Contest for the ladies - 3 statement neck-pieces up for grabs

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I have usually seen contest giveaways being in the form of SBDs or SPs. Hence the idea of giving away something physical, like these

The pieces

These are statement neck-pieces, as the ladies call them. Three pieces up for grabs, three different colors. So yes, we will have three winners

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The rules

  1. Vote this post
  2. Re-steem this post
  3. Leave a comment below on how you will use this neck-piece (self / gift to someone, which occasion, where do you live etc)

The best comment wins a piece. We will have three winners for the three pieces


That's on me - I will connect with the winners over mail to take their address. International shipment will be via Indian Post - so takes a while.

Can the men participate

Ofcourse - will be a good gift for your better half, eh?


Contest is open till the time pay-out happens, that is 7 days.

Anything else? Please let your thoughts / questions in the comment box below :)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Interesting contest!!!!! This is the first time I think something like this is happening. Kudos to your creativity.

I'll be gifting it to my wonderful better half, we have been enjoying each others company for​ a decade now, whenever I​ needed encouragement from her shes always been there. We live in Delhi!

Vote, comment and resteem done.

He he thanks. And yours is the first entry. Delhi location is good too for me :p

hehheheh , im fast ;)

Aha, now that we call contest.
I will have it for myself. My office usually organises these ethnic wear competitions. I will pair it up with a sari.
Oh, and 15th Aug is coming. That will best day to wear this piece.
I live in Gurgaon/Delhi.

Nice answer with the ethnic / sari part :-D

thanks :)

15 Aug ma'am you plan well for such a far away date and occasion. Think Holi could be a good occasion. What say?

Those who love to play Holi, wont dare to wear any good cloth that day :P


hahahahah, Your right

Use of the neck piece:

I will wear it myself first and then if required then I will give this to my sister or sister-in-law to wear it on some occasion. We do that all time because sharing is caring, right?😋


I am going to wear it on my Anniversary Celebration Dinner with family that will happen around 4th March. We all generally go out to a fine dining restaurant for the celebration. This time I was thinking to wear a Saree and this would be a perfect for me.


New Delhi, India

Thanks a lot @bunnypunia for a wonderful & unique contest. This is the first time I am participating in any contest on Steemit. Upvoted & Resteemed as well as per the rules.

Wow. That's a well drafted reply there.

Thank you @bunnypunia. Hope to win this contest. 😋

6 solid replies so far. Nice going Steemians. This experiment it seems will go positive. Thanks for the participation .. cheers

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well very innovative
It's first time I came across this concept,it will also lead a New path for such type of Contest on Steem.
Also there should be something catchy, something different at regular intervals to boost the teams/members on Steem.

I am not taking part but I really really happy for u all.
Thumbs Up for @bunnypunia, beautiful concept & Necklaces
May the best one Win

Regards @crafter

Thanks for the support

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is a nice idea of a contest! I have to say, the necklaces are pretty tempting. :-) If I will win this contest, I will be using it for myself and pair it with my outfit for my client meetings. Maybe I'll have some luck with me and receive more orders. :-) I'm torn between purple and black though. I'm from the Philippines. Upvote, comment and resteem done. :-)

Nice to see international participation as well. Day 1 has been great. Let's see how this goes

Vote, comment and resteem done.


Vote, comment and resteem done

Nice, noted

Nice post

And no entry from you? Don't wanna participate?

Ok done, i am participate, If I will get this neckpiece then, I will gift my wife and I like blue color. I live in Meerut.

Noted brother

Wow, its an interesting contest, if I will get this neckpiece then I will use it for myself and I like the black colour.

I will wear it when I will go for outing. I live in Delhi.

Another entry from Delhi :) - dont forget to re-steem this as part of the rules pls

What a interesting contest.

I would love to win it for my mother and gift it to her on upcoming festival Holi as the colors are pretty vibrant and nice. Necklace like these one are in trend and she is a alltime saree lady so she would love it, plus i will also be able to borrow the necklace sometimes(bonus point of a gift when you can borrow and use it hehehe).

I live in Gurugram, India 🇮🇳

Late to the party, but nevertheless welcome!

What a great contest I love stones . I would love a piece like this I haven’t been able to treat myself for I’m a caregiver so all my time and money goes to caring for my family.My sister always tells me that I sacrifice so much. I would definitely cherish it and wear as often as I can. I’ll even post pics on steemit to show the beauty of it 😊

Vote comment and resteemed

Welcome to the contest @orlena - whats your location

I’m in New York City

woooo - another international entry :)

Nice contest . If i win i will offer it to my wife

You can only win if you follow the rules sir

I miss something?

Thank you everyone for the participation - winners will be announced tomm :)