Astragals 5. Oracle of the Goose 4. #0747

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--14-The Spider-web.
--Symbol of a maze, of traps which the querent sets to himself: ideas, thoughts and fantasies produced in our mind and of which we are prisoner despite ourselves. Indicates a threat to the querent, but one which is a trap of his own making. He must unravel the web carefully and undo the ties that bind his free will.

--15-The White Horse.
--Solar Symbol, positive and luminous. Represents an enlightened consciousness, good instincts which are well controlled and spiritual preoccupations. This square encourages the querent to exercise his free will. He should listen to his instinct, and take comfort in the drives which at present are pushing him in the right direction. If he behaves as his soul and conscious dictate, he will get what he desires.

--16-The Black Horse.
--Symbol of Death. This square never refers to the physical death of somebody, but to the end of something, a situation, a time of life, or sometimes a feeling. Indicates to the querent that he should make some major changes in his life.

--17-The Winged Horse.
--Symbol of Pegasus, born from a spring and able to make water spring forth with a single beat of his hoof. This square concerns the imagination, inspiration, creativity, and also premonition, intuition, psychic powers, dreams, speculations, feelings between beings and union. May also foretell the birth (fecund water) of a child or a new situation of which the querent will be the origin.
--18-The Second Goose.
--This goose elucidates the 8 squares which follow. This one teaches us the rules of social etiquette to which each of us submits with greater or lesser ease. These rules form part of our mores and also our original thought structures: reflexes and reference values that are necessary for our well-being and survival. This goose advises the querent to recall the principles and values taught since childhood: are these an advantage or obstacle for him?

--Looking for Dates for a Special Occasion.

--Perhaps you are organising a party, a wedding, or a very important meeting, and you want to be careful to choose the luckiest date so that everything goes well.
--In steps : the month first, then the day.
--Write in your notebook : 'What is the luckiest date for. . . .(define the occasion). . .?
--To determine the month, use two dice, and start by throwing them 7 times. The determining factor here will be the last square on which you land.
--You must begin from the middle of the board : square 31,The Well.
--On each odd throw, you will move your token toward the zero, and on each even throw you will move it towards the 63:

  1. *6+ 5 => 11 => token, back to square 20
  2. *4+ 3 => 7 => token, back to square 13
  3. *5+ 1 => 6 => token, forward to square 19
  4. *4+ 6 =>10 => token, forward to square 29
  5. *2+ 1 => 3 => token, back to square 26
  6. *6+ 4 => 10 => token, forward to square 36
  7. *3+ 1 => 4 => token, forward to square 40.
    You have reached square 40.

--Should you end up on a square between 0. and 15., you should choose the first quarter of the year. -a square between 16. and 31. you should choose the second quarter. -a square between 32. and 47. you should choose the third quarter (as this example) -a square between 48. and 63. you should choose the the last quarter.

--If your throw brings you to 0. or 63. you should stop there, even if you haven't made all 7 throws. If you are on 0., you know you should choose January, and if on 63., you should choose December.

  1. *6+ 5 => 11 => move back 11. => square 20.
  2. *4+ 3 => 7 => move back 7. => square 13.
  3. *5+ 4 => 9 => move back 9. => square 4.
  4. *6+ 1 => 7 => move back 7. => you have reached 0. stop there.
    --If you didn't reach 0. or 63., you now know the best quarter but have yet to find the best month: the first, second or third in that quarter.
    --Proceed in exactly the same manner, and you will know the month from the square you end up on:


  1. *3+ 4 => 7 => move back 7. => square 24
  2. *4+ 1 => 5 => move back 5. => square 19
  3. *5+ 1 => 6 => move forward 6 => square 25
  4. *6+ 6 => 12 => move forward 12 => square 37
  5. *1+ 4 => 5 => move back 5 => square 32
  6. *6+ 5 => 11 => move forward 11 => square 43
  7. *3+ 5 => 8 => move forward 8 => square 51.
    You have reached square 51.

--If you end up on:
--a square between 0 and 20, you should choose the first month of the quarter. -a square between 21 and 42, you should choose the second month of the quarter. -a square between 43 and 63, you should choose the third month of the quarter(as is the case in the example).

--Next, you should draw up a list of possible dates in the month. Practically speaking, if you are organising a large family gathering, you will probably have to choose a Saturday or Sunday if you are to have the maximum number of people. Or perhaps if it is a business matter(for example, a meeting to launch a new venture), quite possibly certain days will be impossible, taking into account the routines and commitments of the profession, who lii e on the contrary certain days are ideal.
--Therefore, you should proceed as under - Looking for Dates (post #0745) - to find which date or dates are most favourable.

--This procedure may seem very long and drawn out, but don't be discouraged. It is very simple and really necessary. It is essential to know the right moment to act if you want to have positive results (in all spheres, professional as well as emotional) and avoid many mistakes due to haste.

''Evil Is Wrought By Want Of Thought.''

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