rate if part of my focus wasn't on gaining more funds to do so.

This contest marks the beginning of my partnership with the @kiwibot, they approached me and I believe that we can have a mutually beneficial relationship in the long-term . What they offer is in line with my aim of having people earn more on the original content they generate so they're not so discouraged from posting their own blog posts, as opposed to being forced to fish for comment upvotes. Hopefully the bot will grow in time and be able to service more users and be of great value to users just getting their footing in the STEEM world, and more advanced users with larger investment needs.

With that said, I'm adding kiwis to my arsenal of prizes. They're great for marinades too!

What is @kiwibot?

  • You enroll by sending them 1 steem or delegating 100 SP to receive one 0.10 STU ($0.10 displayed value next of the post amount) vote a day for a month.
  • is their discord if you have more questions.

10 Grand Kiwi Prizes

  • 10 lucky winners will be enrolled in the @kiwibot voting service for 1 month by me, if you post quality content for the month then I may extend this further.
  • 5 @steembasicincome shares for every person that receives a Grand Kiwi Prize.

EDIT: More Kiwis and extra info!

  • 10 more winners also get signed up with the kiwibot!

  • Because kiwibot can now take more enrollment, and since there is the chance for the enrollment to be more profitable for those who are able to make use of the month than 1 SBD worth of dustsweeper, I am opting to instead give away 10 more kiwi subscriptions! My sincerest apologies to the would-be winners of the biggest prizes, but I am just trying to help as many people as possible!

  • I'll do the math and see how many total entries we have at the end, but at minimum I would like these winners to also get at least 2 SBI shares.

  • Unless I have expressly stated so, you are not disqualified from my contest, sorry about any confusion or delays!

Sharing the wealth with even more Steem Basic Income shares!

  • Tons of SBI shares for runner-ups! The more entries there are the more people will win! I gave out over 60 in my last contest, and I hope this contest is my largest ever!
  • I will be purchasing AT LEAST 1 share per QUALIFIED (a made-up criteria that allows me to filter for quality) entrant if I can afford it, I am hoping many, many people enter and ALL of the rewards from this post (steem/SBD/SP) will go towards that and I would prefer to get multiple shares for each person so your votes are appreciated!


  • To qualify for the kiwi prizes you need to either have a blog with daily or near-daily posts of original content, OR you are a quality comment-maker that is very active as that kind of demonstrates that you are active enough to be able to do the posting required to make the kiwi votes worth it.

  • If the above sentence applies to you, say "Kiwi me!" without the quotes and I will look at your posting history to see if you qualify.

  • If you don't and can't post that frequently, but do post at least once a week, you can still say "I'm allergic!" without the quotes and I'll check your blog and see if you're eligible to win SBI shares!

  • Voting is greatly appreciated, but not required.

  • Following me is not required, but I try to host contests often so it might be beneficial for you to do so.

  • Resteeming this is REQUIRED.


Creative initiative. Good luck with the project.

Kiwi me!

Ironically I didn't see this at first because it was voted so high up the list, lol.

How could you miss this lovable kiwi ? :)

Remember, if you do not win the contest you can still send 1 STEEM or SBD to @KiwiBot to enroll!

Also, congratulations to everyone for the free 0.02 upvote- On the house!

Kiwi me!

You've been entered into the contest! Thank you. I felt the findings were not that surprising, to me it seems natural that people are able to recover and go back to a more normal state of mind if they are no longer undergoing huge amounts of stress.

I would say there is much more to it than just compiling it in one sentence, but thanks for the read.

Don't want to oversimplify it, sorry, I should have said "some people", as that study says about half.

Kiwi me, I can at least ensure quality comments daily . however maintaining daily posts for a month would proof kind of difficult. You can look at my blog and see for yourself. I believe I have made some quality posts here and there. moreover I can relay on to raise my rate tenfold. as a result I believe that I can make enough posts to at least get 1 Steem back and make choosing me not a waste.

That is a long comment that could have been made better, lol.

Note: do not count answers and questions quality posting I just use it to boost my posting speed

I have just one question when will the winner win to make sure that I am not late

Kiwi me!

Great contest! I love giving away steem basic income shares because it benefits the giver and the receiver :-D!

Well, shit, at what point do I start banning people I know from my contests to avoid the appearance of collusion. :p

I don't even know who you are wink wink lol.

I just plan to use for my own contest which allows you to pick someone randomly or one of those online roulettes

I just use for random contests, this one I'm going to have to go through and choose manually due to the... varying level of quality concerning the posts and their "originality".

I'm allergic, maybe severely allergic, I will let you decide. :-)

On the bright side you don't copy-paste random articles or try grabbing random articles and translating them into other languages, change a few words around, and boost the post.

Kiwi me

Interesting idea there with the steeming hot bot.

