LIVE LEADERBOARD 20 - Haiku Guess The Film Contest

in contest •  11 months ago

This is the Live Leaderboard for the haiku contest: the contest where you can win SBD by being the first person to decipher the film described in a haiku.

I will update this leaderboard regularly as winners of the daily contests are announced.



Name of WinnerNumber of wins

After a week of no winners, the drought was ended by none other than @paul.atreides with his 26th win!

@invein has 3rd position all to himself now, after winning for the 10th time!

No rest for the wicked, @paul.atreides strikes again with his 27th win!

We have a new winner! The first in a few weeks. Welcome to the leaderboard @kanoe!

Congratulations to @chejonte for his 3rd win which moves him up to joint 6th on the leaderboard!

Welcome another new winner to the board @dreamer007!

Remember to check the board regularly for updates.



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Damn I am slacking lately need to go on a movie watching binge and get back in the game.

Congrats Paul!


Thanks buddy! You'll get the next one. :-)