A Bit Curious Contest #1 100 SBD in Prizes - 7-5-18

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10 SBD Sent to the winners:

Contest Information

I will attempt to do contests weekly, if time permits I will do them as many times per week as possible.

I will add up the total unique users who made a comment and use random.org to choose the winners based off of how many people are participating at the close of the contest. Winners will be sent their SBD 24 hours after the post of the contest.

Contest Subject: Why do you use Steemit?
Contest Prize: 100 SBD

1st: 10 SBD
2nd: 10 SBD
3rd: 10 SBD
4th: 10 SBD
5th: 10 SBD
6th: 10 SBD
7th: 10 SBD
8th: 10 SBD
9th: 10 SBD
10th: 10 SBD

The rules are simple:
#1 Comment on the post about the contests subject.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Wow, this post is so quality, it belongs to TRENDING!!!
$427 pending payout for 20 SBD rewards!!!

Flagged this shit for disagreement on rewards.

Where's the point of promoting this to trending?!?!?! You will only lose money.

It's called paying to gather information. No visibility = no information gathered due to no posts.

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Send me.

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You probably don't understand how steem works. Reward pool is LIMITED.
If you get more for this post, other authors (with better content) get less.

So that makes me curious, why do you use promotion bots on your posts too?

I don't boost my post to top of trending. I don't have anything against bots, but I don't like low quality posts on top of trending.

Dude what's the deal? He literally sent 100 SBD to some people who possibly and/or probably sorely need it. That's a ton more than I've seen many others do around here. We should be encouraging and applauding behavior like this, this dude comes to steemit and your first instinct is to flag him? You really think he's going to make more than ONE HUNDRED sbd profit on this post? Are you nuts?

How does attacking people like him help? Will it change the behavior of the more self-centered whales? Will downvoting him help people in countries like Venezuela? Will insulting him make him want to stay and learn more about the platform?

Hell, is he even trying to shill something? Is he spamming some shitty ICO or dropping a referral link at all? I don't know his motives just like you don't know his motives, but fuck, dude, I've seen you flag other posts that were garbage, sure, but it just strikes me as odd that you would flag this one like this.

Think before you flag dude.

How does attacking people like him help?

You don't understand how Steem works. I flag for "Disagreement on rewards".

It's nothing personal.

If someone boost post like this to $425, thousand of other authors will get less. There is option to decline rewards if author is not doing this for money.

With the lengthy responses and conversations, and actual engagement and new people coming to the contests section, I fail to see how this would be considered "low quality".

Or is it, in your eyes, low quality due to the fact it's a contest? I don't care about rewards at the moment, I've purchased almost 5x more in SBD and SP than this post is worth.

Mathematically speaking I don't see why anyone would downvote your posts. You're clearly giving out more than you're taking in, you invested and bought in stake and sbd, you're trying to learn about the platform while giving back, I really don't see what the issue is here.

I can see why others who don't give back could be flagged for similar-sized posts, but not this. This kind of shit should be encouraged, not discouraged.

you invested and bought in stake and sbd

I also invested in SP and I'm free do do anything with my stake.

Maybe he just wants only his posts to be seen on top. I think you're doing great like bunnypuncher.

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Time up!

Smart move bro

Totally agree with you here @fbslo nothing against the author at all. I just personally don't think posts like this should be boosted to the top of trending, I do wonder what @berniesanders would think of a post like this being boosted so high???

Well, I was brought here by the late @lauralemons. She thought that I could make people laugh, which was something I was always making her do.
I started out doing it for money, but as time has passed (I've been here over a year now) I stay because of the amazing people it has given me. I met @sammosk here and it has been a whirlwind of an adventure!
I use Steemit because I enjoy the challenge of trying to create something new every day. I see life in little clips of content to be shared with the world.
I use Steemit because I can't imagine a day of my life without it, now!

If I may, were you able to make anything monetarily in the last year you've used steemit?

I'm sure the community here is great, and trying to create new or niche content can be challenging. I've never been on to use social media much, so this in itself is a new adventure for me.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for running this competition, it helps us all justify why we are here. I use Steemit because unlike other social media websites and blogs, your reputation and what you do matters. On most SMS websites a one liner or a basic photo can get you thousands of likes, here it's all about effort. Generally speaking people who have been posting higher quality content for longer get more real interaction and Steem.
I have and you can also invest money in Steem, so it's not just about time and effort. Plagerism and forwards are frowned upon and quality original content of almost any kind is appreciated. I Steem mostly for entertainment and to hone my written communication skills, I also hope to get a small mobetary return from this hobby.

