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Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie - Connecting The Dots, Community Input & Gratitude! 😃

in conspiracy •  10 months ago

This has been a very enjoyable series to write and I want to thank the Steemit community for letting me get this information off my chest! Taking the time to read the series and supporting my work has given me a lot of confidence here on Steemit. It is really appreciated and inspiring. It has been a wonderful process of teaching and being taught.

The fact that so many people from around the world can collaborate and share information on the blockchain is truly amazing! 😃

In this final post of the series I wanted to take the time to summarise the main topics in the series knowing that I have attempted to justify my position in the individual posts. I hope this won't be too repetitive and I have tried to summarise only the main points. It has been great to be able to cherry pick some of the best responses to each post as they often have interesting additional information.

This is the tenth and final post of my series Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie and this is also a wonderful opportunity for me to thank those who have supported me most because without them perhaps this might not have happened! 😃

Links to the other posts will be provided at the bottom.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 19.56.49.png


The sad truth is that our education system is not there to teach and enlighten us. It has been hijacked and is now to a large extent dictated to by financial interests. This happens through several methods including donations by trusts, scholarships, grants and the revolving door between business and education. In the end we are taught how to work within systems not what the systems are and how they control us!

The entire education system in the west has become a revenue stream from loans to students which in many cases can lead you into debt for many years. In the past a bachelors degree was enough, now when everyone has a bachelors degree the value of degrees has been eroded. Students must then take on more debt to achieve higher degrees.

I can personally attest that the quality of what is being taught in our education systems is rubbish. If they were really educating us then everyone would know all the information contained in this series - because it is the truth. If even a quarter of the population understood the manipulation and economic slavery we live under then it would be impossible for a few small families to control us. This is the greatest and saddest indictment of our failed education systems!

Two excellent comments from my post on this subject came from @rollingthunder:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 15.40.47.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 15.41.00.png

Essentially I feel these days it is not worth going to university! Get into Steemit and crypto instead! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 15.48.41.png


The media is intricately involved in the mass control of our societies. It is education for the masses and is incredibly influential in shaping the viewpoints of the people. What is rarely discussed is the massive consolidation of the media industry into the hands of a very few people with huge conflicts of interests.

The media fills our minds with junk which makes it harder to free our minds and access the truth. I have not watched television in years as I feel it rots my brain which irritates me. I don't care about what is hot in the media as I know it is all a manufactured falsehood to distract us and make money.

As with the education industry the biggest and saddest inditement of the media industry is that it does not tell us any of the core truths relating to our economic enslavement. Real mainstream journalism is just a corpse now!

There were some great comments in this post but I really enjoyed this one by @nashwildcard:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 16.02.11.png

I highly suggest you turn your televisions off!

OUR Food!

In many ways the corruption of our food system is the most urgently shocking truth for some people because it is such a daily part of life. Almost the entire food system has been purchased by big corporations in the West. Small organic producers have been pushed to the sidelines or bankrupted but "organic" produce by the corporations now takes a significant space in supermarkets and commands a premium price.

The food we are being fed has become more genetically modified and increasingly dangerous. Our education and media systems do little if nothing to educate the population on the health risks of our food. As we get sicker we are perfect fodder for our corrupt medical system which is governed by the same financial interests.

I enjoyed this comment by @vickiebarker:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 16.06.06.png

Try to eat as much raw, organic vegetables and fruits as you can. Meat and packaged products are often full of harmful chemicals. Either grow your own or get to know your local supplier of organic produce - they are usually really friendly! 😉



Yikes... our food system makes us sick and we are fed into a corrupt medical system. The medical industry is riddled with corruption. Big pharmaceutical companies are some of the most powerful corporations on the planet. Their astronomical profits are created by feeding us medicines which treat the symptoms of the illness but don't cure it and by forcing us to take mandatory chemicals like vaccines! I have witnessed this medical corruption first hand and you can read about my experiences in my previous post.

This corruption runs deep. Doctors, Education Institutions, Politicians, the Media and our minds are all being corrupted by this industry who's sole purpose is to control our medicine and profit from us. In light of the fact that many of the clients are being fed there by the poisonous food we are being sold, it seems only logical that they would merge as in the proposed merger of Bayer and Monsanto.

After all they are different arms of the same business!

There were so many good responses that I had to choose three from @mhrose, @kiwideb and @sultnpapper:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.26.25.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.26.42.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.26.49.png

The only way to deal with this is to start educating yourself and reviving the ancient knowledge of herbs, health and healing. Remember the father of medicine Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” so get some good food and heal yourself! 😃

A great Steemian to follow for more truthful medical information is @canadian-coconut - she rocks!



I have lost all respect for 99.99% of the politicians we have today. These creeps are the the errand boys for the money men who legitimise their illegal theft from the peoples of the world. Lobby groups and lucrative private employment after office are standard practices - and we all know it. It's putrid!

