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--9-The First Goose.
--This goose elucidates the 8 squares which follow. This one reveals a major realisation : the querent stands alone facing his choices; he has free will and should exercise it.

--10.-The Shell.
--Symbol of the soul. Indicates that the querent may be preoccupied with metaphysical concerns or states of mind (the exercise of free will). May be a promise of wealth, satisfaction, prosperity and pleasure. May indicate that the querent will create or start something new, hitherto unknown to him. Augers very well, with no negative connotations. It may simply be the announcement of a child.

--11.-The Ear.
--Symbol of perception. May also symbolise the female sex. May further symbolise the kidneys. Evokes balance, harmony and wisdom. Advises the querent to listen to his inner voice, pay attention to his intuition and follow his conscience and his common sense.

--12.-The Scales.
--Symbol of justice or balance. Indicates the search for harmony and perfection both physical and moral, artistic and spiritual. Tells the querent that he should be just, find the right balance, and create or preserve harmony.
Sometimes Indicates the necessity of making a radical choice to avoid chaos in his life.

--13.-The Sword.
--Symbol of the weapon of the just man. Also symbol of a firm decision, a problem resolved or a release. The sword is a guide and is related to light, fire, truth, and lightning. Indicates to the querent a choice, a decision or a resolution : he must overcome and expose the truth; there is no longer time to reflect or hesitate. The sword indicates that the querent is well-armed to do this.

--Looking for Dates.
e.g.- On what date should I play lotto?
Which dates are auspicious for this business meeting?
Which date should I choose for a party, a wedding, to start a new venture? Etc.

--Use both dice.

--Imagine you wish to know the three best dates for playing lotto this month.
--It would indeed be better to play on those dates that are lucky for you rather than trying your luck without any strategy at all.
--Method, as before. In notes: a list of proposed games for month; ask each the question (note down)
--'Is XX of this month a lucky day for me to play lotto?'
--If you land on more odd than even squares, the answer is NO.
--If you land on more even than odd squares, the answer is YES. (Be sure to note the number of even squares obtained, because it will be important for choosing the right dates where you find more than 3 lucky dates in a month.

--Imagine that you had noted 9 draw dates and put each of these dates to the YES/NO test, and that you had ended up with 4 YES selections. If you wish to stick to the strict 3-date rule (which is strongly recommended), you will have to decide among them and choose the 3 dates for which the dice landed on even squares most often.
--For Example :
1st lucky date: 5 even and 2 odd squares
2nd lucky date: 4 even and 3 odd squares
3rd lucky date: 6 even and 1 odd square
4th lucky date: 4 even and 3 odd squares
--You will obviously keep the 1st and 3rd date. However you will have call on the decision of the Goose for the other two dates, which obtained identical results.

--For this, position your token on square 26 (The Dice) and take only one die.
--Ask the following question: should I prefer the ''2nd date''?
Throw the die 3 times, and note down squares on which it lands;
E.g.: result of throws for "2nd date":
1st throw 5. => token to square 31(odd)
2nd throw 3 => token to square 34(even)
3rd throw 2. => token to square 36(even)

2 even squares and final placement on square 36.
Then ask question : should I prefer ''4th date"?
--If the 3 throws give 2 odd squares, the answer is clear; you should choose the 2nd date. If the 3 throws give 3 even squares, the answer is equally clear; you should choose the 4th date.
--On the other hand, if you again throw 2 even squares and one odd square, you will have to look at which final squares you obtained.
E.g.: result of the throws for the 4th date;
1st throw 3. => token to square 29(odd)
2nd throw 3. => token to square 32(even)
3rd throw 2. => token to square 34(even)

2 even squares and final placement on square 34.
Since 34 is less than 36, you should choose the 2nd date, because the token finished on a higher square.
You now have three dates favourable for playing lotto this month.

''The Child Is Father Of The Man.''

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--May the blessings be.

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