I'm not sure if contests are considered original content. I mainly used this initial contest as a means of gathering information about why users use steemit, while also rewarding some users for participating.

  ·  last year (edited)

Nothing is wrong with the occasional contest, especially if it encourages and fosters engagement. Check out @steem-bounty by @knircky they facilitate running contests or asking questions while rewarding answers

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a look!

@crypticat you are absolutely right. I upvoted you and I will continue with your prosts

I made a video for why I use steemit right here. Hope it makes the cut.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

I am a crypto trader and my primary interest in steem is to have a passive income. i started exploring steem about a year ago but did not register an account until december and took me a few more months to actually start engaging. my interest is still passive income but i started enjoying engaging with other likeminded people.

During your adventures on here, what kind of topics do you feel that you've had most success with? Commenting and blogging for a passive income seems amazing, but for many I'm gathering it is a tough journey to just jump right into on here.

its a big topic to cover in a comment but i will try to keep it short and share my experiences. i originally wanted to be a crypto trader and have it as my primary income. i still plan to do that but i need to get a few things in place before that can happen. one important thing to mention here is that i am not looking for a quick money i know its a grind and i plan to invest my time into it and wait it out for a few years. my whole plan is to retire in 10 years with enough in my plate and the figure i wanted to invest now was $20k which seemed like a good plan and it still does.

on steem the most beneficial was blogging but it was time consuming and i had limited grip on enough topics to blog multiple times a day with quality content. i had some success with a few posts related to crypto but i had to use bid bots to make it more beneficial. it was good while the steem price was stable, once the price started declining bid bots were not profitable anymore or i should say it was not worth the effort. if i placed a bid for 2 SBD and i got voted 6 in post rewards, it was a pretty good deal on that day. but in 7 days if the steem price came down i ended up getting 4.5 in post rewards and that was not enough and a good decision turned out to be bad one. happened few times before i decided not to use bid bots.

now i am mostly engaging in comments on other posts, which is pretty useful since its quick and easy and i can easily do alot of comments through the day on various posts. i noticed that my followers are increasing rapidly as i approach 1000 followers. my plan is to have 5000 followers until end of the year this should give me a nice little audience.

i bought some steem and converted into SP and am doing self voting which is not that good but as i mentioned my interest is monetary. i do upvote some good comments and posts by others but most of my upvotes go back to me as i have been spending alot of time in commenting. i had 390 SP a few weeks ago and now i have 412 SP which is what i earned. i think in a bearish market that looks pretty good. i have alot of calculations in excel sheets and i have some other stuff in pipeline that will help as well. those include a trading bot which i use already on binance and bittrex with pingpong approach and i have a steem manager app which will do a few things on steem for me as well.

To wrap it up, i think its pretty interesting that steem is used by different people for different reasons. i am still confident steem will allow me to execute my plans and it will have a major role in my passive income becoming my primary one.

I appreciate the well written and thorough post. I personally am still learning about SP, SBD, etc. though from what I've gathered, the more SP you have the more your votes are worth. Which is why I've been putting some crypto I've been earning throughout the day into SP at this point in time. The SBD I have been accumulating also throughout the day will go to contests like this, or donating some here and there to various users.

I'm curious though, I've seen some basic posts with just images make more than some high quality blog posts I've read, is this a normal trend or just bad luck?

As for the bots, I've researched on them a few times, so I have a decent understanding of them so far. I do see how the price falls and rises can impact your % return so it is something to be cautious about and I'll take note of it as I didn't actually account for that. Though at the same time, my goal with this contest was reach, so the return doesn't matter to me at the moment.

yes SP is directly related to vote value but its not the only factor. one thing to note is how frequently you upvote. With every upvote you lose voting power and as your voting power decrease so does your upvote value. With your SP your 100% upvote should give $0.05 at current steem rate but since your voting power is down to 38% your upvote is $0.02 you need to make sure you dont upvote more than 10 times a day if you want to give full upvote value, or you can decide to give less than 100% and keep an eye on voting power. it charges back in time so its not a big issue. you can use this tool to monitor it https://www.steemnow.com/@bit.curious

you can connect with me on discord as well to discuss some of these things i have decent understanding of steem system.

I appreciate the information and link.

That makes more sense now, I was wondering why it fluctuated from $0.02 to $0.01, I didn't know you basically are metered and that determines the amount of the vote. I will have to be more vigilant with my upvotes, as I was just upvoting everyone who posted on this blog so they at least got something for their time.