Most of these scum were already sleazy and were picked for promotion because they were deviant and could be manipulated. Pedophilia, fraud, murder, rape, drug abuse and smuggling... these are all crimes routinely committed by our politicians yet they rarely if ever go to prison. The fact that so few politicians ever speak out or do anything about the financial system that enslaves us shows that they are either totally stupid or evil scum. They have been bribed and blackmailed to do what they are told. Politics is a joke. They should be run out of office! 😡

I thought these comments were great from @drdave and @sultnpapper:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.32.16.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.33.26.png

What do we do about this? I'm not sure. Stop voting? Would that help? Maybe we need a massive citizen initiated push to get real people into politics? Corruption will be hard to fight but if we could just change the monetary system things would get better! I'd love to hear any positive suggestions that the community has to make! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 16.58.52.png


The law is ancient and has always been used to manipulate the masses by the elite. Even if you get a doctorate of law you still are not very well educated on the law and how it pertains to you. Again we see how we are taught to work within systems not understand what those systems are.

This shameful lack of public education has allowed us to be legally manipulated in appalling ways. Even the ways in which our laws are enforced are being changed without our consent through the corporatization and militarisation of our police forces. The real financial rulers of our planet never go to court, only the occasional underlings for show. You can't take the queen of England to court because they are crown courts - she owns them!

I enjoyed this comment from @frankbacon:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.34.45.png

Understanding the law and how it impacts you is very important. I can only suggest that you research as much as you can. A great Steemian to follow for more legal information is @dannyshine.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.21.20.png

OUR Money!

It has been said that money is the root of all evil and in many senses that is true. A handful of private bankers are allowed to print money out of thin air and then lend it to us at interest. We can never pay off the interest on these loans let alone the principle. This basic structure of financial slavery can be found all over the world and has been the source of wars and enormous misery for the people. All of our money is based on debt and brings suffering to the poorest of our planet.

It is imperative that we understand this truth and the fact that the majority of people don't is a shocking inditement of our education, media, politicians and law makers. They have let us down but they have done exactly what their financial masters have bribed or blackmailed them to do - increase their profits and control while enslaving and killing us!

According to a report published this year by Oxfam "eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity" 1. US debt is now over $20 trillion dollars. Who is this money owed to? The richest 8 men no doubt!

How can we continue to allow this inequity and manipulation while the poor suffer?

There were some excellent responses and I had to choose just one to post here from @jaichai:
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.38.53.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 17.40.38.png
One further comment to the post which was sadly too long to add here but very interesting was by @martinn1017 - it is totally worth reading here!

We desperately need to change our monetary systems and free ourselves from economic slavery. Crypto currencies and Steemit are opening up fantastic new channels for liberation! Lets keep pushing them - this is our revolution! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 19.43.51.png

Connecting The Dots!

Once we understand the corruption of our monetary systems everything starts to slot into place. The few private bankers who own the monopoly right to print and distribute money that enslaves us financially have been able to buy up everything! This financial power means they now own our education system, our media system, our political systems, our food, our medicine and the laws which govern us.

All of these "industries" have seen enormous consolidation recently into the hands of a very few wealthy corporations owned by a very few wealthy families. If you follow the money trails you find everything is owned by these few people. In every one of these industries wealth is extracted from the people to their detriment and the truth hidden.

The drive to create never ending profits diverts energy away from positives and into appalling negatives. These few families who own most of our world have the right to print money and wield enormous power, but that doesn't seem to be enough. When we look at our food and medicine industries it seems clear that we are being targeted so we can be killed. I know this sounds alarmist but these policies are active and public. My research has lead me to believe that the elite are trying to wipe us out.

Now that this foundation series of posts is out of the way I can discuss some of the more interesting aspects of these topics such as secret societies, hidden history and the real agenda of our ruling elites.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 19.40.47.png

What Can We Do!

When you understand this system of corruption it is clear that something urgently needs to be done. Obviously the first thing we need to do is educate ourselves. Then educate others and in the process learn more. Disengaging from the monetary system is hard but possible. Get yourself out of debt and move into crypto currencies like I have done. Then don't get yourself into more debt by paying for substandard education and through being bullied by the law. Turn your TV off and eat well!

After we have done that there is time to breath and be healthy. Then we need to take action. Do we activate through the courts or our politicians? That is going to be tough because getting them to change laws which are favourable to them and their financial masters sounds impossible.

What we need is some kind of activism. I am against violence because that is the paradigm upon which so much misery has been already built by the financial elite. I would love to hear any suggestions that the community may have for peaceful activism and change. Any viable solution means we must work together as a human family and collaborate! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 19.39.18.png


Writing this series has actually made me feel a lot better about things. When we share and learn the truth it can only be positive. As is echoed in mottos around the world: give me liberty or give me death! Our liberty begins with education so educate yourselves and share that knowledge. You will probably feel better for doing so! 😉

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to a group of Steemians who have really assisted me in the process of creating this series. It was their work and support that inspired and facilitated this series. The feeds of these awesome Steemians are totally worth following! Thank you so much for your support, constructive criticism, encouragement, and friendship!

