Announcing result of 'Steem basic income' share giveaway contest.

in contest •  4 months ago

Greetings Steemians!

I have completed six months on this platform on 3rd September 2018. I had organized a contest on this occasion.See this link.


I received upvotes from many fellow Steemians but only a few commented on my post. I had announced in my post that I would select five top comments on my post at random selection basis and giveaway one share of 'Steem basic income' to the comment makers.

Now, I am going to announce the winners of 'Steem basic income' share giveaway contest. If you don't know about Steem basic income (sbi) shares, kindly visit this link.

@sayee, @mimismartypant, @moneymosey, @erica005 and @solominer received one share each of sbi. I have transferred one Steem each for these Steemians to @steembasicinocme, as you can see in this screenshot.
SBI giveaway.PNG

I had received just a few comments on my post, I thought why should i disappointed other friends. So, I transferred 0.10 Steem each to rest of the comment makers.

Thank you @xyzashu, @bala41288, @gandhibaba, @steemflow, @oivas, @angelajakes06 and @cliffpower for your comments and upvotes on my post and making me happy at that great occasion.
steem red line.png
Thank you all. Have a great time ahead.


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thanks much for the Steem! I have seen upvotes from SBI8 on my posts, is that related to this? I dont quite understand how steem basic income works. Though it seems I am in Pool 8, for what that means.


You're welcome dear! It was just a small contribution from me for my supporters. SBI upvotes your posts and voting power depends on your sbi shares. Thanks again for participating in my contest.



I forget when I signed up for SBI shares, maybe I upvoted something that registered me? No worries, im thankful. Just not sure how I became involved.

Great idea and thanks for sharing rewards with those that are actively participating.


Thanks for your comment.

Good idea, thanks!

Thank you so very much! And congratulations on hitting the 6 month mark.


Thank you very much!

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