Thanks again!

no worries if you want to ask about anything else post on my comments or look me up on discord if you use that. you can still upvote all the people who commented on your blog you just have to spread it across the span of 7 days since they will not be getting rewards for their comments until 7 days.

each upvote takes about 2.4 hours of voting strength so you can do one full 100% upvote every 2.4 hours or you can do 5 upvotes of 20% every 2.4 hours. you still give about 2 cents with 20% voting power and you can increase or decrease based on the value of their comments.

I currently don't use discord but plan to get around to it in the near future. I'll take note that everything takes 7 days to "mature" and rewards are credited.

So basically once I'm at 100% I can upvote for 100% every 2.4 hours, that's not so bad. I'll just have to keep my idle hands at bay and not upvote most every comment on my posts, rather spread them out across the 7 days.

Hi, I use Steemit because I hope I can make a living from it one day. I crave the freedom to travel/work from home.

I hope that you succeed in your journey! I think for most the dream is to be able to live / work from him, along with being able to travel.

Sadly life is too fast paced and existing is too expensive to be able to have much time to relax.

Why? For the drama of course!

Steemit may not have the most active users in the world for a social platform, but it's got some awesome drama between users, or of users, rolling around daily.

I read an article about that earlier, there seems to be a decent amount of drama among different groups on here. If memory serves me right it talked about how everything that is said on here is permanent since it is on the blockchain, and that many fail to realize this before they spout out racism, threats, etc. and disregard the repercussions it may have on them in the future.

Yup. Even stuff said off-chain can be brought against you on this platform.

It can be unforgiving at times.

I stared slow with my own contests on steemit, but when I became a Steward of Gondors' recipient (with @fulltimegeek) I was having contests EVERY week; from seed giveaways for planting in gardens to SBD and steem giveaways.

I had people take images of their messy pantry contest and post on steemit. Whoever had the messiest, the cleanest and the ost unique item in their pantry won. That's just one example.

I LOVE doing contests (doing one right now for celebrating my one year steemit anniversary on Friday the 13th next week).

I am a give back and pay-it-forward kind of person and will always have contests.

Thanks for the response!

I haven't thought of giving away actual items, I figured most wouldn't want to give out their personal details for winning something on Steemit. How has participation in such contests worked out for you?

I am very much a give back and pay-it-forward type of individual myself, so I do plan on continuing contests. At the moment I'm unsure of what their subject matter will be, but as of right now they're more for my learning than anything.

Currently my country is going through an economic crisis that covers all areas of life of each Venezuelan, for this reason every day we seek strategies to achieve additional tickets that allow us to survive and achieve the daily sustenance of our families; I have Christian principles in my life and in the midst of all this that envelops us and you see it consumed I asked God for an answer in the middle of all this storm, for an answer I received Steemit, an excellent platform that not only provides economic gains for quality content , but also, it allows us to strengthen bonds of friendship with multitudes of people worldwide, having a significant impact on my life, helping me to learn many things on different topics, since each one contributes a grain of sand for the growth and enrichment of the platform.

Another Venezuelan here on this contest. :D My sincerest apologies about the current economic crisis there, I know all about it. My girlfriend is Venezuelan, she moved out of the country a few years ago, though some of her family still remains there.

I do hope that you have been able to earn something monetarily here that has helped in your times of need. I know mere cents here can equate a lot of Bolivars there.

  ·  last year (edited)

You are blessed with a Venezuelan woman, Congratulations, And yes, not much but I have helped in opportunities thanks to God ... but the most important thing is even the friendships and being able to do something that I like, "Social Work" giving others of our human quality and moral and economic support.

I am very blessed to have her in my life, it has been almost 3 years now. :)

I agree with the importance of friendships and being able to offer some moral and / or economic support. That's one of the best things about this platform, users have the ability to help others with either sending them a donation, upvoting, etc.

Greetings, and very good initiative, why are we in steemit? first of all we who are in the world of the crypto fascinates us the platform, in addition to getting money to be up to date with this platform wonder, but the truth is that this chain is powered by the markets of the crypto, and by his position that of ourselves that we give life, a curious fact of this great chain is that I used to live on facebook and other social networks, but since I knew this I can not quit, and I use social networks as little as before, always in the hands of the cryptocurrency, I just hope that this platform starts to have new updates and keep growing, because it is a great help mainly for us Venezuelans, greetings to the whole community but very special to my brothers in Venezuela , I know that what we are living here is not easy, but with much optimism and perseverance we will go forward, in the union this strength, thanks for your great contribution to this community @ bit.curious

Thanks for your warm welcome.

