Why Do Conspiracy Theorists Look Like Conspiracy Theorists?

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What words come to mind when you see someone like this?

Good looking?

Not exactly I can imagine...

Let’s call him Mr. Doofus

Ever notice how it’s these kind of conspiracy theorists that seem to always be the loudest.

Whether or not they may have a good argument or bring up some good points, do you really want to be associated to someone like this?

Is this your credible source?

I’m all for talking about how the government does some shady things, and that 9/11 does have a lot of holes in the official story, as do so many other events.

However, I don’t like to be associated to “these guys”

How can you think people will take you seriously when you look like a slob, you look like a joke, or even look like you still live in your moms basement.

Lets look at another side


What comes to your mind when you see someone like this?


We’ll call these guys Mr. Suave.

Now imagine if these were the guys talking about how the moon landing was a fraud and that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Can you see how it would be much different?

But when you have Mr. Doofus running around yelling false flag, no one seems to listen.

I don’t blame them.

Who thinks Mr. Doofus would be worth listening to?

Not me....

The problem

The problem is that the world needs to wake up to see the crap they are being told.

However, the people trying to wake them up unfortunately look like Mr. Doofus.

Then Mr. Doofus wonders why his great message doesn’t get through...

The Solution

Clean your act up

If you walked into a job interview looking like Mr. Doofus, and in behind you came Mr. Suave, who do you think would have a greater chance at getting the job?

So if you would like to help in the movement of waking up the world, how do you think you’ll have a better chance at doing that?

By looking like Mr. Doofus yelling false flag?

Or walking in as Mr. Suave and telling people why you believe the moon landing is a hoax.

The How-to

If the solution is to
”Clean your act up”

How exactly do we do that?

Before I tell you, be sure to engrain this in your mind of understanding:

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

My recommendation would be to go to YouTube and type in:

How to learn
Strong Body Languange

Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More...

Learning is a never ending journey.

Once you start, never stop.

You can always get better, stronger, wiser, smarter, and faster in whatever you want.

But it’s up to you.

Go through as much information as you can.

Watch videos, listen to podcasts, read books.

Practice everything that you learn so that in 6 months, 1 year or more, you’ll be someone worth listening to when it comes to important matters.



the writing format is unreadable. furthermore I think you try through a fake originality, to hide your conformism and susceptibility to peer pressure... If already fellow humans make you fall... scale up dude...

when your wife admit she has been fucking for years with your best friend, you will admit the existence of conspiracies... but just don't forget they are only 2 fornicators, not highly skilled, trained and smart players.

and if your wife and your best friend were able to fool you for all those years, what could the professionals do? And how would you even be able to imagine it?

Isn't your imagination limited by your conformism? what your fire replaced by the light of another one?

and finally there is the frame you try to maintain before the women you liked to fuck, this frame may work with them, but not with the "conspirationist", because your "game" they see though it... normal they are just men, like you.

not all girls can become #taylorswift...

You remind me of this one guy I used to know.

He’d sit on his sofa chair, fat, overweight, shitty facial hair. Just a real piece
Of work.

He always had his dumb opinion from the comfort of his sofa.

He never did anything.

But he’d sure as hell, give you his opinion.

He loved to try and sound smart too, like you.

You could bring up a good point of conversation, but nooooo.

Here he comes with his dumb opinion.

We’d all roll our eyes and just move out conversation elsewhere.

Left him in his own filth of cheetos sprawled all over him....

700800 hours to live... enjoy.

All I do is enjoy! Thank you

Ooooh I just realized it’s you. Mr. Doofus. Fancy seeing you back here.

I guess we all know which one you are, as I said, only a fool would continue to watch a channel they do not like.


Nice article ! You have really good writing skills.

funny, I find the formatting horrible. those lines in the middle... never the same wide, starting always differently... I find it visually nauseous and hinders my understanding of the content :(.

There’s a lot of other places you can go. So if you don’t like what’s on tv, change the channel.

Only a fool would continue to watch A channel he doesn’t like....

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes. Conspiracy theorists.


there are conspiracy theoreticians. it's rare to be able to do conspiracies theories... unless you only care about who your wife is fucking...

Something tells me you fall under the Mr. Doofus category.

That’s okay, like I mentioned, there’s hope for you If you are willing to work for it.

You said my writing is unreadable.

Your writing shows just how much you’re trying to sound smart.

You shouldn’t try so hard, I’m sorry your wife cheated on you.

You have a broken heart and you’re unleashing it.

Stay strong, stay strong...

Um... when I see the bottom 2 guys, I think "UberDoof". Those guys aren't suave, they're desperate for people to think they're cool. Which is the opposite of cool. At least the tin foil hat guy is authentic.

Okay I can understand where you’re coming from.

The main point is that if Mr. doofus is the one running around yelling false flag, no ones going to take him seriously.

But if Mr. doofus cleans his act up, then tells people the moon landing is fake, people would be more inclined to listen.

My point is that it’s always Mr. doofus looking guys who are the loudest and most noticeable.

Why do you think Alex Jones is allowed to be so big.

Personally I wouldn’t use him as my ‘credible source’

That’s the point of the article.

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