GIVEAWAY III - Cute Ring Watches : 3 pieces up for grabs

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Today I successfully packed and sent the giveaways via courier for my first two GIVEAWAY contests

GIVEAWAY 1 : Neck Pieces
GIVEAWAY 2 : Formula Michelin scale car

The four pieces from my first two GIVEAWAY contests - packed and now shipped!

And this 3rd GIVEAWAY contest can make you win a ring watch each : there are 3 pieces to grab including a black, white and purple


I have usually seen contest giveaways being in the form of SBDs or SPs. Hence the idea of giving away something physical, like these cute watches for women / ladies / girls.


The pieces

These are ring watches with stretchable strap and are worn on the finger - like a ring! Three pieces up for grabs, three different colors. So yes, we will have three winners


The rules

--Vote this post
--Re-steem this post-
--Leave a comment below on how you will use this ring watch (self / gift to someone, which occasion, where do you live etc)

The best comment wins a piece. We will have three winners for the three pieces


That's on me - I will connect with the winners over mail to take their address. International shipment will be via Indian Post - so takes a while.

Can the men participate

Ofcourse - will be a good gift for your better half, eh?


Contest is open till the time pay-out happens, that is 7 days.

Anything else? Please let your thoughts / questions in the comment box below :)

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wellk, I don't think I'll give it to anyone except my beloved 'motorcycle'. The analogue console on my old Pulsar lacks a watch and I was planning to buy a digital watch, remove the strap, and paste it onto the console.

If I win this, this is definitely going to be strapped on to my motorcycle. I think, it will easily fit onto the handlebar pipe. #iTheBiker

Let me know @bunnypunia if i win this ;-).

This is looking very cute so I would like to gift it to my daughter in the memory of steemit and @bunnypunia 's giveaway contest! Cheers

Nice reply - thank you for the participation

Woah thats an interesting item, i didnot know there is something like Ring watch in the market out there.

I would absolutely love to win it for myself and wear it in office everyday rather than my usual wrist watch. I would love it when girls in office be asking me about how did i get it hihi


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Bro I want to give this Watch to my sister.

Sometime i think to gift something valuable to my sister which can be used for long time.

I think watch is something which is used by women/Girls for long time than other things.

I am student this is the reason that till i didn't get any gift for my sister. I wish your giveaway helps me.

She is so caring to me. Even sometime manage to pay for my studies. I am preparing for exam let's see when i will get the job then i will gift her something big.

I love only two girls in my life. My sister and My Mom and they are the only girl/women in my life.

Thats a sweeeeet reply - thank you for the participation

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I will give it to my girlfriend because it shows that My time is just for her. Hahaha I'm from Philippines and I will give it as a gift for our 1 year and 2 months relationship. Thank you

Nice. Thank you for the participation

If I'm able to win one of these ring watches, I'm willing to give it to my mother. I couldn't give her any "mother's day" gift because I was too broke.

Location pls

Hi @bunnypunia. Thanks for the gift.

I'm from Lagos, Nigeria.

Address : 13 & 14, Thywill shopping complex, Badore Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. Post code: 100269

Hey, I just asked the location - didn't mean you were the winner, just yet. Winners will be announced a week after posting of the contest :)

I'd give it to my younger sister, she is so dear to me, and I would love for her to have it as a show of my love towards her.

Location pls

Lagos, Nigeria. in Africa

Wow. Thanks @bunnypunia for this idea. I didnt know such thing even exists.
Here is my struggle and how this ring watch would be perfect for me.

I go for jogging every day and to keep the track of time I carry my mobile with me. But managing mobile while jogging is a challenge as my jogging pants have either small pockets or no pockets at all. Hence I have to carry my phone in my hand while running. And not a fan of wrist watch, so I feel this ring watch is THE SOLUTION for my PROBLEM.

Practical reply there :-D

This is something I have never seen before, so I want to win as a memo for steemit so that I can show it to my friends.

Nice watches, I want to give watches to my wife :)