Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 4/18/2018 - 3 SDB to the winner.

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Daily giveaway 4/18/2018.


Since my contests have been pretty successful I'd like to expand with a new daily contest. This will be in addition to the weekly one I have been doing. A daily contest will give more opportunities for people to win some SBD to help them get started on Steemit. I'm going to start the daily contest at 3 SBD and see how it goes. If I get enough upvotes and followers to support a larger prize than I'll increase it over time. Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests.

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following days post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

Disclaimer: I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.



To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Hello @bunnypuncher, I hope you continue with these contests for the people that we are starting and we still need to learn from the platform, I summed up, I vote and I continue, thanks for sharing

Hi, don't know what to comment. A simple wish for you, may God bless you

Thank you for the contest. It is really nice. Upvote & Resteem the post. And obviously following you.

I appreciate this kind of initiative thank you so much BunnyPuncher

right on @bunnypuncher! I just followed you, upvoted, and resteemed!

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Just came across this contest, and I'm curious about what it will bring...

Thank you for this @bunnypuncher

I know it will work because your heart is to give. When we give we will always receive.

This's very winsome @bunnypuncher. It's indeed a cherishing impact. Lest I forget to inform you of this encounter I had today; I scolded my nephew for her humility towards the people longing for utility and he told me that humility is not timidity neither is it stupidity but the ability of divinity to program the bucal cavity aimed at obeying humanity.

This is indeed great. I believe this contest will be the next big thing on this platform.
Reading through your article, I discovered that this contest is organized out of goodwill and altruism.
Thank you @bunnypuncher
You are indeed phenomenal.

Thanks for this kind of contest.
Yo are Helping a lot of people to get engaged more and Love Steemit more.
Keep it up

I have not been particularly active when it comes to commenting on other peoples posts, So I refreshed my feed to go looking for some interesting content and this was staring back at me. I dig the name too.

Thank you!
Upvoted and followed!

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WOW, i love contest and am new to this one cause am just seeing it.
can't wait to be part of it.
thumbs up boss.
keep steeming.

Most helpful this giveaway to new steemitian. Thanks to create this beautiful giveaway.

I wish I have enough resources so I could conduct/host contests as you do..

More power!

Thanks for this @bunnypuncher, i believe this will create an Avenue for budding steemians who create good posts but don't earn enough to be able to gain a little something on the side.

Got you, done all... more power 😊

It's nice to see your contest. Thanks for doing that

Th is for supporting the community. I’m a fan of contest like this.

Nice! Thank You!

Thank you so much mr. bunnypuncher. I appreciate the fact that you do so much to help people in the community. I've told you this before and I do mean it. I can't remember if I had told you but I've been doing 3 contest so weak, on Monday Wednesday and Friday. I called him 60-second games, because they are quick. And like your awesome contest here, they are easy to play. I am still very new here, but one thing I figured out quickly is that the new guys can use help. Another thing I figured out is that apparently there's a little bit of a retention problem with new friends we have here. And I personally found when I joined that it was best after I had found a few friends here. I also found that for me personally it was hard to earn any money in the beginning. And man, did every little bit seem like so much. It took me a while to find my Niche, and maybe it will change over time. But for now I try with my weekly games to help in all those areas. The games are easy, so that everybody can understand them hopefully even people who don't speak English. They also are a good way to get involved in the community and engage new people. (I also find I don't have to spend as much time and the "introduce yourself new" feed trying to find new friends that are new to the community. They come to me more often.) Also because everybody wins every time they play, it enables the new guys to earn a little bit of money while doing the above things too. And while they're at my place if they need any help or have questions I have the ability to help get the answers for them. So thank you again for doing all that you do my good friend. I think that this is a very great community and with everybody doing their part to help so much it is headed toward great things. All that I ask is that you remain yourself and don't change. Continue to help people and be an inspiration to others. Sending you all of my love until we meet again my good friend. And may our creator bless you and all of yours.

I looked over your contests and I like them. Simple seems to work so much better than some of the complicated ones people put out there. The everyone wins type of contests have been working well and seem to be popular. So that is the reasoning behind adding a daily contest in addition to the weekly one I had been hosting. Thank you for sharing your contests and commenting here.



I'm here! Thanks for this contest.

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I am interested in how this works thank you

Hallo @bunnypuncher. Thanks for all you do.

This is great. Can really make a big boost on a small account with things like this.

interenzante we will see what happens, to have who is the lucky one of today.

Hey there! :)

Very nice and simple idea!! Its my first time that i participate in one of your contests, thanks to the opportunity and keep going with nice and simple contests!!

DONE. But i am afraid that announcement. my voting worth is too little to count. and i dont think the current worth of your vote will change after my vote. but i can do the rest 3. follow upvote and resteem done. i think comment will be done after this reply. but its a wonderful chance to grow up of the little steemians.
BEst of luck for you contest. and hope you will get more upvote that you can provide us more.

We all start some where so don't worry, I appreciate all upvotes large and small. Thanks for being part of the contest.

thanks for the appreciation @bunnypuncher

This is awesome and a great way to give back to the steemit community! Followed and will provide post up votes once my voting power recovers so you'll receive the full weight :)

z u c c

Such a great giveaway!

Lucky to see you.

haha like huru51. i upvoted and followed you. and he put like 5 comments like that in my posts

Thank you for this contest, with your simple and easy contest you have helped me a lot.

You're very creative, thank you for this contest.

Excellent, thank you very much for this.

Hello..! I love the contests. I would like to know a little more about what it is about. Success for you..! 😉

It's simple leave a comment (like you did). At the end of the day I select all the comments (that aren't bots or spammers) and use python to randomly pick from the list. Then that is the winner.

lovely initiative. This is an opportunity for planktons and minnows alike. This may be just what someone needs. I know i need it. Thanks for supporting us all anyways.

