DUE TODAY: "How We Met" Contest with 10 SBD in Prizes

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We have had a bunch of awesome stories entered thus far, but we want MORE!

Today is the last day to get your stories in! By midnight US Central time (ish, because honestly, I won't start on the "WINNERS" post until about this time tomorrow!)

It's fine if you're entering two contests at once... leave the link to your entry in THIS post (and we'll keep looking at the original post as well) and use the howwemet tag so we can find you as well!

Here is the original contest post:

@serapium and I have decided to host a contest together! We think we have a pretty UNromantic and crazy "how We Met" story, but we would also love to hear your story! Do you have a super romantic story? A crazy weird story? A funny one? Maybe all three? Tell us your story for a chance to win!



  1. Write Your own “how we met” story (ALL couples welcome!)
    *True stories please! (feel free to get descriptive and make it into a wonderful story, just keep it real)
    *Must be YOUR story, not a friends/relatives, etc.
    *You and your significant other can write your story from different perspectives and each enter the contest, but please tag each other, because I would love to know when I’m reading the same story from different perspectives!
  2. Word count between 250 & 1500
  3. USE THE TAG #howwemet in your tags so I can find you!
  4. If you are chosen as a winner, I will be using a photo from your post (with credit to you) as well as a snippet and a link to your story in the compilation post.
  5. Upvote this post
    A resteem and a follow for @byn or @serapium are appreciated, but not necessary.

Prizes (to be judged by myself and my husband @serapium)

  • 4 SBD for the best story overall *Be unique & original
  • 2 SBD for the most romantic story
  • 2 SBD for the most unusual story
  • 2 SBD for the funniest story

Deadline: February 12th!

I'll post a compilation of the winners posts on February 14th for Valentine's Day!

You can read more about us in these posts:

Here is Patrick's Perspective of our Love Story!

What Does Love At First Sight Look Like?


And Here is mine: The Unexpected Romance


10 Ways He Says "I Love You"


Meet my Husband, My Other Half, My Lobster!


So excited for the result...😊😊😊❤️ Hope my story will be included on the winner's list 😁

Link to my entry #howwemet contest https://steemit.com/howwemet/@utieyin/soul-mates thank you @byn and @serapium for providing such a platform. I never really gave much thoughts to this until now. <3

Awesome! Thank you for your entry!


i hope i made it in time


This is for my love @agentgraham.

thanks for this kind of contest. I was able to reminisce the time we've met. It's quite a nice feeling. good luck to all. :D

You made it! :) I'll add your link to my reading list for the morning! Check back on Valentine's day for the results!

Thank you for your entry!

yes I will, thank you and Happy valentines day to you and your husband. Enjoy. :)

My entry for #howwemet, thank you @byn for the wonderful contest, remeniscing how we met is really a great feeling to be young again, advance Happy Valentine😊


Thank you so much! We're compiling and voting today and the winning post will be up tomorrow :)


you are much welcome @byn it is my pleasure, take your time😊

Upvoted and resteemed! Here's my entry https://steemit.com/howwemet/@beatenegg/how-we-met-contest-by-byn-7bb2208c3a846. I hope I wasn't too late.

Not at all! I was just compiling all of the entries into a spreadsheet so that we can read through them and write down our thoughts! Thank you for the entry (and the resteem!)


So good to have this contest and couple get to reminisce how they met 😍

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