Retrocausality and Synchronicity - Mind Blowing Examples - Does the Present Influence the Past or Does the Past Influence The Future?

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Is time a man made construct? Is it relative? Does linear time like the past, present, and future only exist in the mind? I certainly don't know but I have my own opinions! For example, when I think of somebody I haven't heard from or seen in a while and they all of a sudden call me that moment or I run into them later on that day. Another example that happened to me a lot when I was younger was I hear a new word and want to know the meaning of it and I would later hear it on the television or someone using it later on that day. Another big one was numbers, I would glance at the clock with the same exact time on it.  Sometimes this would go on for days in a row (I know this one is popular).  I don't believe in coincidences but some of the things I will show you below are very synchronistic and mind blowing. 

Take Edgar Allen Poe... he only writes one novel and 46 years later the story of Richard Parker the cabin boy plays out.


                  pic source

Next is the Titanic Vs the Book The Titan.  14 years after the book was written the Titanic tragedy happened.


Similarities between the Titan and the Titanic



image sources 

So, these two men both wrote stories that later became true in real life with eerie similarities in events and exact names.  In Stead's story, the captain's name on the Majestic that hit an iceberg was Edward J. Smith who would later go on to be the captain of the Titanic and die.  Even W.T. Stead himself died on the Titanic.


Retrocausality or Synchronicity? 




I don't consider this clue sifting and I truly believe these are but a few mind blowing examples of retrocausality.  I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this topic and if you have ever had any situations similar to the experiences I mentioned in the first paragraph.


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This is very Interesting :)

Thank you

i knew 4 days ago that you were going to write this article. i should have put that thought on steemit

That would have been some retrocausality right there hahaha

Thank you @steemiteducation I will look into your initiative. It looks very good from what I scanned over so far. Have a great weekend.

hey, I am not sure how you jump from the idea of synchronicity to the (in my mind completely different) idea of retrocausality.
But I enjoyed the article anyway.

I have really staggering amounts of synchronicity and coincidence in my life.
I would be a fool to not think there is more to it than meets the eye.

but I don't get the idea of the reversal of the cause and effect relationship. And in fact there are many ways using the examples you cited to make a different and completely reasonable argument.
Perhaps one of the crew members of the boat had read the book, and that was how the idea formed.

I just found a fantastic short piece here discussing the matter, and found this gem

Richard Parker is the name of several people in real life and fiction who became shipwrecked, with some of them subsequently being cannibalised by their fellow seamen. Writer Yann Martel in his 2001 novel Life of Pi picked up on these occurrences, surmising "So many Richard Parkers had to mean something", and included a shipwrecked Bengal tiger called "Richard Parker" in the book.

when I look at the clock, it's usually 11:11 (Armistice day) or 9:11 (needs no introduction, although if you want a different angle watch We Arandhati Roy )

big retrocausalistic hugs causing you to already like me even before you met me.

I had written

big retrocausalistic hugs causing you to already like you even before you met me.

which is probably more reasonable

Interesting thanks for sharing the link. I looked through the entire site.

Thanks, the in the mind is a primer for my next article! heehee but in a way I see it as all connected maybe under one consciousness or the cosmic mind. Yes, you example is valid like when certain inventors who live countries apart work on the same idea. Sometimes I think out mind (brain) is more like an antenna and idea's come to us. Instead of ideas coming directly from the brain (hard to explain) Thanks for sharing with your comments, very much appreciated.

I one hundred percent believe that
Do you know Elizabeth Gilbert?, she has a ted talk that you want to see just to see her describe something for just one minute
I promise you you will thank me
I'll get it for you

Ok, I really don't believe in luck spirituality or even destiny, but I think because of that such things happen to me. all the time and that's why I did my research. for example, for months I kept having themed weeks. Like one week this happened to me:-

  1. Me and my friends went to eat sea food.
  2. I went home my sister was watching some sea world TV show.
  3. Later that night my friend told me how dolphins rape and kill humans.
  4. etc .. I kept getting fish related stuff for a week.

<< but I think it's normal when you are thinking about fish you start noticing fish more, these things happen all the time but because you're not thinking about fish, you will not notice fish.

If you know what i'm saying.


Yes I totally know what you mean and if you ask traditional psychologists they will say "oh you are clue sifting" which I don't buy into. Very interesting outlook and thank you for sharing it here, have a great weekend.

Yes very strange things indeed !We can but wonder eh ? How exactly life shows us this level of synchronicity in events and previous thought patterns in the minds of men !! great theme @road2wisdom, very interesting )

Thank you @gomeravibz I appreciate your comment :)

verry nice

Thank you

Very interesting.

I can't say whether it's true or not, but it's a nice idea to play with.

Thank you, yeah its a wild idea!

Great. Thanks for sharing. I vote for you and begin to follow you. And Resteemed...

Thank you

Great article! You're pointing out a complex idea with simple, easy-to-understand examples and I love it. Now I know one more random thing to bring up in conversation ;)

Thanks :0)

Very interesting! I really liked your post greetings. 😊


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We are trapped in the time cube. Time is a construct of our reality, and our reality is not even close to what people think it is. It's literally biblical.

Have you ever read anything on Saturn? The ancients talked about Saturn and the cube. Very interesting thanks for sharing.

Great article! Such thorough examples!

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Déjà vu is a phenomenon I have experience often throughout my life. I have even found places that I had years earlier dreamed of. What the mechanism is, how does it all work. I can't say. I do believe that our concept of time is largely a mental construct.

It was the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who gave us the term synchronicity. Which he defined as events of meaningful coincidence. And it is just that. We ascribe our own personal meaning to it and it has to be viewed through that lens.

As for the authors who's stories played out later as real life events, we as non participants can only wonder. You'd have to talk to the authors themselves to get to the heart of it.

Great post @road2wisdom.. really interesting! Perhaps our bodies are a slave to time, our minds have the ability to transcend it (and some achieve this without an awareness) and our souls are free to dance through the ages? Just a thought :) Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.

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