Thanks, yeah I thought it was different too :)

It is! :D

kiwi me

You're definitely getting something for being the first to enter! Thank you!

Lucky me,thanks in advance.Do have a lovely day :)

Kiwi me!

Well, I can't not have you winning something if you're going to be setting flat-earthers straight, lol. I can't believe the stupidity of some people.

Kiwi me

Lol nice shortbread find, you've been entered.

Wow wow happy to hear this. So what next can I do? Just continue with creating good contents right? Or am I to follow another step?

Precisely, that is the next step!

Kiwi me!

I want to think that those movie reviews are originals of yours, I really do, but I need to ask why the grammar and formatting is so different from much of what you write. No offense, as your written English is already very good, which is why I'm asking at all.

Thats because prior to steemit i didnt have much experience writing anything in english as english isnt my first or even second tounge.. I just write whatever comes to my mind when writing anything at all... if you check my comments ( almost all of them for the last couple of weeks ive written is for a new steembased dapp named you will understand why my grammer is that way.. And i have literlly zero idea about how i can achive a greater formatting technique. But im trying to learn and get better at it every day...i hope this clears it up.. Thanks.

I'm just mentioning it for your sake because any plagiarized material runs the risk of having the post rewards removed from any of the anti-plagiarism/spam services. I know that you are trying.

No plagiarism whatsoever. not even a tiniest bit.. all me. thank you for your concern.. But did i qualify?

Kiwi me!

Damn you are a frequent poster, you qualify for sure! Nice garden btw.

Thank you. Have been hard at work. Not too much time for very detailed posts. Plus I picked up a 2nd shift to fund the garden operations.

Always have much to talk about with the changing climate, and unique clouds becoming the norm, and the farm of course.

You do you. I already enrolled!

"¡kiwi!" hago comentarios a diario y trato de publicar todos los días, mis artículos son en español ¿me gustaría saber si aún así se puede participar? Me encanta la forma en como formulastes el concurso se que sera un éxito total. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo ;)

¡El lenguaje no importa tanto como la autenticidad del contenido! Eres elegible, si dependiera de mí, contaría los comentarios para obtener más información, pero los servicios de votación solo votan en las publicaciones de blog y no en los comentarios, así que debo cumplir estos requisitos. ¡Gracias por entrar!

;) Perfecto gracias por la aclaratoria de igual manera busco publicar a diario solo que en Venezuela hay inconvenientes con la energía eléctrica, pero yo con ella y ella conmigo. Saludos y éxito

Kiwi me
Food and Fiction - two strong passions make one great blog.
Keep Steemin

You've been entered! Back at you.

Kiwi me

Just two things. I hope you find endless success in your mission to help others.

Annnnd forex is a really fast way to use leverage to see your account go to 0, lol.

Well am using ausforex which has good spread and good leverage as well.

I'm Allergic!

No worries, nice contests you run there, hopefully you can host even bigger ones in the future!

Thanks. Yes, hopefully...

Kiwi me!

Good luck in your studies bro!

Thank you!

Kiwi me

Sorry for getting back to you so late, it was very heartwarming to read your story of how you came to be an automotive engineer. That is really awesome!

Thank you very much @charitybot. I was thinking that i may have done something wrong with my blog,that's why you ignored me. But finally you read my introduction story and I'm very very happy about it. Thanks for such amazing contest. I have already registered with kiwibot thinking that I'm out of this contest.

No, you write great things and I can see your involvement in the community, so I would never disqualify you from entering. There were simply so many entries and I lost track of everyone because new ones keep coming in! You are very much entered into the contest, and I will keep a mental note of the fact that you signed up for kiwibot on your own initiative!

Thank you very much. This is very reliable and economical service. It is promising almost 3 time ROI. I'm very sure that kiwibot services are going to stand out from the rest of the community services.
I have already shared it among my steemit friends.

I don't post daily because of my work schedule but i post more than once a week, so i guess
I'm allergic.

Nothing's wrong with being allergic! Thank you for entering.

Kiwi me! I plan on writing orignal technology, video games, and ulog content. I openly admit what I am writing is not extremely high quality but I try and I plan on blogging often.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey, I don't know what you're talking about, you got solid content and great write-ups, you're entered!

Thanks for the feedback. I am trying my best to learn to write better and write more engaging content. Maybe sometimes I judge my self a bit hard. I just want to improve I guess.

KIWI ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

You've been entered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Waaaaaahhhhhhhh! Fingerscrossed! 😂

kiwi me

Cheak i am elgible or not then i send my registration fee

Thank you for entering!

Kiwi me!

I don't know what's going on with those punchline posts, but they're hilarious.

kiwi me!

