Thursday - July - 12 - Write a Good Content Post and You Could Get 1 STEEM!

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  • The purpose of this contest is to help minnow accounts and encourage Community growth on this site.


  • Leave a comment with your post (link your post in the comment) and you will have a chance to get 1 STEEM.
  • I will read every single post then pick one.
  • Other good posts will have chances for an upvotes.


  1. Required: your estimated value account must be less than $100.
  2. Rep at or between 25 – 55 to be eligible.
  3. If you are the winner, you must use this 1 STEEM to POWER UP your account.
  4. Your post must be less than 7 days old.
  5. Can use the same post for the next entry except the previous winning post.
  6. Comments must be submitted before 10:00AM EST (same day as the post mentioned above) to be eligible.


  • I will check to see if your entry meets my requirements then will give 1 STEEM to the winner within 24 hours.

Congratulations! Here is the winner from yesterday’s post:

@raisbel {link} Next time submit your entry before 10:00 AM EST please!

Winning Reward-11.png

Good luck!
@angelinafx (Angelina)

Please read the description before joining the post!

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Just a reminder, all comment entries must be submitted before 10:00AM EST (same day as the post mentioned above) to be eligible.

Ahora si llego a buena hora, saludos aqui mi publicacion / My entry

My luck always runs out on such competition


Keep trying, don't give up too early! You'll be the one some day! Who know lol

Thanks @angelinafx for this opportunity. Helping a minnow grow is the same thing as giving to charity. May your reward be abundant.

Here is my post:
Thanks for creating opportunities likee this.... It means alot.

It's good to have you back with us. I hope I do get lucky now. This way my publication, @angelinafx


Congratulations! You have won the contest!


Thank you very much, @angelinafx. You're a princess!


Thank you too! good luck again!
Remember to Power up your account with that steem! ;)


I like this movie too! Great post @destroyer33. Look to see your next one!


Hi @apple96, nice to see you again! great post! Waiting to see your new post!


don't know why your post has many downvotes there!

buen dia, gracias por la oportunidad esta es mi entrada para el dia de hoy