Contest! Giveaway! STEEM symbol Minimalist Card Wallet! Giveaway! Contest!

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Who wants a free handmade Card Wallet with your favorite crypto on front?

Friends and friends to be:  If you missed my photo blog yesterday, I showed the step by step making of the STEEM symbol 3 Pocket Minimalist Card Wallet in the picture.  Here is the link to that post so that you can see how it was done.

Where Can I Get One!

I intend to get a few of these made and up in ArmadilloLeather Etsy shop eventually with a price around $35 USD. I am booked up at the moment, so I might not get this done till spring. I hope to make some wallets and full sized billfolds and sell for Steem or SBD if I figure out a way to do that (suggestions welcome).  But until then I will give a few of them away!  This is your chance to own the very first one.  Serial #1.  


I am going to give this wallet in the pictures to some lucky Steemian who wants it and can use it.  But... I want something out of the deal.  I want 200 followers.  So here is what you have to do for a chance to win:

1) Upvote this post
2) Follow me
3) Reply below with the phrase "I want the wallet"
4) Resteem this post

You are going to have to do all 4 things to get the chance to win.

This post's payout will go to defray the postage costs.  I know not everybody carries this kind of wallet so I want it to get into the hands of someone who can use it, or knows someone who does, hence the "I want the wallet comment."

I will put everyone's names who say they want the wallet in the magic steampunk sorting hat and Mrs Armadilloman will do the honors of drawing out the winner.

The contest will be over when I reach 200 followers OR when this post pays out, whichever comes first.

Does this make sense?  Please ask me questions if it does not!

As always, the lovely Wanda Petronski will oversee the drawing to make sure it is conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.

Best of luck to everyone!


가죽으로도 로고가.....

I want this wallet... a lot! Stunning work!

I want the wallet! Amazing work :)

I want the wallet

IF you want to try a crypto sale, I can send $50 worth of STEEM or SBD to your steemit wallet, and you can get a private shipping address from me on or discord. Let me know, as you do some amazing work!

Thanks. Yes @papa-pepper, We'll work something out. I do wish there was a steem based Etsy style framework available to work through.

Okay I am too new to actually know HOW to find on chat or discord, so I might need an instruction manual

You can click here for chat.

Try to use your same username. Once you do that, let me know and I'll contact you.

I think I just sent you a message over there.

Outstanding work... I want this wallet!!!

wow, this is super cool!!!!!

I hope to make some wallets and full sized billfolds and sell for Steem or SBD if I figure out a way to do that (suggestions welcome).

The #happystore would be pleased to see your advertising there.

Well I will if things play out in that direction. I would probably not be making an inventory but made to order and that way they could be customized. But you have presented me an option I did not know of, so thank you!

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