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Hello to the steemit community, am blogging this prior to the contest organized by @runicar, before i proceed i would love to let known my profound gratitued to her for creating this contest for us (minnows) to express ourselves.
My name is Idorenyin Davies but i prefer the shortest form of it, which is Aidee Davies. From my name i derived my username which is being displayed here @aideedavies, am a young lady of 23 that has always been crazy and passionate about being successful, am from a family of 6 with a single brother and 5 ladies, i grew up in an average home were everything was not readily provided for us, i had to cry most times for majority of the things, even though i knew how hard things were and how tough it was for us, my parents still did their best to give us the best they could, that's why i will keep proclaiming Gods blessings to my parents whenever i see a new dawn.
Am a graduate of the university of uyo, studied History and International studies, i aspire to be a diplomat (An Ambassador) and these dreams has kept me awake most times to think of my journey to the top. My passion for success started at a very tender age...i started solving problems for people quit very early in my life, (flashback) i had to clear a whole farmland for an elderly woman and asked her to pay me when am done,(like a boss i said, pay me when my services has been rendered)😃😃,it was a stressful task tho, but i just needed that independence and being able to fend for myself.

* item During the course of my search for a means of income after graduation, actually, fending for myself then was now very difficult and challenging, i stumbled on a post made by my friend karchi known as @xpressng here, in her post, she made mention of an opportunity for anyone that is passionate about writing and wishes to be paid for every post, in my mind i ignored it, thinking it was one of those random post we see everyday online, due to previous experience, i have registered on a whole lot of sites and got involved in a whole lot of networking that flushed my money, strength, time and other resources down a very large and deep pipeline, with that i was skeptical about this, but with her second calling and announcing about steemit, i had to harken to the call like the 12 deciples harkened to that of Jesus..

  I got registered on steemit and started blogging, my first blog post earned me $3 dollars which i was practically excited about...but when i was told that it will be divided into 3, my happiness was drained down....i now realised that i had to work hard to get to were i wanna be....

Having studied carefully the likes of @surpassingoogle @ejemia @samsticks @steembees @peterwrites @stach @Vic-essien @candyman @runicar @ewouso @mustard @minnowsupport, i have seen their contributions into steemit and how passionate they are to eradicate poverty, setting up various contest and making the good life to get to all, my goal is to found and mentiomed amongst these category of people, spreading the good will about steemit and promoting it in every way i can.

Steemit is a community of love, this is expressed every way and almost in the majority of the post we see here, i came in to see togetherness, love, collective upliftment, communal connectivity, being shared amongst the users of steemit. I intend to promote these values and maintain it to keep the community stronger.

As a minnow, i came in with the whole idea of making cash that i can use for myself (truthfully), but coming in to experience all of the above mentioned values, and lots more , it spured me up to do more if i have the opportunity, and i am fully aware that such "dreams" i will never be able to achieve if i don't have the capacity to. I want to promote steemit too in my own way, which i have already planned out and written down but was constraint due to situations, meanwhile that hasn't stoped me from doing the vocal promotion of steemit to friends, relatives and family.

    To be frank, steemit has unleashed a great part of me i didn't realise i had, it was hidden way deep inside, i found myself doing this (links to my favourite posts)




  I REMAIN @aideedavies
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Hello @aideedavies

Reading through your post like seriously it was very emotional for me. I loved the fact that you are sincere and a very passionate lady who wants to achieve success and be called success. Meeting you the very first time was indeed a privilege and I am glad I am part of your success. @aideedavies. I have always wish you to be better and grow to the height of being a whale. You are such a good and passionate writer. I love your creativity Davies.

Thank you @peterwrites, u know u inspire me a whole lot.

I'm so emotional ryte nw....nice one but go upvote for me😉

Always sweet, goodluck dr

Nice one sis