BUDDY - Modelling A Blockchain Solution For DevOps Automation And Development

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Joe is a programmer and has spent months building an app to sell his product. But after months of sleepless nights and constant, he could only manage to develop an average looking app which ultimately affected his product marketability and profit. So he decided he needed to come up with a better idea to drive market traffic for his product. After making some changes to product designs and packaging, the product market peaked a little but he wanted more.

Fred, an experienced service industry veteran suggested the need to upgrade the product app features, joe get down to work and made some commits that he was ready to merge into his already existing app, he got stucked!

Joe was frustrated,so one day he decided to discard most of his team members to make room for new ones; the new teams couldnt produce any positive result towards the project.

Now imagine there was a platform where joe could easily host all his application, make new commits and easily integrate it into his app without much ado.

What this would mean to his business goals, how it will translate to product acceptability, how much he would have saved hiring and firing his employees or the sheer time he would have to develop new ideas and create better products!

In simple terms, BUDDY is a platform that helps developers, programmers and business entreprenuers manage and host their applications in an easy, flexible and adaptable environment built with helpful tools to deploy and maintain applications in a secure manner.

So this means Joe could have benefitted immensely from a platform like Buddy.

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BUDDY is a blockchain based application development and deployment platform who seeks to disrupt a rapidly growing industry with market value of about 110 Billion Dollars projected to reach an astronomical value of 345 Billion Dollars by year 2022.

Buddy was founded in 2015 and already has a working product while creating partnership with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Azure and Github.


Their Aim is to become the hub where talents could build world-altering apps and services!

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Every programmer has an idea but before any programmer sits down to write a single line of code, he/she needs to have a clear plan of how to bring each idea into conception. This sounds easier said than done, Joe, just like every other programmer would certainly agree with me on this fact.

After making out his plans,Then comes the hard part of translating every thoughts and ideas into lines of code which the computer understands and this is the part of planning and development. He tries to understand every part of the larger body of his code but unfortunately he doesnt get to test the performance of this jargons as pertaining to the cool, nice application he wants to develop.

Almost every programmer exudes this belief that his well-thought lines of jargons should definitely work, but the reality is that the end product might not necessarily turns out to exhibit what the programmer expect and that is why it is very important to subject every lines of code to proper testing, also known as Deployment,this must preceed the final launching of the said software or application into production environment.

During each stages from project idea to its conception, programmer usually encounters many issues including Unavailability of sufficient testing tool, Scalability issues, New technologies keeps coming out rendering the test facilities obsolete and changing teams amongst many others.

All this issues can lead to delay in project execution, low throughput because most of the programmers effort is being geared towards solving this issue. So time that supposed to be spent on making quality moves on the project such as choosing a design that suites his application, making plans for future update will be spent fixing bugs, testing code functionality which slows down the pace of a project.

Buddy already has an integrated platform which has helped numerous projects to tackle this types of problems and many more.

Some of those companies which have benefitting from buddy's one-click automation environment for DevOps are

Docplanner : Docplanner is a platform where doctors book appointment with their clients and buddy has contributed positively to this project as it has helped them solve problems like fixing bugs in the front-end( Production), Flexibility in scaling and updating their application (Deployment) while serving as a support to team members working in different time zones via their full CI suite Notification environment.

You can read more about what they say about the buddy platform here

Others trusted customers

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DevOps is two words intertwined in one which stands for "Development and "Operation". It is a software engineering culture and practice which aims to unify Software development (Dev) and "Software operation (Ops). It is a system that strongly advocate automation and monitoring throught out the stages of software production including integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.

Buddy helps programmers to tackle the numerous problems associated with software production on all four fronts of DevOps via this means

A Fully Integrated Automated Testing Environment

This is one feature that makes Buddy unique as it helps developers to run a full test suite on their codes with one click by selecting task and commands to execute on the buddy interface. Programmers can run their code through different DevOps environment such as production, deployment and development multiple times . This practice helps to ensure the integrity of the software or application being developed.

As A Scalability Platform For Your Software Needs

Buddy makes it easy to integrate new changes to an existing software. By simply creating pipelines for different aspect of your project, you can take control of each functionalities while also implementing a version control mechanism on their platform incase you want to test or restore different versions of a particular project.

As a Resource Sharing Platform

Buddy serves as an open-source community which aims to build a hub for knowledge sharing to help developers tackle issues in a faster and more efficient way, so they encourage programmers to make contributions that can be useful to solving any form of issue

Building an healthy DevOps Culture

Another primary reason why Buddy is unique is that they will promote DevOps culture among developers of like minds who believes in simplicity through a responsive automated system.

Other Benefits of Buddy includes

  • As a stream of income generator for programmers and users
  • Support for technical project
  • Notification can be integrated for team members on a project, this will alert other members when new commits is made on a project.
  • A legacy infrastructure for DevOps automation
  • Serves as an anchor to create and generate smart contracts on the blockchain.

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BUDDY is bringing their skill and expertise to the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency world at large. With the introduction of their BUD token, cryptocurrency enthusiast can partner with Buddy via the blockchain either as a user, and expert or a programmer.

The BUD token has 15 use cases on the Buddy platform which are highlighted on the chart below. Please feel free to acquaint yourself with it.

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One way Developers such as joe can benefit from the token economy is that it can incentivize him to make purchases from the automation market as well as utilize the automation grid.

Users can also benefit from joining the Buddy economy. Users can also act as nodes for the Automation GRID and earn from their computers being utilized to run tasks for developers!

Other services Buddy seeks to offer on the blockchain are

  • BlockchainOps : A platform that will enable developer to build blockchain related apps, DApps easily automated pipelines

  • DevOps Marketplace : An open platform for developers and experts to build their own solutions , plugabble into the automation pipelines.

  • Private and Shared Automation Grid : Build an automatocally scalable private and shared infrastructure for running an infinite number of pipelines, sandboxes and blockchain.

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Ticker symbol : BUD
Total Supply : 470 000 000 BUD
Price Per Token : 0.0002 ETH per BUD
Hard Cap : 60 000 ETH

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Private Sale : 15 June - 15 July 2018
Presale : 23 Aug - 30 Aug 2018
Crowdsale : Starts 1st Sep 2018

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Buddy as an already established platform has an expertise to plow the terrain of building a DevOps automation platform to drive talents in building world-altering apps and services while ensuring continous delivery with every changing technology.

Their primary goal is to offload millions of developers from everything that can be automated.

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