GIVEAWAY #5 == 20,000 BTS

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OUR 5th GIVEAWAY: Start a Meetup group in your city!



  1. Your new meetup group Name must be cryptocurrency-related ("Crypto Chicago" or "Blockchain Bangkok" for example).
  2. DON'T start a new Meetup group in your city if it's redundant to an existing one there.
  3. Your first Meetup must include the Title: "Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies 101" - examples can be seen here:
  4. Be sure to set related "Topics" (tags/categories) to your group such as BitShares, steem, steemit, bitcoin, ethereum, dash, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, etc so that your group can be found easier in search results.
  5. Invite as many people as possible (mainstream media, social media, forums, etc). Get at least 8 people to physically attend your Meetup (your Meetup group's page will show the profiles of attendees) before the Deadline below.
  6. Only one reward per person per city per Meetup group is allowed, and cities must be at least 100km apart.
  7. Proof link/url and your report (on Steemit, Golos, Medium, FB, YT, a forum, etc) must be posted in the Agorise telegram group at:
  8. Please take at least 1 photo and/or video of your group so that we can be certain of the subjects that you actually covered during your meetup (showing materials that you printed, screenshots, etc).

It's wise to choose a QUIET, centrally-located, free-WiFi-enabled coffee shop or meeting room for your first Meetup. Encourage attendees to bring their laptops, tablets, etc. Greet everyone who attends, and thank them for coming.



Starting a new Meetup group in:

Russia = 100 BTS
Ukraine = 100 BTS
Belarus = 300 BTS
Costa Rica = 300 BTS
Greece = 300 BTS
Pakistan = 400 BTS
Kazakhstan = 400 BTS
Czech = 600 BTS
Ireland = 600 BTS
USA = 600 BTS
Mongolia = 600 BTS
Malaysia = 600 BTS
Azerbaijan = 600 BTS
Poland = 600 BTS
Latvia = 600 BTS
Netherlands = 600 BTS
Moldova = 600 BTS
Portugal = 800 BTS
Mexico = 900 BTS
Spain = 900 BTS
India = 900 BTS
Any other country = 1000 BTS



Hold your Meetup before Thursday, Mar 29th, 2018. Rewards will be sent out this day.

Note: 20 Meetup groups maximum (a maximum of 20,000 BTS will be sent out) in this giveaway, so please notify us in our telegram group ASAP of your Meetup group's announcement (we must see proof)..


Donate a quality video to Agorise (mkv, mpg or avi) of your meetup, where you are explaining and successfully demonstrating a live PalmPay transaction to someone with the android Smartcoins Wallet (get it here) and get an extra 500 BTS. Up to 10 people can qualify for this bonus. A max of 5,000 BTS will be awarded for (up to) 10 select videos. We reserve the right to refuse your video, so make it nice. :)


RE-STEEM and/or sharing this post on social media gets you 100% Upvotes, so thank you again for spreading the word. It's time the world started learning about graphene chains like Steem and Bitshares! :)

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I'm already working on a meet up in Tunisia with @hanen and the guys


Tunisia? Cool! Are you in our Agorise telegram group yet? If so, and you can give us the link to your meetup, then you should consider being a PalmPay Ambassador too so that the software pays you guys.
ping us here:


I just joined you on Telegram
We didn't set up the time and place for the meet up yet. I hope we can make it in the few next days. Then we can make it public and share the link.
About being a PalmPay Ambassador.. I'm not an expert about crypto currencies, it's not really something popular in Tunisia so I might need some training or something in order to make myself useful for you.


join us there and we'll walk ya thru it. :)

This a great idea :) I promote it on twitter

I've already started working on organizing a meet up in Nigeria
We coming through.


That's great @kyrian! :) Be sure to show everyone in the Agorise group too so that you can be paid:

great idea . keep it up ♡ .It has been a long time since no publication has been published. I hope you are fine

Hey, it's awesome you're doing this project to help people make things happen.
I don't know if this might qualify me or not, but I started a meetup in Philadelphia in January and have done 3 total so far that are going great. You can see some of the promotional postings and recaps in my feed. I haven't done a recap post for the March event though I posted from Steepshot and resteemed things from people that attended and posted positively about it.
Our next event is April 9th and though we haven't done the announcement or anything yet, I can certainly make them conform to your contest guidelines in order to get your support. Cheers and thanks for your consideration.


Sounds good, we're with you all the way. :)

Be sure to ping Vlad, Yanni, Seven or Ken in the Agorise group on Telegram if you would like to be a PalmPay Ambassador:


Awesome, thank you. I'd certainly like to find out what being a Palmpay Ambassador would involve. I'm attending conference maybe there's an opportuntity there for both of us.


Please ping us about that in the Agorise telegram group, we will get you all setup:

Thank you for your interest! :)


Yea, I did that but someone responded saying it was closed. I'm still interested in future opportunities. Thanks:)

Wow! Just saw this!! Is their a deadline for this?! BTS is my favorite favority fave!!!

What a super unique contest! (I'd upvote but it's at 17 days)


There are multiple deadlines for multiple giveaways actually, so be sure to join us in the Agorise telegram group for the details and we can help you get setup if interested:

this contest is a great support for the crypto world :)

Have heard of @kabolo? A community organizing meetups and registering new members on steemit.

Let's do this, I'll get the gang ready!

its really wonderfull idea but i have not more sources and ahve not a big comunity for a big meetup like this i can try it in my class or in my school @agorise sir and also i am not a good blogger and i cannot write a good and attractive statment on any topic
i @resteemd this post for spreading it with this hope that many of here see this post and try to participate it sir

You know... you may have just posted the kick in the pants that I need to arrange a meet up on my island!! I will definitely discuss this with the #unfuckers #steemers who are already here and see if we can arrange this meet up!!
1 unfucker badge tiny.jpg

wow it seems to be a fantastic opportunity to earn BTS and i am sharing this post on facebook and i hope my friends will participate in it.

thats great and good plan and also a big chance to pick and get free BTS and hope and maybe i will also try to put a meetup as you explain before your 29th march
ok #resteem it but i am not seeing any link of other sociall media to share or retweet this @agorise

well really brilliant plan to share bts with others to organise meetup like this but one this confuse me that this meetup must be on bitshare or any crypto?
i am from plakistan and sure will have a meetup as you say
tell me about this i am from pakistan and sure will have a meetup as you say


any crypto. it's first come first serve and we are selecting those who use steem and bitshares the most. business owners that are adopting crypto will need to have local crypto support people around, so if you consider yourself someone who can hold monthly meetups and help onboard businesses with the free PalmPay crypto app too, then we'd love to work with you. visit us in the telegram group for details.

This is an awesome giveaway @Agorise
I do really appreciate, cos dis contest wud keep me very serious and dedicated......
Tanks once again..

Let me resteem these for interested steemians to see it...
Thanks once again for de opportunity

I Missed the February 22 deadline for the other entry. Can I still bring in a meetup that was held last week,?


If you follow all of the rules above, be sure to ping us in the telegram group. Lots of us can help you there.


OK will do as u have said....