I agree, this platform is very well designed and maintained, and for some a good source of revenue / profit sharing. I don't post much or engage much on social media, so one thing I hope to gain from this platform is the ability to better engage with people and conversation. I hope that one day Venezuela gets better, but for the time being that future seems very distant.

I'm glad that this platform is able to help many in your country.

As you are doing, I see you a bright future here in steemit, just as it happens, it is also received!

I appreciate your positive words!

I see steemit beyond so many platform.To me i use steemit because :

  • It is an educating platform
  • Keeps you informed on all information around the globe.
  • It a way of helping one another Financially,Academically,Morally, Life Lessons e t c.
  • It makes me feel proud you can use your niche to earn.
  • More especially it connect people around the globe .
    *It is challenging , I always aim high on making the fame and money.

Hello and thanks for your insight, I can see how steemit can be challenging, as there are a lot of people who use it. Though at the same time in ways, to me it seems, everyone has a fair chance at earning something. It all depends on the time and effort you put into it.

Yeah, Hardwork and perseverance is a key to succeeding.

this question is very good ... and I think the answer deserves all the psychicity, I'm here in steemit by chance I'm not very good at this network I'm just learning, but I'm very grateful to have met steemit I've learned a lot from Here is really quality content of all networks or platforms that I have met me with this is very broad and very complete, but as we all know the accounts are not paid with knowledge I am also here for economy and what I have obtained here It has served for many things, I am from Venezuela work in the job of welder and sometimes when I'm lucky what I can get here in a day to earn it in Venezuela it costs me a lot I have to be a week working, I have many reasons to continue here!

Hello! Thanks for your post, and the information as to why you're here. The job of a welder is tough and is a strain on the eyes over the years. I'm glad that you're able to earn something here and not have to work many hours on end to hardly earn anything there.

I am with you though, there are many things about this platform I am still learning as I just joined today! I hope that you are blessed on here and continue to make it through the current crisis in Venezuela.

If the welding work is strong and I do it every day from 5 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon when I get home, I can connect here for a while and take advantage of something is not easy but we have to get ahead thanks for being So supportive with us Venezuelans, successes and blessings for you my friend

Desde mi adolescencia tuve mis blog. Nada que ver con los de ahora. Por otro lado, como Venezolana enfrento grandes desafios financieros actualmente y desde marzo decidí no trabajar para ninguna empresa, ya que más era el gasto en pasajes, tiempo y desgaste que la retribución. Sin embargo, este tiempo libre que tengo me he sentido de vuelta al pasado donde publicaba cada cosa que hacía y me divertía tanto... además de ver los blog de mis amigos. Ahora a través de Steemit siento que he subido de nivel, mi plan es subir contenido académico, nutrido y mantenerme actualizada sobre mis temas de interés y del nuevo mundo de la criptomoneda que tanta curiosidad me ha despertado. Entonces para mi es muy provechoso pues además reúno otros ingresos que tanto bien le hacen a mi familia.

Gracias por concursos como estos.

wao I see you a bright future within steemit, you know what you want, and it is really nice to see this kind of initiative and more when it is from a relatively new person, the truth is that as a large part of the community we are by a little of that extra money, but nevertheless the knowledge that each person leaves in each publication leaves no price, the importance of reaching any corner of the world through this great community is really great, keep it up because you're going to be a dolphin soon, and why not a whale, greetings

Thanks for your welcoming message.

I do have a goal in mind, multiple ones to be precise. I've done research, read various trending articles about the ins and outs of steemit, though through all of that there's nothing like one on one information from individuals. This contest as I stated mainly served as a stepping stone to help me gather ideas on which direction I want to go with steemit, while also testing various aspects of the platform I've read about and watched videos on.

What better way to gather information than to give away money in a means that is enjoyable and beneficial to all that participate.

You are absolutely right, and as I said before I see you in the not too distant future in a great position here in steemit, because you are simply doing things right, you are attracting the attention of an immense community, and you will surely have a great support, first of the peses and surely of the whales, why? because simply you with these great skills make this great social network grow with benefits ,,,,

Thank you, I have already started putting in time, and money into the platform to help make my journey here somewhat easier. At the moment I'm investing into SP so when I upvote, users get more. I tend to enjoy helping others more than myself, so a lot of what I do is to benefit others.

Thanks for the contest, @bit.curious!

Why do you use Steemit?
I love steemit because potentially is an efficient tool to shift the actual scarcity paradigm to the (new one of) abundance and happiness to all beings on earth.

Am I a dreamer?
Yes, I am... and I love very much.
But remember:

"If one dreams alone, it's just a dream. If many dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality. "♡

"If you can dream it, you can do it." [Walt Disney]

A big friendly hug from @amico!

