WIN SBD - GUESS THE FILM #72 - Haiku Contest

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The Prize

WIN SBD by being the first person to correctly identify the film from the 1970s described in the haiku below! (A haiku is a short Japanese poem).

For tough decisions
blood is thicker than water
except over ice


How To Enter

Up vote the post, and comment with your answer.


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Winners who up vote for under 25% may, at my discretion, receive a pro rata (prorated) percentage of the rewards and the forfeited SBD will be added to the reward pool.

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Answer: Superman
Winner: @kanoe

The Big Boss

Superman 1978



Lex's sidekick betrayed him, choosing 'blood' over 'water,' because his nuke was aimed at the place where her mother lived.
However, Superman ignored his father's warning, given to him in the ice fortress, and interfered in Earth history by rewinding time. Superman chose to listen to his other father's advice, that he was sent to Earth for a reason, so he chose to listen to, 'water' over 'blood.'


Slap Shot

Ice castles

The hot rock

Get Carter

The godfather

Edit someone guessed that already. I'll have another think.

star wars