George Soros birthday party: Charlottesville "white nationalist" car attack HOAX! just a movie production! PsyOp!

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A staged production with stuntmen, crisis actors, CGI, make up artists (fake blood) and the usual masonic symbology and numerology coded everywhere. The area was closed to traffic the whole day, and only open to pedestrians (and probably not even to them unless authorized). This is even admitted by the media and the "witnesses" (aka crisis actors). They say the "Terrorist" car was let through mistakenly by Security as they believed he was a Policeman! This is clearly a ridiculous excuse. We are in a period of heightened security due to the high number of (fake) terror attacks involving cars. They would have at least asked for ID unless they recognized him, also it doesn't explain how the other 2 cars (that got rammed) got through as they was also driving down that street as the crowd started walking up.
The cars were simply part of the stage for the biggest divide&conquer PsyOp of the year, coincidentally on Geroge Soros birthday who's been pushing and funding the race war for years and stirring hatred towards whites (the whole Black lives matter thing + other white nationalist hoaxes). This event seems like the best birthday gift he could ever hope for!
The stage location set just down the road from a Masonic Temple and right next to a government/community building perfect for the logistics of organizing such a big stunt.
I've seen all of the videos and I must say they stepped up their game with the production. No expenses spared on this one.

Lets have a look at one of the videos circulating though:
The video opens masonicly with the 2 pillars and the black/white duality . The car was not going as fast as it was claimed, there's plenty of time for people to get out of the way, and that's exactly what happens. The crowd opens up and the car rams into the other 2 cars. The only people who remained waiting for the car were the stuntmen. Then check that reverse!!! That's a professional driver right there who probably does these stunts for a living in Hollywood.


1 dead and 19 injured = 119
Allseeingeye and StarofDavid are 119 in Gematria
911 (reversed) reference to revelation 9:11 "They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, his name in hebrew is Abbadon"
The plate of the car includes the occultic 11:11 and totals 21 (=777= Order out of Chaos In Gematria) and Toyota Tundra is 48 (Illuminati = 48)
321 is 33 and the Diamond is 33 in Numerology
the GODKPME mocking license plate is 33 in Numerology
The mother of the "Terrosist" stands infront of a 22+11 plate = 33
699 = 666 on the Ambulance licence plate .
I could go on forever....I'll spare you.

Agenda :

  • divide & conquer
  • kill off white-nationalism (incompatible with the NWO agenda and the Kalergi Plan)
  • shift towards self driven cars
  • reduce Freespeech (they want to introduce hate speech laws in the US)

Controlled Opposition:

All these new Alt-right groups seem all controlled by Agents. Same as it was with the KKK.
K is 11th number of the alphabet, so KKK is 11 11 11= 33
The Ku Klux Klan I believe was invented by the Freemasons to demonize white nationalists.
David Duke, former KKK, in his facebook profile picture wears a sweater with 33 on his chest and written in Orange which is also 33 (double 33 means he's most likely a Grand Sovereign Commander in Freemasonry)
David Duke of course was there in Charlottesville to lead the rally.
Duke and these new Alt-Right groups only serve as counterpart to the leftist groups in the Hegelian Dialectic. They keep people locked in the Matrix. If they was legit they'd be exposing this hoax and all the other terror attack hoaxes.
By pretending that these terror events are real they enable the Government to carry on introducing NWO tyrannycal laws.
Also they reinforce the stereotype of the "hateful and violent white nationalist" (btw even the fight with the AntiFa was staged, details of this in the reply section)
At the present time there is no genuine organized opposition movement. And even when they start genuine they are quickly coopted by the powers that be.


To understand how Stuntmen, CGI and dummies are used to fake car hit scenes watch this video by Hello World.

While the NYC Times Square Hoax was mainly done with CGI physics ragdoll animation , I believe the Charllottesville event mainly used stuntmen, however this drone video makes me suspect there might be more CGI than I originally thought ( the visible side shouldn't be that empty and that sliding white board hm...and the only car visible moving superslow..)

Anyhow lets focus on the stuntmen: The black guy after being hit by a car and sent flying and supposedly breaking his leg , got up superquick and jumped over the SUV bonnet within less than 30 seconds. Foreknowledge the car would reverse?

there was actually 1 injured in this event and it was a stuntgirl that overdid it. showing off!!

misdjudged the exit and found herself caught between the 2 cars. ouch!.

My bro (competent in 3d graphics) says there's some CGI going on here too , but I believe this is simply stuntmen at work. the risks of the trade.
Wouldn't suprise me if they made over 10k for the day.

Fake Victims and Theatrics

some seriously dreadful crisis actors in these videos. scraping the barrell after so many PsyOps.

what's this shady smug "lady" up to? seconds after the supposed horrible attack and look at her face! is she the one that put the fake blood on the car windscreen? I'll let you judge

The fake dead victim can start her new life with 220k. Her menacing face tells me she'll still be involved in organizing psyops , from some Illuminati Island while sipping pina coladas with her Grand Master George Soros. Come on lets wish George Soros an happy birthday!! or maybe not...

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more evidence of the Hoax :
-Heather Heyer background in politics, worked in federal agencies. zero evidence of her death:

-one of the eyewitness filming the event was former CIA and now running the campaign for a George Soros candidate:
-Police ignore the attacker's car as it leaves the scene:

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Even the fighting between Antifa and White Nationalists was staged. Those are intentional missed punches . Whether it then developed later into a real fight between the groups I don't know, but those masonic Agents that started it off on both sides were on the same team 100%.

btw there is a lot of jew bashing in this video. while it's true many jews are involved in masonic circuits they are not the only ones behind these PsyOps.
Notice when they unite the shields the Square & Compass of Freemasonry is formed. That's who's behind all these events : The NWO Shadow Government , aka Freemasonry.

I need to learn how to use this site

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very interesting indeed.

Great summary - another appalling false flag but they work every time so no wonder they keep staging them for the sheeple...