I am already a subscriber of kiwibot, so there's no need for you to subscribe me again haha. Also, if I win anything, please send the SBI shares to! We thank you for your contribution already and of course, the more support we can get the better!

Also, what is @dustsweeper?

@Dustsweeper is a service that provides upvotes the minimum required upvote to get your comment to pay out. If someone had upvoted you for 0.01, it would upvote you for 0.02 to reach the 0.03 mark to pay out.

I would have already sent more shares to support it, but I know that you have been busy and was planning on doing so when you were able to post more often there!

"Kiwi Me!"

Rofl, thanks for lightening the mood around here! Keep at it you funny fuck!

Kiwi me :)

Always happy to see an artist in the mix! :D

I don't post daily but I make comments on others posts daily so.....

Kiwi me

You're a good writer, it would be difficult to post daily at that quality level. You're eligible.

Thanks sir.

I'm allergic!

Kiwi me!

Posted using Partiko Android

Did that person give any reasons for flagging your earliest blog posts?

Yeah, In my earliest post, I was a newbie on Steemit and I don't had idea at that time. And there was my mistake and I forget to mention a reference in my blog..
But later I made correction on that post..

Posted using Partiko Android

That's okay, your comments are very good and your recent posts are authentically yours, I'm assuming. I just don't want anyone to get their future post rewards put to zero.

So, I'm eligible for your criteria or not??

Posted using Partiko Android

You're eligible, don't worry.

I'm allergic!

You seem to have a lot of Dune fans commenting on your post, that is a good sign.

I was a little inactive during the World Cup, but usually I have 2 post with stories and a 1-2 SBI giveaways. That's why I thought I'll be allergic :D

I see, well I'm glad people are reasonable about their posting ability, I also don't want to short-change anyone who is allergic. Maybe I should have made that more clear, no, I absolutely should have made that more clear in my post...

Cool initiative! I'm allergic but appreciate you checking out my posts!

To quote the common response, "nice photos!".

lol, thanks. 😄👍

Kiwi me

Oh hey, you're the guy who made the stem assistant, nice.

On one hand you already have a lot of SP, but on the other hand you do a lot of work for Utopian, so it's well-deserved.

But is there any particular reason for not supporting my own post with a vote? Lol.

Hahahaha, I was just waiting for my Voting to reach 90% :) But there you go

Lol, I was mostly kidding, but thank you!

Kiwi me!

Creators of great game play-throughs are welcome here!

¡Kiwi! debo ser honesta decir que no publico a diario, pero me encanta comentar. Saludos amigo desde Venezuela muy buenos tus concurso siempre estoy echándole un vistazo a tu blog.

No pasa nada, me resulta difícil publicar más de una vez cada pocos días, ¡y me alegra verte aquí!

I'm allergic!

I liked the format of your giveaway.

Also, what DPI are you using, do you feel like that's a bit high or are you comfortable with it.

I use 1000 DPI and 4.8 sensitivity in Overwatch. I feel comfortable with it. I used to have it lower but turning around was too hard.

Fair enough, I guess it isn't like CS or something where angles are covered by teammates and everyone is relatively slow.

Kiwi me!
Though I already enrolled.
Because I need that dustsweeper to swept dozens of my comments everyday😉 check me out.

My Comment Protector is @dustsweeper

Well you meet the activity level requirement to say the least!

Kiwi me ! Please

Entered! Thank you.

Kiwi me!

Cool, everyone can use some music in their lives. Thanks!

Kiwi me! :)

I try to post at least 5 days a week, usually fiction using the various challenges and writing prompts that are on the platform each day, as well as my own steemit story. :) I hadn't been posting as much as I normally would over the past few weeks but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

Thank you so much for this contest! I would not have seen it if not for @mariannewest's resteem (thank you) and good luck to everyone. I hadn't heard of @kiwibot until I read this post, and it sounds wonderful!

Oh hey, your stuff must be good if you're getting curie votes and ausbit votes left and right! Thank you for entering, glad to hear you're firing up the ole keyboard!

Kiwi me!

Full disclosure:

  • I dont have too many posts, but I do love to comment actively and daily, and engage with others
  • I love contests, puzzles and games in general
  • SteemMonsters has become a huge part of my Steemit activity lately
  • Although life is hectic (who's isn't?! Lol), I do have a few topics of interest I am planning on releasing posts on

Cheers and thanks for this contest,

  • No problem man, quality over quantity, I want to reward even the allergic pretty heavily.
  • Nothing wrong with that!
  • Seems like many have gotten caught up in it!
  • Any fan of og FF is welcome here.

Thanks for entering bro!

Glad I met the criteria to enter this contest.
Have a great day 🖖

I’m allergic.

Already a kiwi!

Awesome contest. Good luck with everything.

Thanks bro, your contests have been killer as well!

