What Is It? Round 2

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What Is It?

Today we continue our game of "What is it?" with Round 2.

Be the first one to tell me what the picture above is and you win the prize of 5 SBD.

The rules are simple:

  1. Make a comment and tell me what the object in the picture is
  2. Upvote the post
  3. Follow @BigPanda

That's it.

First one to correctly identify the object and fulfill the three rules wins.

I'll name a winner on Monday the 5th.

The first person to post the right answer and has met all the other criteria (rules) will be declared the winner at that time. I will also include the full picture of the object when I declare the winner.

If no one wins, the prize of 5 SBD will be rolled into the next round.


What Is It? Round 1 Winner!

Here is the original picture from Round 1.


and here is the full photo:


We have a winner for Round 1! Great job @pavonj.

I actually thought no one was going to get it but @pavonj came through in the last few minutes with the correct answer of:

A Fire Extinguisher


**Pictures both taken by me with my phone. All rights reserved. You may not use these images without express writtten permission from @bigpanda.

Resteems much appreciated.

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I like mysteries.

I think its some kind od machinery

A glass can

some kind of panda thing ;)

A meat grinder


I did some pics for you......

Gear cogs-screw

A metallic roller.

shaft of a mill, a kind of worm that mills use to crush

it seems some part of a machine

Brushed Stainless Steel

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if for me this picture is a machine rotation, okay I upvote and follow

I think that might be bearings.

My guess milling machine

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Motorcycle Shockbreaker.

if I think it's a meat grinder

It's some kind of geer machine

steel shed like shop shed

a kind of gear machine

pressing machine or meat grinder and the like

grinders or meat-breakers.

a kind of glass bottle

still drill bits...

It's a can opener


I think you got it right


Haha I hope so.


😁 good luck

Hi @bigpanda!

I think is a musical instrument

crushe. good post i vote it

I think it's a screw.

I think it's a shaft

car tires

Old metal container 😁

Hello, I think they are some rollers or metallic wheels of some machine.

Stainless steel door knob.

Hhhmmm i guess it's a railings of the stair... hehehe

a plastic bottle with design

close up of a cupboard door hinge

Its look like a glass with full water

dunno but i love this grandma !



I think it's a screw. 😁

for some reason looks like a christmas ornament

shaft of a mill, a kind of worm that mills use to crush

Honestly, it was so hard to guess this thing but i think this is a kind of machine mill. a machine that can mill wire to get the various shapes of wire.

car rim, I think there are 4, one on top of another

car rim, I think there are 4, one on top of another

aluminum or steel jug

if in my opinion this is jewelry.

I thought it was a crash helmet lol

es un rodillo de una cortadora

a lathe edge making a screw

I think it's a crusher

a metallic bracelet lol

Roofing roll forming machine

i think grinder or screws or maybe a tumbler

maybe a door stopper

It is noodle machine maker

Food making machine

I think it's a Meat Grinder thanks

i think a adjustable spanner image

i think a noodle machine maker image

Roofing roll machine

i think a roofing roll machine

paper shredder

Hello, i'm here again :D. This time i think it' s a dumbbell.

A greeting!

I think a meat grinder

in my opinion it is a gear from a grinding machine,

Maybe adjustable spanner

a bread dough baking machine

creo que es un engranaje

the adjusting screw to a crescent wrench

harvester or kinds of machinery for farming!

I want to guess a dough flattener... or just any kind of flattener (maybe for pasta or something)

guess i came in late

A candlestick holder. 🐓🐓