[Web Exclusive] Major Development In Election Integrity Fight

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John Brakey has been a U.S. election integrity activist for decades. He along with others have discovered that nearly every state's voting machines AUTOMATICALLY take images of each ballot. Those images SHOULD be part of the public record and easily view-able by anyone who wants to see them. But instead states FIGHT to make sure they are deleted. Let the court cases begin!
[For the details watch my interview with John Brakey below]

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Thanks Lee for this fascinating and eye opening account of electoral fraud. John Brakey what an inspiring guy.
According to the Brennan Centre for Justice the electronic voting machines in most states are 10 years old and at the end of their life span. However, most states don't have the money to replace them. In 31 states officials want to replace their voting machines but 22 of them don't know where the money will come from.
Enter West Virginia, of all places into the story.
It is to become the first state to pilot the use of blockchain technology to allow overseas military personnel and their families to vote in the May 8 primary elections and the November congressional elections.
Ben Miller from the Government Technology blog has commented:

''A voter’s identity is verified using biometric tools like a thumbprint scan, then they vote using a mobile device. Their vote is recorded on a “chain” containing all the votes cast, where each vote is mathematically “proven” by a third-party participant.

That means several things, from a voter perspective:

They can verify that their vote was recorded by looking at the blockchain.
They can vote from anywhere in the world, provided they have an Internet connection.
There’s no reason for an election official to miscount or misunderstand their vote.''

Keep fighting!

the manipulation of elections is the root of all drivel.


If you want to see massive proof of Democrat Party and mainstream media deception, check this out. Its my latest piece on Parkland, already censored on You Tube but fully working at BitChute and DTube.....and it is a mindblower.

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