Epstein tied to past Spy Plots

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In 1991, this reporter's body was autopsied in Charlottesville, Virginia even though he died in West Virginia. It was claimed he committed suicide, though to this day his family says he was murdered. Danny called his story "The Octopus".


He was investigating the Inslaw scandal when he was murdered. Inslaw is tied to Jeffrey Epstein via Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's "girlfriend" and procurer of young girls.

Epstein's kinda-sorta father-in-law was a Mossad agent who was heavily involved with the theft of a piece of logistics software that Israelis modified into spyware and sold to governments in the 1980s. Senator John Tower of Texas was also in the mix. Danny Casolaro was on the trail of this story. In 1991 Maxwell, Tower and Casolaro all died, all of them very oddly.

"Sir Robert Maxwell is mostly remembered as the Czech-born British media mogul who owned the Daily Mirror and was a Member of Parliament. Less remembered is that he was an alleged spy for both the U.K. and Israel, and was accused of ties to the Mossad abduction of Mordechai Vanunu - accusations which he denied shortly before his apparent suicide. All but forgotten, however, are his alleged ties to the PROMIS affair, thanks in no small part to the FBI withdrawing his file from public view. The withheld materials describe Maxwell accessing an NSA database with information on tapping government databases, which is precisely what U.S. and Israeli intelligence are accused of modifying PROMIS to do."

"Long-serving US senator John Tower and his family lost their lives through the fallout from the Promis project — along with 20 other passengers on the private plane that exploded over New Brunswick in the summer of 1991, just months before Maxwell’s death. Tower was a senior figure in Reagan’s Republican Party before he retired and started working as a consultant for Maxwell. Maxwell’s murderers are believed to have been the same men responsible for putting the bomb on Tower’s plane. …"


Wow, that is really interesting. I guess I have just heard the news stories about the sex scandal thing and the trafficing and I never realized there was so much more to the story and so many layers behind it.

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