Well, I'm not quite to the poiny where im a comfortable blogger. I do rather like the vision and purpose behind your promotion. I think I'll follow and work my way to being comfortable posting more. I can envision mass adoption of steem(or a similar implementation.) Although, trickle down economics is usually better on paper, steem (or blockchain)may be a more successful form of distribution. The funds may actually reach the bottom!

Well, the reason trickle down would never work is there is no forced mechanism or reason for the pool to be distributed downwards, especially in a place like this where there are no on-chain taxes or reasons to distribute money outwards. The markets however punished this heavily, it is only for reasons outside of this blockchain that the prices have gone up from their lows.

I'm just using my account as a pass-through mechanism for wealth distribution, well, just because, there's nothing forcing me or anyone else to do so, and there isn't much social pressure either. Most people are just fine chasing ROI.

As far as blogging goes, no worries, there's not much reason to start blogging at all on steemit until you've found followers and supporters through other means.

Good points, i may have to follow you, on more than exposure opportunity. I kinda like your reasoning method(must be similar to my own haha.)
ROI is off course enticing, I'm just shitty at it in a downhill market(pardon my language.) I've lost to much money thinking I'm a logical day trader. I often (counterintuitivly) buy high and sell low. So no go there. I don't usually have the creative jean, that may be required to find followers and the like. I feel I'm stuck to the random hustle to be successful. Til I'm lucky and,"hey bro!" Someone into mentoring me. Haha maybe idk what I'm doing but, i do enjoy my experiences. So thats a payment in itself

In the modern work few operations are one-man shows, specialization is the name of the game. Find your niche whatever it may be and work hard at it. Nothing wrong with random hustles if you discover you enjoy it or are good at it or both and it makes you enough to survive and then thrive. For example marketing techniques can be applied in many situations and knowledge can be built on over multiple "failed" attempts. Any situation where you end up learning what to do and avoid the next time around is actually a success.

Thank you for the wisdom. well said!

Also, i might look into proofreading

Kiwi me!

Hopefully more funding goes towards protecting the environment. Good luck in your studies, and thanks for your entry.

Kiwi me!
Even if i don't win, I never heard of @KiwiBot before so I'll register to it...

You seem to already have a lot of support. Also, the way that imp guy talks irritates me. Look at all that time and energy wasted trying to get his money, isn't idolatry a sin.

I'm not getting it. It makes me not qualified or what? I actually read the rules well before applying.

And I'm not seeing the connection between me, Idolatry, the imp you mentioned and this contest.

A comment where I said "I love you Dimimp"??

Oh! That's why you used the word idolatry?

Literally the only people you should tell you love them are your close ones? Someone needs a dictionary here.

And I repeat what has your contest got to do with the comments I've made in the past??

Your contest was on the look out for quality posts not a comment you probably don't feel good about and last time I checked I've made many great ones than you've ever made.

Good luck with your contest.✌

Show me another great man and I won't hesitate to tell him I love him too.

Rofl bye.

An account literally called "god" claims to be him, everyone worships him, and he encourages everyone to self-vote mercilessly.

I help people out, they get delegations from him, and they go into other people's threads including mine and upvote their worthless comments 100% and give nothing to people not from that country.

None of that behavior is in line with biblical teachings.

I mean look at your behavior, you come in here and I bring something up, you go huffing and puffing, didn't even bother voting this post when I state all rewards will go to more prizes for those who have less and you feel entitled to the contest and the prizes. I could care less for the behavior of such people.

Maybe you need a dictionary.

1 : the worship of a physical object as a god

2 : immoderate attachment or devotion to something

Examples of idolatry in a Sentence

her idolatry of her favorite rock star is one step removed from stalking

Does that sound familiar to you?

Don't worry, you're not unique, everyone on steemit behaves like this, it's often the only time to get anything out of the platform and it's frankly sickening.

Already enrolled in KiwiBot!

So: I'm allergic

Thanks for doing this!

Thank you for entering! One thing I'll mention, it's a courtesy in some places and a requirement in other countries that you make it clear when referral links have the potential to benefit you. This also increases your trustworthiness to your peers and those reading your articles.

Damn thanks for pointing that out! Edited it! Had it in my draft like it is now but had problems with the markdown since I wasn't able to link it with the numbers still showing properly. Looks like a lie but you I think you can see I'm an genuine guy.

I don't know if anything or anyone on the internet is genuine, including me.

I'm allergic!

Thanks for entering!

Thank you for entering!

Wow! This is an awesome opportunity. Please....
Kiwi me

Thanks for entering!


Kiwi me! Great contest, love the tie in with steembasicincome. I really hope I qualify!

Heh a steem monsters addict, nice to have you here, and happy belated birthday!

Also im allergic

You gotta stop promoting that junk man.