I'm on steemit because if my opinion is worth 2 cents, I think I should get the 2 cents and not some other platform.

It just so happened that this comment was worth 2 cents. :D
I agree though, why post elsewhere when a post here can earn something from it.

agreed, i regret all those hours spent on quora and facebook. i must have posted more than 10,000 comments / answers and i am being humble when i say 10,000. i wont be surprised if that number was 5 times more

This is the amazing platform to know each other and blog and surf over to millions of topics on information... I would be Glad to be know more on the competation and Hopefully the most greatest thing is the competition subject where it roles out a major platform...

hello @ bit.curious I hope you are well, I came to steemit through a friend she would commit me from the platform but I did not think it was true that there were opportunities like that, I decided to try it and here since February of this year and I can tell you that has helped me in many aspects in the educational part and in the economic part here I have learned a lot before being here I had topics that I did not know especially in topics such as cryptocurrencies and in the economic part it has helped me a lot and that I am a mother of two girls and I have my mother and my aunt in my charge, I am from venezuela and for me every vote I get here is of the utmost importance to survive here, today more than ever I thank God and my friend for helping me to be in steemit..that is why I use this platform for the educational, the economic and the social.Thanks for this contest

Hello there @norvigarcia, I hope you are well also.

I have been here quite some time, but never joined to actually engage, and I can agree that there is a wealth of educational knowledge on here to be found. I'm glad you were able to gain something from it! I am beginning to realize that this platform helps a lot of Venezuelans in need, my girlfriend still has quite a few family members that still live there so I know every dollar and cent earned on here can go a long way there.

wuaooo congratulate you to have a Venezuelan woman by your side we are very enterprising and very intelligent imagine that he does the impossible to help his family and as a Venezuelan must feel very bad to be away from them but very happy because he can helping them out of our beautiful country, and that is how much every dollar is a very big help for me in my case it has helped me to feed my daughters and my mother and aunt every time I earn something here I feel happy for I know that I was able to feed my family for at least two days, it is not easy, your girlfriend should feel a lot of pride in you! Thank you...

I agree, I'm lucky to have her by my side. :)
I sent you a small gift.

Good luck, you sent me a gift ??? wuoooo god bless you friend, but as you sent it I can not see anything

I think you should send them in sbd friend, but you made me cry with such a beautiful gesture you have no idea what that gift covers in my fridge!

Oh I didn't realize it wasn't in SBD, my apologies!

and now ? I send them to you and send them in sbd? Excuse me, I'm very excited that would be a great help for me, I'm crying with happiness

Yes that is fine. :)

Why do you use Steemit?

Through Steemit we also interact through the content of both text, images and video.

Thank you for this contest. Why i use steemit? Actually before i didn't really know about this platform, but some of my friend use it already. I saw their post in facebook . And when i ask them they told how steemit work. I love writing and i honestly need some place for my hobby to pour out and i need other income. So when they told if Steemit can give us a reward i started to join them . But surprisingly, isn't a reward only but a good thing and experience i gain from steemit , also teach me to always write a good content.

Note : i m sorry for my bad english

No need to be sorry for your English, I know it isn't everyones native tongue so I do not judge a person by how they speak. Just knowing as much as you do, and have written, shows that you put forth effort!

I will follow you and give your blog a read once I have some spare time away from replying to comments on here. :)

Thank you 👍,

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You're very welcome. :)

I started using it for link building. But now I am trying to earn something from it. Today, it's my first day at steemit.

As it is my first day also, I'm in the same boat as you. :D


But you have moved too far from me left me alone. 😔

Intresting. I work with SEO. Did you see any linkpower from steemit ? I have to make a experiment and test that.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @bit.curious...! I'll be quick, I use steemit, because I really like this wonderful platform, I have gotten many knowledges, I have known other cultures,friendships, experiences and positive learnings and obtained money, I am Venezuelan and this has fallen from the sky. And since I use it, leave other networks.Thanks a lot ..!

It's a pleasure to meet you and thanks for commenting. I think a majority of comments on this blog at the moment are from Venezuelans, I'm glad that steemit is able to help so many of you.

I think I'm just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many Venezuelans truly use this platform.

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice to meet you too and thank you for your initiative, my country is beautiful and today we are living a crisis that I have never lived before, but we still maintain the faith that this will improve, many people still do not know Steemit, but I think it will soon become better known . have a good day..!

Why do you use Steemit?

Well @bit.curious, sort of convoluted story.

