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RE: Dissecting Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology Policy. It's Terrifying! Here Is What You Can Do About It!

I am not a unique number, I am a free man!

You don't even need to be on Facebook for it to be tracking you. Apparently you just need to visit something that they have a connection through and they're busy saving all your details they can reach. Facial recognition is going to be everywhere in first world countries soon enough anyway, so I've kind of resigned myself to it.


I agree with you about being free! Totally!

However I'm not resigned to this fate... I live in developing countries, change my hair - cut, color and beard regularly! I don't carry devices. I wear glasses of various colors and a variety of hats! LOL! Not really... well maybe! LOL! Excellent comment - made me laugh! UPvoted! 😃


The man of many bearded faces! 😆

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