Steemits Got Talent is BAAAACCCKKK!!! Come join in on the blockchains premier Week#1 Make HISTORY... and dough!

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Your Talent SHOULD Be Worth Something! and HERE it is!

Do you Think you have what it takes to win the top prize? 

YOU JUST MIGHT BE RIGHT! And there is only one way to find out, BY COMPETING!

Submission Rules: (subject to minor changes)

  1. Create a post with your contest entry
  2. First tag must be SGT * newly revised!
  3. Comment on the official contest post WITH a link to your contest entry post.  (if its a video, direct embedding is preferred for ease of viewing.)
  5. Contest entries accepted right up until PAYOUT of post!
  6. You CANNOT first place more than once in one season. *insert complaints* You will see why very soon.  You can win first, then second, second, second, etc.

Judging Rules:

  1. There will be a panel of judges, from all sects of the steemsphere. (TBA)
  2. They will judge based on 3 criteria:
  3. Skill/difficulty Level
  4. Presence (do you take us on a journey, do you engage us?)
  5. Execution

Prize Schedule: (as this contest spreads and grows and gains support, these prizes will be drastically changed)

  1. 3 sbd
  2. 2 sbd
  3. 1 sbd

So come join us here at SGT!! Any TALENT is A TALENT! Lets rock and roll! <3 Love from @bambam808 and all the sponsors, a GOOD LUCK! No, not good luck... BECAUSE THIS IS TALENT! GOOD TALENT too all!

These prizes are scheduled to increase with the adoption of this contest back into the steemsphere!  

 As I have always said, FOR THE STEEMIANS, BY THE STEEMIANS! A huge shoutout to my current sponsors, without you all this contest would not have come to fruition!  I am glad to have a solid foundation, as that is the building blocks to anything in life,  IF THE FOUNDATION is poor, the building itself (this contest) would be weak.  STRONG FOUNDATION + STRONG IDEAS + STRONG COMMUNITY = POTION FOR SUCCESS FOR ALL OF THE STEEMIANS!

Some dolphins and whales that I feel would love this initiative! @jamesc@glitterfart @fulltimegeek @v4vapid I hope to catch your attention and support on this amazing initiative! Thank you! <3 much LOVE for STEEMIT, my HOME! Notice these people *Jedi masters!* 

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hey man glad to hear this. i'm so in