A Facebook friend and I were having a long discussion about Basic Income, and along the way he sent me a link to white paper-ish essay... which I went to read, and was not particularly impressed by the overall project. However, that essay (on Viva Coin) was published here on Steemit, and I found myself mildly intrigued that there was a blog/social platform I was not familiar with. This was in January 2017.

Anyway, I went off and read about Steemit on 3rd party sites and decided to make an account here. However, I was deeply skeptical — I'm a 20-year veteran of "content for pay" sites and social content — and there seems to be about a 99.9% likelihood that these sites fail within in a year or two, always for the same reason: Overly idealistic founders failing to plan for the sheer depth of greed inherent in the human species.

But I started using Steemit because (a) I was missing the "social blogging" format super popular around 2001-06 (pre-MySpace and Facebook) and this seemed like a throwback to those days and (b) I was looking for a new place to take up a "general/personal" blog again.

About the rewards? Frankly, I was never anything but surprised each time I earned rewards. To this day, each time I earn rewards, it's "a pleasant surprise" and never "an expectation."

I continue to use Steemit because I've discovered there's a great community here. And because it really IS a lot like the "social blogging" of old.

I've never been one to really be into blogging, let alone social blogging. I have had a tendency of avoiding all social media for as long as I can remember. To be honest when it comes to voicing my thoughts, or commenting on a topic as is, I tend to feel as what I would write would more than likely be overlooked. In a sense it's one reason as to why I tend to shy away from social discussions, which I hope in a way Steemit will help me overcome.

I finally decided to get on here today after almost a year of lurking, with a plan to at least put something down. When it came time to put pen to paper, so to speak, my mind went utterly blank. I am hoping that this contest can help uplift this writers block I am having, and also inspire me in some way to find which route I may want to go while on here.

I appreciate your response.

Whoa you spent a year lurking? You could have spent the time lurking while posting. 😂 But it's fine since you're finally here anyway.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Well, I get surprised too when I post random stuff and I get more than a $1 on the post. 😂

It only gets frustrating when I intend to earn a lot from a quality post and get less than a $1 instead.

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steemit is the best platform for sharing our things around the wordl . It help to reach a hug number of audiance with in a second. And alos heip to money from our think. so i love steemit.


I use steemit for two things.

  1. make money
  2. I can share my story around the world

What exactly is your story, is it always progressing as each day passes, or is it one that has already happened?

I can not answer your question honestly I do not understand his denagan question

In principle I went to steemit to be able to acquire extra income to buy food for my two pets. I am from Venezuela and as everyone knows, we are going through a very deep economic and social crisis.

Steemit has given me the opportunity to share with people from all over the world, with wonderful post and contests. That is the great added value that has no price. You are like a second family...

Yes I know all about the crisis in Venezuela at the moment. My girlfriend is from Venezuela and still has family who lives there. Caracas to be precise, so we are always updated on the situation, and she stays reading the news.

My heart goes out to you.

Thank you very much for the encouragement. The situation here is not easy. Even the rest of the world does not know the reality of Venezuela. We have the lowest monthly base salary in the world; we do not get monthly dollars. Food is extremely expensive, many medicines are missing and those found are also very expensive, and our pets do not escape from the situation.

Why do you use Steemit?

certainly produce. if i share good content i will get a reward.

To earn money for my studies, I'm a college IT student. My parents are struggling financially.

Unfortunately a majority of the countries I've been to, everyone is in some way struggling financially. :(

Have you been able to earn much here for your studies?

I have been here for over a year. I enjoy the community and "friends" that I have made here. I may not post all the time anymore, but I'm still here reading and supporting those whose content I follow most often, as well as some random individuals too!

Just curious, what is the topic of most of the content you follow? I'm still trying to get a feel for this website, and have noticed that a lot of financial based posts tend to do somewhat well.

I follow a wide range. I tend to lean towards #blog, #photography, #travel, and some others where I can get to know who the people are as opposed to simply voting on a given type of content. I used to focus a lot on the #steemit and #introduceyourself tags to help new members get acquainted with Steemit. I put a bunch of "howto" and general useful Steemit navigation tips out there in my early days, but many of the tools I previously used are no longer active. Also, Steemsql went from.being free to a paid service, so I couldn't justify continuing to use it to help the community fight spammers if I was constantly losing money on the effort.

I entered steemit out of curiosity to know this platform that pays to vote and to comment, but now I like it a lot and I'm still here persisting.

It seems like a nice platform for finding like-minded individuals. I'm hoping my interest stays and I am able to make something of it.