  ·  last year (edited)

@bunnypuncher is always hungry or bored for something. Lol, well this time you're hungry for comments? You'll definitely get it!!! Guys let's fill bunnypuncher's stomach.

Excellent integration initiative for those of us who are adapting to the dynamics of Steemit and to keep us active while the muse of inspiration returns to continue publishing. Good contribution!

Excelente iniciativa de integración para los que estamos adaptándonos a la dinámica de Steemit y para mantenernos activos mientras regresa la musa de inspiración para seguir publicando. Buen aporte!

thank you for the contest!! it's a good idea :)

Thanks for this contest @bunnypuncher. Take good care of yourself and God bless!

Job well done for this contest @bunnypuncher. Big round of applause.

Thank you for making this contest @bunnypuncher, you really have a kind heart for those people who struggle in this platform.


I wish you a Good Health and A lovely future. Thanks for making this contest. Appreciated!

A simple way to make a difference on someone's life. A big thank you for you @bunnypuncher for making this kind of contest, it really work with everyone else without giving them a hard time. A person with good heart will be the key to success.

Been following you so look forward to leaving some comments. Maybe you can have a topic or two so we are not just commenting on your generous contest?

Sure the weekly contest I'm going to try and make interesting like before. Just the daily will fill in the gap between the weekly and spread some SBD around a little faster.

Hello @bunnypuncher, it is the first time I see this and it seems to me a really interesting and creative idea. Many blessings for you friend :D

Thank you for your kind-heart @bunnypuncher.

Your idea is very genius, you create a very interesting contest to follow ,, otherwise followed will be detrimental ..😊

This is my first entry to your contest sir.
I have followed the rules respectively i.e.upvote comment and resteem.
Thanks again for the opportunity.

You deserve to be applauded from us ,, you should make a lot of contest..

So happy to read this, it will help this community a lot. Can't wait to see how this goes! - happy dance - To be honest, this kinda made my day! This community is becoming bigger every time! thanks for this! - happy dance x2 -

Just upvoted and resteemed. Already been following you, purely from the allure of your steemit handle!!

Good idea..
Your is great man..
Thank you @bunnypuncher..

Informative and happy to see...

I would like to win. @sapper11g the Purple 💜 Veteran! Support your men in uniform!

Amazing Contest, Your zeal to help minnows like us is amazing. I hope I win today's contest.
More Grease to your elbow @bunnypuncher

Good news to know that you will do a daily contest, sure it will be a success

I run a Post Promotion Thread Myself although the Upvote I provide is not Huge but I like to keep the Newbies around so as they don't leave Steemit.

That being said I have a few Rules to follow like Resteeming and a Time Period but seeing your Simple rule I just couldn't help but feel warm from Inside.

Nice one I hope this Contest is a success.

I will work on a response to the list of fun activities to write about from up above in the post. Thank you

  ·  last year (edited)

Got here late, but i must say that what you do on this platform is simply amazing. Sometimes, i struggle to convince myself that i can get to where you are on Steemit. But, i remain optimistic and commited, working hard and simply hoping for the best. Hope your day was great? Upvoted (my tiny voting power can cause laughter in anyone) and resteemed!

Great [email protected] i hope i will be able to partake in the contest

Punch dem bunnies, punch dem bunnies, punch dem bunnies....

Thanks for thinking of the minnows, and take a few days off whenever!!! :-)

  ·  last year (edited)


Hello @bunnypuncher! Thanks for this giveaway contest.

I heard @bunnypuncher is hungry! Eat me bunny! Oh I forgot bunnies are vegetarians.. lol😄

Thanks for this contests @bunnypuncher

Keep going with the amazing work!!!

I know the rules said you don't expect an upvote or resteem, but I did it anyway because people like you who are giving back to the Steemit platform deserve every bit back they can get. Good luck everyone.

Thank you for the upvote and resteem it does help the cause.

Wow!! @ random sounds really Good and hopeful ^-^

Ahoi, there's another one for the lucky fellas

Wowsa! Look at all the comments and people in here. You've certainly got a crowd following along. NIce! I'm liking the new single-rule thing. Makes it easier on my brain when I haven't had all my coffee for the day.

I'm looking very interesting, I'm excited I want to know what will happen. It is a challenge a daily contest.

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Thank you for the contest! Cheers 🤗

I was just watching the feed and came across your contest. I like your "rules", as simple as it can be, but you are giving enough space to coment anything so most of us just gonna write a coment to let you know you have been resteemd and upvote.
Anyways, that is a clear way to motivate some activity in steemit. I hope to see some nice coments.
Good luck to everyone

Thank you for the encouragement and support. The simple rule contests are my favorite too :) I’m thinking we can get a good size pot going if we get enough people up voting. I’m going to make tomorrow’s prize 5 SBD.

Hi @bunnypuncher, you have a great heart to share some of your earnings. thank you and crossed fingers for the win.

Thank you for supporting new users!!

I hope your contest not one day one contest, if can every one hour one contest .. haha

Hopefully you do not go bust with the number of contests you make .. 😊

This is a pretty nice contest...
Am in for it

Success for you @bunnypuncher.

The puncher of babies strikes again!!!! Love your work!

I am the one hundredth person who commented on this ..😁

Good work..

tnx, get lucky @bunnypuncher

Thanks for bringing good cause of providing a contest which everyone can join :) cheers @bunnypuncher

Interesting! Thank you for the initiative @bunnypuncher. It is indeed a great opportunity to participate in your daily contest.

Always a good a creative way to share the love, mate. You are good. Very.

count me in... I need a starter tip! :)

I Need to win your giveaway....