Dissecting Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology Policy. It's Terrifying! Here Is What You Can Do About It!

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When I saw this yesterday my blood ran cold and I felt sick. Facebook's updated facial recognition terms are scary reading!

Not many people I know read the endless updating of terms and conditions these days, I'm sure you like me have recently received updated terms and conditions from a slew of platforms in recent weeks. This alone tells us something about who really owns these corporations.

But I digress...

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For those who read Facebook's own words I hope this will encourage many people to leave their shit platform because things are getting ridiculous - and scary! 😡

Let's have a close look and dissect the wording to find out what Facebook is really talking about!

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We will start with the worst. Here Facebook is telling us that they will be using:

"face recognition technology" to analyze the "photos and videos you're in to calculate a unique number ("template") for how you appear in images"

What? They are creating a "unique number" for you. Then they will be able to track every photo, video or live feed anywhere in the world to watch you and analyze your habits.

This is a dystopian nightmare on steroids! The globalists who really own Facebook love this! 😡

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The AI facial recognition is now tracking you in every picture, video and live from all your cameras. OMG! That is wrong on so many levels but it is sold to you as something that is in your interest, to:

"help protect you from strangers using your photo"

Sheer madness!! What can you do about this?

  1. Put tape over all your cameras when you are not using them!
  2. Delete your Facebook account!
  3. At the worst turn the facial recognition software off in your Facebook settings!
  4. Don't post videos or pictures to Facebook - then they own it - don't give it to them!

I don't really use Facebook but having a bogus account for traveling to access message boards is useful for some people. I hope people start waking up to how scary this is and start deleting their accounts. With Facebook allowing the hacking that went on recently we should never believe a word these people tell us. They will only listen and act in accordance with what the people want when people start leaving Facebook and their business is hurt!

I don't think I ever swear in my writing no matter how mad I am but I am going to do it twice in this post. Facebook is shit!

I only have a few friends who never opened a Facebook account! I was always applauding them - now I'm standing up and cheering for the handful of those whose hearts told them not to share their lives with Facebook. Bravo!

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I am not a unique number, I am a free man!

You don't even need to be on Facebook for it to be tracking you. Apparently you just need to visit something that they have a connection through and they're busy saving all your details they can reach. Facial recognition is going to be everywhere in first world countries soon enough anyway, so I've kind of resigned myself to it.

I agree with you about being free! Totally!

However I'm not resigned to this fate... I live in developing countries, change my hair - cut, color and beard regularly! I don't carry devices. I wear glasses of various colors and a variety of hats! LOL! Not really... well maybe! LOL! Excellent comment - made me laugh! UPvoted! 😃


The man of many bearded faces! 😆