Initially came to Steemit when the crypto boom started back in december 2017. I still remember waiting 3-4 weeks for my account to finally being activated in january. I wanted to share some of my opinion here regarding crypto (which I'm still doing), while on the same time meet people with the same interest. Already got ne friends here and having great discussions not only regarding blockchain, but also life and travel. Thanks for the giveaway.

I've noticed a lot of crypto related posts here, and some announcements for coins also. It's nice to have some centralized place for learning from not only peers, but also learn about potential upcoming coins. I trust peer to peer much more than most news outlets.

That was one of the main things I did while lurking was read the crypto related news here.

I dont have touching stories like everybody else... But Anyways, the real reason why I joined steemit is because it provided an opportunity for me as a student to be able to catch up, learn new things, connect with like-minded people and hopefully make some money through my journey...

That's true. Steemit is truely one of a kind

This is definitely the place to learn new things, especially in the fast paced world of cryptos. At the same time there is a good source of worldly news too.

I use Steemit to earn money. That's why people use this site.

And of course secondary benefits (reason) include I get to see a lot of people's posts and learn new things I wouldn't have seen if I wasn't on Steemit.

And third I gain random online friends. Hurray! 🎉

I think a majority initially join with the intent of earning money, or so that's what I've gathered thus far. Who doesn't like free money for making a post right?

I agree on the being able to learn new things, there's a lot of intellect gathered here in one platform.

I hope that in some way, I make a friend or two. I have an intense personality some of the time so making friends for me, can be complicated.

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Yeah, I think this is a platform for smart people. Lol. Or people who become cryptocurrency savvy enough just to earn money. 😂

Well you will find a friend or two I think. With all the people arnd here you'll eventually find them or they find you.

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I've been into Bitcoin since early 2013, so I'd like to think I'm fairly savvy with cryptocurrencies.

Steemit is going to be sort of a side hobby for the moment. :D

The universe tends to bring together link-minded people. So I look forward to see those whom I become friends with on here.

Ok. On another note, I think using bots shot u up to reputation 53.

Well now, I didn't think it was that easy to go up as long as we could pay for bots... 😥😥😥

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I read a lot of articles and watched many videos about using bots to earn a % return on what you invest into them.

It's currently something I am testing out to gather data on. I'll also be using whatever is earned to give away to others.

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Some people are hatin' on bots but people keep using them anyway. If I had a lot of money to spend on bots I'd do it too. Or if I felt like using it big. Haha.

I'm surprised transparencybot is not around.

Anyway good luck with your Steemit experiments. 👍 And keep those SBDs rollin' hahaha.

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@bit.curious It's been a lucky day that I meet a guy like you who have the same name of me "ROY" .Hi Roy I would like to welcome you as warm as the heat in this astounding platform steemit, I hope you will have a lots of fun here! You tend very interesting. Well I guess someday you will build your own here, I hope you could choose a better idea or a platform that could help people change their lives. I wish you good luck!

"For me steemit is a tool used to nourish one's skill and talents, for it gives reward for those who are dedicated to show their own, Steemit is a life changing platform, why? It could put so
meone to somebody from nobody and from no where to somewhere. Also we could promote our Ideals and aspiration. In Steemit we have a voice for the power is in the users, I own lot of fun here people are so nice, keeping their word of encouragement. Steemit is a given gift if it use like what is meant to be. "

Hoping and praying that you will love steemit community.
Best regards, God speed

Well hello there Roy, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I do hope that I am able to form or build some sort of community following here, though firstly I must figure out what it is exactly that I am going to do content wise. I really enjoy helping others out, as I stated in my initial introductory post, so maybe I can do something along those lines.

Even if it is just getting to know people through holding contests that have subject related to personal aspects of the people here.

Well that's a great ambitions, Well through time that will come true @bit.curious. I will follow you for me to be able to be notified in each of your post and for me to upvote, through I would also able to share your post to a trail luckily I am a member with an average of 75 voters.

In time, good things come to those with patience! I followed you also, I'll get around tonight to looking through your blog!

Thank You ROY

This post has been upvoted by the trail :)

earn money, exchange knowledge!

There's plenty of knowledge on here, and plenty of money to be earned!

oh yeah!

I use steemit to meet up new friends, express my ideas and thoughts with my family and friends and as a bonus I get some reward which reinforce me and motivate me in my life and strengthen my positive behaviours which are appreciated by the community and I can also help myself, my friends or my family with that reward. That's all my @bit.curious

I will have to give your blog a read once I get time, maybe I'll gather some ideas that may help me out on here.

