Football - rule reinforcement - and no drive!

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Footballs gone crazy!

Now do not get me wrong here, I used to follow my football team home and away, the away matches were always the best fun, taking in different parts of the country for the weekend.

Recently though (over the last 20 years) I have noticed something a little more sinister in football, and more than one thing, for 1 the referee has become more like a little Hitler than someone that blows a whistle for fouls, they are now only supposed to be allowed to be talked to by the captain of each team, everyone else has to keep their mouth shut and accept the decision he makes, it reminds me of society, and reflects the fact you should not answer back to authority, no matter how bad the decision is that said authority figure makes.

Give them bread and circuses!

Along with the referee being the above, I have also noticed that football players wages now average more per month than peoples wages that run countries get paid in 1 year, Take Wayne Rooney when he was at Manchester United £250,000.00 per WEEK! And he is not the highest paid football player either.

Before these players received these ridiculous wages, you could find them down your local pub at night, I used to drink and eat with half of my local team on a Saturday night at a local Indian restaurant, you will not find a single one there now, they are all at much more expensive venues.


At Manchester United they had 1 manager in Sir Alex Ferguson for over 20 years (26), this is also a feat that will never be repeated again. Why? well they are under no pressure to accomplish anything now, they have zero motivation to try to get a winning team, it is now a revolving door, job to job, as their wages have also risen to the million £ per year or a lot more in top jobs, and if they get sacked they get paid off in full. So picture the scene, you start working for Coventry City as their manager, you are offered a 4 year contract (average at the time of writing) with a salary of £100,000.00 per month, and after 3 weeks of you sending out all the players playing in the wrong positions you lose all the games, the team sinks to the bottom of the league, and you get sacked, you get 4 years wages.

Not only that, you go and work for a team in a lower league for less money, rebuild your reputation, get offered another top job and repeat the process, millions upon millions is what you will earn for being inept and lazy.

Nottingham Forest is the perfect example of this, they have had 6 managers in a little over 18 months.

40 England Paul Williams 13 Mar 2016 12 May 2016 10 2 4 4 20.0% 40.0% 40.0%
41 France Philippe Montanier 27 June 2016 14 Jan 2017 30 9 6 15 30.0% 20.0% 50.0%
42 England Gary Brazil 14 Jan 2017 14 March 2017 11 4 1 6 36.4% 9.1% 54.5%
43 England Mark Warburton 14 March 2017 31 December 2017 37 15 3 19 40.5% 8.1% 51.4%
44 England Gary Brazil 31 December 2017 8 January 2018 2 1 1 0 50.0% 50.0% 0.0%
45 Spain Aitor Karanka 8 January 2018 Present 24 6 8 10 25.0% 33.3% 41.7%


Players gonna play.

The players are no better than the managers, they also do not want to play, they like the money and lifestyle, though not the hard work. I went to a local Casino a few years back on Broad Street in Birmingham (UK), a friend and myself were playing roulette, and noticed on the high rollers table was 1 ex Goal keeper from my team, he now played for Sunderland I think it was, and he was covering the spots at £50 a chip and sponsoring his mate, who kept losing, I estimate he lost around £30,000.00 that day, and later found out he did not play that day (it was a Saturday) due to having a back injury? he was managing to lean over that table for 4 hours no problem.

At my team West Bromwich Albion last year we had a player called Nacer Chadli, he played around 2 games all year, though managed to go to the world cup and play every game, and that is my point, they simply only want to play when they feel like it, gives a job, I can do that, or better still the managers job, I can fuck it up in minutes for a few million £.


Verdict = It is bread and circuses for the masses!

I hope you had a great weekend, have a superb week also!

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I have to admit I know zip about footie but Yosser Hughes, I remember him well:)


Gizza job, I can do that. :-)

Yes i had a great weekend thanks. I think they use sports as a way to indoctrinate peaple just another tool now to use on the masses.


That in a way is my whole point, they give you the emotional roller coaster at the weekend, to distract people from what is really going on, just like the celebrity shit show that they do for the non sporting people.


Yes indeed.

I don't care for football or watching any sports for that matter outside of some Olympic events or watching ice skating if I happen to come across it. At this given point in my life the most I know about football and the amount players get paid is don't kneel if you want to see your wages disappear, along with your job, from what you've stated one probably been better off to go gamble it all away.