Tell A Story To Me Round Up #7 - Vote for a chance to win @steembasicincome

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Win A Prize when you vote for your favourite story!

Welcome back to the second part of round 7, an extra chance to win

Read the entries below, let me know which one you liked the most, and why, for a chance to win 1 @steembasicincome

The winner will either be the most well thought out nomination, or if we get a lot of good nominations, chosen at random from those. You don't have to have written a story to vote and win! Just tell me which stories you liked, and why, and which one was your favourite!

Authors Vote

All the authors have also been invited to come back and vote, their votes will be tallied for the Authors Choice Prize of 1SBD and 1 @steembasicincome share

Public Vote

If you didn't enter, you can still win by voting, cast your vote below for a chance to win 1 @steembasicincome share

The Entries

In no particular order the entries to vote on! Cast your vote by commenting with the user who you think should win, let me know why you are voting for them to be in with a chance of winning yourself!

I am so sorry if I have missed anyone, give me a shout in the comments and I will update the post and notify the other entrants

@theironfelix with Ides of March anno domini 21XX

@blueteddy with Family Secrets

@dirge with The Whore Of Babylon

@seesladen with Sophia... (Beautiful Decay)

@jhnmunoz with Fragmented

@mervin-gil with Elfen Odyssey

@sneikder with One Last Breath

Please cast your votes by Wednesday 18th!

We had a few late entries this round, so going forward I may allow a bit longer for submissions to give everyone a bit longer to finish things up. I am hoping to have the next round out on Wednesday

Thank you so much for the fantastic stories, I am so excited to start judging. I have made myself wait until all the entries are in and collated to read them, and it has been so hard to resist!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter - good luck! <3

Love, Sparkle, & hope to see you again in the next round - Calluna

By no means is anyone asked to resteem, but of course, if we get enough public votes, there will be another prize on offer for the authors!


My vote is for @dirge truly horrifying and dark urban classical. The writing was super tight and pretty much perfect.

I do have a second choice if allowed @seesladen. I have a soft spot for his writing it's very romantic in all ways of how different relationships can be and he does it so well.

Come to Heal you up

I vote for @dirge - because I cannot vote for myself nor can I get away with it...

But the real reason actually is that I like how eldritch-religious influences with genetic manipulation flowed together quite nicely. Also literal human dogs, like has (labcoat) science gone to far?!?

(Resteemed this post btw, forgot that I had done that.)

Sorry if this is long winded, but you did ask for an explanation accompanying our vote :p These were all really fun to read, but I have to vote for @dirge. I love horror movies and video games but I have always shied away from horror when told in a short story or novel form. Predominantly because it's almost too effective, and I'm a huge wimp. But Dirge's work was so beautifully manipulative in pacing that even though I knew I was going to be thoroughly freaked by the end of it, I couldn't stop reading.

And I was, in fact, thoroughly freaked. To put it in perspective, my reaction to every gruesome representation of Fenrir I have ever encountered has been "Puppy! <3 <3 <3" My fear receptors when it comes to anything canine are so far past busted, and yet somehow Dirge still managed to leave me feeling extremely uneasy... using puppies. It was very well done!

@blueteddy. Her story existed in a world, had a beginning middle and end, with characters forced to make decisions to propel the story forward. Also, it felt like harry potter meets xmen

My vote goes to @mervin-gil’s Elfen Odyssey because it is such an amazing fantasy story and I think it is the most innovative so far.

I loved Elfen Odyssey by @mervin-gil, it is exactly what I would call a perfect balance between science fiction and fantasy genres, and he wrote it in a innovative way so it actually was an enjoyable reading, so that is my vote!

I vote on Elfen Odissey written by @mervin-gil, it is an excellent story and it reminds me of those epic fantasy classics that each one of us should read.

I spent a a long time trying to decide which story is the one I liked the most, but I have already decided it. The story that gets me the most is @mervin-gil’s fantasy tale, I think his story is heart-touching and I look forward a possible sequel because it was such a bittersweet end for Leg and his adventures. So my vote is for that one, it just got me a lot.

My vote is for @blueteddy. Your story has something that I just love

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