Kinesis Inspiring the definitions of future money on the blockchain

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  • The Familiar Enigma

Life and
cryptocurrency share some virtues which is encapsulated in the saying that you can never feel alive than this present minute that you are!. In a similar vein, in cryptocurrency, an average investor can never be as sure much more than this minute, what is the worth of his/her asset. Life just like cryptocurrency is surrounded with uncertainties, volatility which generates FUD news, outcomes and vulnerabilities.

One of the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency is its high volatility which means that an $100k asset today could be worth $50k within 24 hours. This leaves an unfavourable condition for businesses to thrive on; a major reason why cryptocurrency is yet to be fully adopted

  • The Visible Attraction

Since the advent of the blockchain technology in 2009 immediately after the economic breakdown of 2008, blockchain technology has gained popularity at an alarming rate because it offers control and security to the owner of the asset unlike conventional banking system.

With a market capitalization reaching half a billion dollars under a decade. Blockchain and its accessories is beginning to be touted as the future of many industries. However, the high volatility of this digital currency pose a realistic challenge to the growth of any business on the blockchain.

Now, Let's talk about Kinesis!

What is Kinesis ?


Kinesis is a decentralized asset-backed Monetary system based on the stellar blockchain.

  • Kinesis Concept Explained

A stable value-driven physical asset like gold or sillver which is not affected by government manipulations unlike the less intrinsic fiat currency will serve as the benchmark to drive a stable cryptocurrency which drives the kinesis economy because it can be easily use to buy, sell or spent. Actions which are rewarded on the Kinesis platform based on the yield category.

which are

  • Minter's Yield

Users mint a proportional value of the kinesis currency after depositing fiat currency or physical bullion holdings.

Users get a proportional 5% share of transactional fees on the kinesis currency they minted into their e-wallet.

A reward activated by selling, spending and sending the kinesis currency

  • Holder's Yield

Users just need to hold kinesis currency in their kinesis e-wallet to be eligible for this reward.

A proportional 15% share on all transactional fees.

Kinesis mission is to deliver an internationally fungible monetary system designed to give back to those who participate, and thus create a solution for the global need of sound,reliable money.

               Summary of Kinesis digital currencies

       **Gold-backed Currency (KAU)**

       Description :  1 fine gram gold contract and token
          consisting of gold cast bars of minimum fineness of 995    
          and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX      
          Quality Assurance Framework
       **Silver-backed Currency (KAG)**

             Description : 10 grams silver contract and token,
               consisting of silver cast bars of a minimum fineness of 999,
               and bearing an identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX
               Quality Assurance Framework

         **Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT)** 

            Description: an erc20 compatible token
            Purpose : KVTs will serve as the fund raising vehicle to fund the global Kinesis Monetary System.

The Potential Solutions offered by kinesis
Monetary System

Fast and secure transactions

Borne on the stellar blockchain network, the Kinesis monetary system(KMS) via the e-wallet can complete transactions in the range of nano seconds within a secure environment.

Stable and asset-backed cryptocurrency

This proves the potential of cryptocurrency to serve as a **means of exchange** and also as a **store of value** simultaneously. On kinesis,users have the option of holding their assets or using it anyway they wish to. This makes it an adaptable platform for mutual exchange of value suitable for business.

Reward-based platform

Kinesis rewards every class of users on its platform which means that users are encouraged to hold,sell, buy, spend at will. This measure helps to drive high velocity activity within the Kinesis ecosystem.
              KVT holders will also be rewarded

Who can use the Kinesis Monetary System


Kinesis Monetary System is comprises of five(5) major independent business entities which can be use to meet the needs of

  • Cryptocurrency Investor

The Kinesis currency exchange (KCX) is a wholesale market where currency is created and minted.

  • Asset Owners

The KCX helps asset owners to mint their gold or silver asset which is emmited as Kinesis currency into their e-wallet for selling, spending and sending.

  • Traders

The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange(KBE) is a digital currency exchange where kinesis and other digital currencies are traded.

  • Mobile bankers

The Kinesis Financial Network(KFN) is a platform where Kinesis currencies can be used for savings, payments, remittances and money movement.

  • Commercial service providers and merchants

The Kinesis Commercial Center (KCC) is an online aggregator platform of goods and service providers, offering a solution for kinesis to be used as payments.

Full Benefits of the Kinesis Platform

  • Security
  • Viable means of exchange
  • Good store of value
  • Zero-cost of saving asset
  • Highly secure vaults(7) for storing gold or silver asset
  • Decentralized economy
  • Velocity-based reward
  • High yield
  • User-Controlled
  • Assets is allocated to the owner

Use Case

An Outsider's View
Mark is a small business owner who has a thriving business. He has watched with much enthusiasm how bitcoin steadily grew from 20 cents to $20,000 in less than a decade. Now mark would love to get involve in cryptocurrency and possibly bring his business on the blockchain but doesnt know how to.

He meets his friend, paul, who is a big cryptocurrency investor but when he tells mark how bad the market can get; mark was astonished and left frustrated. He decides it might not be in his best interest to take such risk as his business is barely thriving.

One day, on his twitter feed, he saw this post that talks about a new,stable and asset-backed cryptocurrency with high yield which just kind of agree with mark initial view of the market.

Finally, mark thinks he will be able to settle with this for a start and eventually be able to bring his struggling business on the blockchain to gain more exposure through the Kinesis Commercial Center.

Mark is happy he met paul before investing, Mark is happy he found Kinesis on time to invest into their ICO and buy tokens when it is still cheap!


It is clear that inorder to ensure wide adoption of the blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency which lives on its trail must bear the semblance of a commodity which can be

Stable : For use as a means of exchange
Secure : For use as a store of value

Although Kinesis is not alone in this industry. Competitors like onegram and Darico are still relatively new while Kinesis Monetary System has already being instituted since 2013, meaning that there wealth of experience will make this project to stand out.







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Operations team



Development team




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