Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 2 (150 steem grand prize)

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Hello there! Welcome to my digital castle.


Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and on instagram

We're starting the second challenge immediately!
There have been reports of strange creatures in the wilderness and we must continue to build and fortify the area.

We could use a morale boost.. So.. The second challenge will be dedicated to the moon.
The best artwork involving the moon gets the win for this round.
Especially cause I think steem/steemit is eventually going to the moon. :)

For example.. Here's one I took myself with an old 35mm camera years ago.


The rules are..

You must create your own blog post on your page in regards to the challenge with a title mentioning the specific contest, IE something like.. "Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 2 entry" and then link it here on this page in the comments below. And you also have to use the #informationfinding tag in your blog post as well.

I DO accept artwork that you did not create yourself and it doesn't have to be brand new original work, but you must state if you made it yourself or not, and if not who did, and if you don't know who made it.. Tell me you don't know who made it. The more information about the artwork the better.

I will personally much more lean towards the original and unique content people have created themselves, BUT.. That doesn't necessarily mean that's who the winner will be.. This is the Information Finding Championship.. Whoever brings the best information as voted upon by myself and the judges in relation to what I request wins the round.

For this challenge.. If there's a tie.. We'll do another round between just those who tied to see who wins.

The winner will be decided by whoever gets the most votes.
The only people who can vote in a qualifying sense are myself and the four judges I've selected and we will vote by leaving a comment on the submission that we like the most and say something like.. "I vote for this one" and a reason why we voted would be good too, but is not mandatory.

You have until this challenges post payout ends to submit your post, and I think in general for most of the challenges you will have better odds if you submit sooner rather than later.

The challenge will finish after 7 days when the post ends and provides its payout cycle and unless there is a tie, the one with the most votes will get a level up and a point to go towards their long term win and the steem/sbd from the challenge (minus the 25% or so for curation)


Additional bonus!

The winner of this round will temporarily receive the benefit of an artifact from our vault we call the "Sortiarius Chest" which gives my full powered upvotes to your next 5 entries in the competition.(My upvotes are worth around $2 right now when fully charged)

This artifact belongs to the castle so you don't get to keep it permanently! But you may benefit from the use of it temporarily for bringing us the best moon artwork!

After your artifact uses its 5 charges there will be a new competition to see who gets to use the Sortiarius Chest next. If you previously had control of the artifact you CAN enter that next round and if you win again you will retain control of the artifact for another 5 rounds.

(At this point in time I don't have the funds to get custom artwork for these artifacts and things like that that I plan on doing.. Though in the future if this contest goes well, I hope to have custom artwork for this artifact and a lot more of this kind of stuff!)

If you are new and want to know more about how the contest works in general, this link may help that explains the whole Information Finding Championship in more detail.

And finally before I go I wanted to say... I added an end date to the overall larger competition to remove peoples uncertainty. This contest and the FIRST(of hopefully many) officially ends July 18 2018 and that is around when the grand prize will be awarded.

Just in case anyone is confused.. To clarify again in regards to the rules.


1. Second challenge starts now and is a challenge for the best moon artwork. (see below for acceptable content entries) 2. Create a blog post for the contest. 3. Title must contain contest round, "Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 2 entry" Your blog post name (Stylized Art) 4. Provide a source for the art work, even if it is yourself state it, or if it is "unknown artist". 5. Leave a link to your post in the comments below. 6. And you also have to use the #informationfinding tag in your blog post as well.

Acceptable content

  1. Pictures, poetry, video, song, music, funny meme, drawing, painting, or whatever constitutes Art in your mind.
    ... Just basically a piece of artwork about the moon.
  2. Artwork does not have to be brand new original work. Further details are in the body of the post for acceptable art.
  3. Language is primarily in English and if you would like to participate from elsewhere in the world it is up to you to translate your message into English so we can understand you.

Good luck in the contest!
Artwork credit - Joshua Clement on Facebook

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My 2nd entry "Moon Rise" I think I am liking your contest @apolymask. For all the lookers, join in, it is fun, and you never know you could be earn the title of "Chief Information Finding Champion".

Word! Glad you're having a good time! :) I am as well and it's continuing to grow on me more and more which I think is a good sign! Thanks for being such an active participate so far! It's much appreciated.

PS.. I love your post, but I already told you in the other thread so I felt like it was redundant, but.. It's not.. I should say it here again.. Great submission! I liked it. ._.

Thanks for your submission yura81! I already left a comment on your thread but it's worth mentioning again that your artwork is an interesting and dramatic piece. Did you create the image yourself? There isn't much information with it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ah. I see. Thanks for the info! :)

Word! I'm excited to hear you joined! :) Thanks for signing up man! I look forward to seeing where this whole adventure goes. ._.

You have me thinking. mmmmmm, what to do.

That's good to hear! :) In fact.. That's one of my favorite things to hear. I absolutely love to get people thinking more. Good luck figuring something out! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. ._.

i will enter here tomorrow

Cool! Look forward to your entry.

waw a very good contest, but I want to learn it first, thanks for the notice of this friend, have a nice day?

Word. Glad you think so. And I agree you should learn it first, please let me know if you have any questions. I'll do my best to answer. And you're welcome, thank you as well. Have a good day!

Thanks again, I am glad that you are very wise

I wanna be known about this Championship in more detail. thankyou for this link. Hope I'll learn more from your post!!

You're welcome! Thanks for showing interest. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask! I'll do my best to answer. :) Cheers.

Nice post nice potography.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

Word! Thanks for the nice comment. Good luck with your efforts as well! :)

wow....hear some great art....its amazing..i likr it..i hope everybody like your post...thanx for shear it

Yeah.. It is some awesome art! Isn't it? You're welcome for sharing it. Thanks for appreciating!

Thanks for you information @apolymask
Good luck and regard...

Yup! You're welcome. Thanks, and good luck to you as well.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hello @apolymask it is my first entry for the contest :

My entry contains one picture and one poem...all of them belong to me...Have a nice day...

This is my 2nd entry not sure if its allowed but if its not pls consider this one instead of the last one sorry

We're not currently doing multiple entries, but that is a cool moon image!

Here is my entry inspired by the moon and steemit. It's a short poem and a gif created by me! I hope you guys like it, even if it is a bit silly =)


Very cool entry ! Sandrina x

I hope this qualifies? all the same good to be here with wonderful people. ode

Here is my Round 2 entry :)

I voted for this one. I like your creativity!

@apolymask first, I love the castle so glad you were able to find someone to do it too! I am super stoked to see the artwork coming in!

You copied those exact words from someone else who said that the other day..smh.. At this point it seems like you're clearly some kind of weird bot or something like that..

This entry was from @mmasim

This photo does not seem to be very professional but it is fun to be a part of the contest. Resteeming your posts so that it could reach more people too.

----I have edited the rules out of my post to avoid any future confusion

i will try to particpate in it its really looking an amazing and tough contest but i am sure it will spread love in this steemit family!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is my entry to the contest. Sorry I commented on sir Bashadown post.