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How to Participate:

  1. Write your ANSWER from the given options in comment
  2. Give your 100% UPVOTE

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Winners of QUIZ CONTEST # 1

The right answer of QUIZ CONTEST # 1 is option C. I mean there are total 16 triangles. I found 16 right answers from the comments. Among those 16 persons I found only 7 persons who followed the rules. Rest 9 persons either didn't VOTED or didn't RESTEEMED the post. As i declared that each first 10 eligible will get 0.02 SBD. But here I found only 7 eligible winners. So I have transfered 0.03 SBD to each winner. Below are the names of the lucky 7 winners.



Thank You




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wow @ebargains i also want to delegate our sp . As a new user i think it will help for me
How can i join you?

number 3

Number 3 for sure

The answer is 7

the answer is 08

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This contest Would be a very hard to answer, yet it molds mind through deep logics. 3

As we can see section 1 and 6(counting clockwise) are eliminated from 2nd figure and section 3 and 5 from the first so we need a figure which got only 2 and 4 remaining and that is no 3

#3 of course!

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My answer is 03

this may be [03]

may be is not acceptable..... You have to answer confidently

ok . thanks ans is 03 .

3 is the answer