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3 Management trainees apply for company quarters. There are 3 available company quarters c1,c2,and c3. What is the probability that all three management trainees apply for the same quarter.

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Note the questions is right
The source of questions is this book


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(1/3)^3 = ~0.03703703703 = ~3.7037037%


So after reading this... I reviewed what I studied in statistics and I still not sure if I remember it right... But I think all of those who commented before me are wrong.

There are 3 items (x,y.z), each one of them can have one of 3 events (A, B, C). the order is important. So there are 27 outcomes for this problem.

But 3 of the outcomes fit the citera "all three management trainees apply for the same quarter" that is in the three events AAA, BBB, CCC. so we have a probabilty of 3/27 = %11.111.

My solution is: %11.111

Ans is 1/9

only 3 quarters can be chosen by then so it will be 3/27 = 1/9

1/9 = 11.1111...%

It's one-third, or ~33%.

if we make a three by three matrix, we'll see why:

we'll call the management trainees t1, t2 and t3.
and recall that the quarters are represent by c1, c2, c3.

so here is all the possible combinations:

so that's 3x3x3 = 27 possible combinations

we can see that anytime all three trainees apply for the same job:


happens three possible times.

3/27 = 1/9 =~ 11.11%

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