Let’s Get This CONTEST Trending!!! Win a $70 Prize!!!

in contest •  7 months ago


Hey there fellow Steemians!!! It’s time for another giveaway!!! Check out the clip below for details and to see the prize...and to see how much of a douche I look like in Sun Shades.

The lovely prize today is the Funko Alamo City Comic Con Exclusive TMNT B&W Raphael Pop! There are only 2000 of these on the planet and typically sell for between $50-$80 bucks depending on the day. Win it, sell it for Steem, melt it, I don’t care...just show this post some love!!!


To be eligible you must:

  • Upvote this post! (% is up to you but the higher this goes the better the next contest/prize will be)

  • Resteem this post!

  • Comment on why YOU deserve it!

That’s it!!! Now get cracking folks!!!

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Ok ok I think I deserve it because I watched y0u with the shades on. Here is the good part with a straight face... or not🤣🤣🤣