Yeah why not, but wait a week due to my exam I don't use steemit a lot and did not posted from a while

hello @bit.curious I hope you are well.I think should use steemit in good cause. We can build our strong communication through steemit.Thats what i think.We can help each other.

Sad thing is when you try to help people, or try to build a community that is based off of helping others, etc. there is always going to be a few that will try to bring you down in the process.

People are salty.

@bit.curious Hey man really appreciate your initiative.This will help a lot of Folks to motivate. My main purpose of using Steem is to make a passive source of income.

I eventually plan to do the same, still have a lot of learning to do and so far this blog has been a wealth of knowledge.

I use steemit because it pays content curators, and it upvotes the best curated post. Though some people use steemit to earn money but i think if such a person can bring and innovation or idea of a good content it can also fetch such person to earn alot of digital currency.

I am very new here, but I hope to reach and interact with interesting people that I would otherwise not reach.

I think there is many point why i use steemit...

  1. All others traditional platform trading by our information without paying us.
  2. There are so many ad.
  3. Decreasing quality content.
  4. Unnecessary post, comment, like, share...
  5. And for, lake of content security...etc

Yes, unlike other platforms you don't get paid and at the same time your feed is riddled with ads. Unfortunately most platforms are mainly in it for ad revenue, and censor most content due to the potential to lose said ad revenue. From what I've gathered on facebook, the main thing I see is just people posting images of memes and not much in the way of thought out posts.

steemit provide best platform to share blogs , information , experiences. It built an community of people and encourage them to share theire experiences and also give a chance to earn money. so instead of wasting time on facebook and instagram, i prefer to use steemit

I use steemit because I want to support blockchain technology, expose great photos to new community which like blockchain technlogy and want to support the development team from Dan.


I am using Steemit for many platform.

  1. It is an Knowledge Base.
  2. Sharing the useful information.
  3. Discus on very unique topic
  4. On Steemit we cover all area like development , research , crypto , many more.


Just gave it a read, thanks for your post and my apologies for the late reply. If I ever need any development work done I'll keep you in mind.

Hmmm interesting topic.
Why do i use Steemit?
Well. I am the person who has lost hope in the possibility of making a better life for myself. To finally be given the opportunity of a lifetime...
This is why Steemit is SO MUCH MORE than just a social media platform for me. It's An Opportunity For A New Life
I want to travel the world, provide a better life for my family, be able to be my own boss, and help others who are less fortunate than me... I believe Steemit will help me get there because I have started helping them those people.
On another note, Just looking at my fellow Stemians! So many of my friends here on Steemit are now able to pursue their dreams and sustain a life from their earnings here.
If they can do it, i can too :) It just takes my consistency and determination. I am building my following, making quality content and finding my niche. I even discovered hidden talents i have and my love for hobbies i never tried.
I know personally, I never thought I would enjoy blogging or posting, and I especially didn't think I would be any good at it. But, by being here on Steemit, I have found an appreciation for such things. You will never know if you don't try. So thank you Steemit.
Steemit is now my full time job.

Hello @bit.curious
Steemit, is a platform that is positioned worldwide, the difference with other platforms, is that most of your publications are subsidized.
Why use Steemit?

  1. It allowed me to develop other facets of my life unknown, here public, about photography, cooking, personal growth, family life, travel, and everything that comes to mind.
  2. Thanks to the support of my followers, and to my published content, I have received economic gratification.
  3. I am Venezuelan, a professional in the economic sciences, with a long-term economic trajectory, that is, with a job of my own, but the financial crisis has led us to look for new income alternatives, and on the recommendation of my children, I arrived here, with all the doubts that it really was true that you won by publishing.
  4. Now Steemit, is part of my daily work, to which I dedicate an approximate half-day of work, and although I do not earn enough it has helped me to solve some economic downturns.
    Happy day for all, may the best be rewarded.

Thank you so much for this contest
I believe we get many opportunities in our lives to do something different. These opportunities may present themselves in a multitude of ways, and unfortunately, often times they are overlooked.
I started seeing something more in life, and Steemit was my chance to make it happen.
For me, Steemit represents much more than just a block-chain based social media platform.
For me, Steemit is a chance at freedom, a chance to create something with nothing but my own creativity.
A chance to meet talented, like minded people who yearn for a better life.
A chance to LIVE by my own means and not have to be chained to 9-5 job.
The ability to be a part of a growing community that is filled with genuine, intelligent, and kind people who actively work to help others is something that is not commonplace now a days.
Most importantly I think, Steemit Can Be Life Changing. Lets think of how impact full this platform can be to people in third world, developing countries like where I stay which is NIGERIA.
So this is why i use steemit.