@teamsteem, @canadian-coconut, @v4vapid, @ausbitbank, @fulltimegeek, @samstonehill

There were so many awesome comments to this series but I want to personally thank some Steemians who really engaged. Many read all the posts and always made excellent comments! Thank you so much I am very very grateful and I have learnt a lot from you all. Lets spread these truths far and wide! 😉

@chron, @sift666, @jaichai, @andrewmarkmusic, @preparedwombat, @sultnpapper, @mammasitta, @reinikaerrant, @dierdyweirdy, @sversus, @jaalig, @garudi, @neo-wiza, @michaelvagas, @skyhooks, @techwizardry, @arcange, @aftabhkhan10, @aaagent, @rebeccabe, @earthcustodians, @kiwideb, @drdave, @digitalfortress, @magnata, @sauna, @sebcam, @scorpionking, @treetoptennis, @mannorvillemike, @rollingthunder, @solarsupermama, @lindsaybowes, @irfanullah, @islandliving, @theleapingkoala, @steemityourway, @oudekaas, @anarchospace, @sarahabed, @martinn1017, @tremendospercy, @dannyshine. I am sure there are a few special people I missed out and I apologise for that!

It seems amazing that as Steemians we are spread out around the world yet we can work together to collaborate for truth and liberty! Lets do more of this! Goooooo Steemit and the wonderful Steemians! Thank you! 😃

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 19.45.53.png

Links to previous posts in this series:

There are many links for further study in the individual posts so I have just included these two here as they are both easily accessible videos and once we understand the financial scam everything else makes sense!

Quotation source: 1. Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Jockey loves you All and believes You deserve to live with liberty and freedom! 😉


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@jockey, such an excellent summation of your posts. I felt both bleak and heartened reading it. I believe you are entirely right and the only way I see of getting out is dipping out of these systems.
Here are some of the ways I've attempted to do so over the past 2 decades:

  1. Except for sewing up we do not use the conventional medical system. FOR that purpose, I trained as a homeopath and didn't vaccinate my children and the 3 of my 4 born in the past 2 decades have had no other conventional medications.
  2. We moved 7 years ago to a smallholding to grow our own food. I'm not so successful at this. My time is too spread out home educating and being a homeopath and trying to educate people about the evils of allopathic medicine. We have previously used organic box companies. The last 4 years we went back to supermarket organic produce but having read your article above I can really see a strong reason to return to box systems where the provider has carefully checked out suppliers.
  3. We home educated the 3 of our children born in the past 2 decades. They are currently 17, 13 and 10. Indeed, they have been unschooled. 17 year old decided to go to school at 14 and decided to try out conventional medicine for any of her problems. She is surprised when her problems are not resolved by a visit to the doctor. Indeed, her usual exclamation is "They didn't do anything!" [mine silent one is "THankfully!"] Our eldest, who was schooled, is partnered to someone who was unschooled from birth and plans to unschool her children, and even my 17 year old says she won't vaccinate [she actually said "It's like growing up in the SAS here, being drip fed indoctrination all day. Of course I won't be vaccinating!" :-D]
  4. With the great influence of my good friend, work partner and fellow steemian @Alanfreestone, I've started investing in bitcoin and begun to bring my [very conventional in most ways] husband on board. I've also talked frequently to my children about the pros and cons of bitcoin and the pros of steemit.
    I'm aspiring to pay off our bank debts and gradually have our finances in crypto. My husband was very skeptical at first but I was using my own earnings to invest and I've let him adjust gradually. He was still not quite in the right place for me to feel confident to invest much when bitcoin dipped recently, but next time it does he will be, having seen it recover so well. I think he is becoming interested and starting to understand how it can work. People don't see flat currency for the invention it is. They see it as a solid thing and crypto as something insubstantial and 'made up'.
  5. I built my own independent business as a homeopath [demonstrating entrepreneurship to my children] and I specialise in helping people repair their children's vaccine damage and rebuild their health after suppression and side effects of allopathic medicines.

I felt like a helpless 'system' junkie until I read your summary and realised how many ways I'd found over the past 2 decades to enable my family at least in part to exit from the system if they choose.

Thanks for the thought provoking, concise and positive post. :-)
I'll follow and keep reading.


Well what a lovely, well thought out soulful comment! Amazing! YOU rock! I will need to read your comment twice just to absorb that wonderful information! UPvoted and followed! 😃


You are certainly a role model @sallylloyd I've pretty much put myself on that same path. I'm now in a remote place that offers great natural resources (VERY thankful for that) have pulled myself out of the rat race of futility. Love the ability to order the box food when needed too. Just wanted to remark on your statement: "smallholding to grow our own food" turn the dirt up in a few places, toss some seeds in, cover with a little dirt and water occasionally. You may be surprised at what will come up and flourish. :) I know I was!

Great work @jockey
A great series of posts, keep getting the truth out buddy.


Thanks mate! Forgot to add your name at the bottom! Updating my post now! UPvoted mate! 😃

Good, quick, summary. In terms of "what can I do about it?" my thinking now is that the first thing to concentrate on is one's health. That means a practical start - without being enmeshed in endless theories - and looking deeply at what makes us healthy will lead one inexorably to the same power-systems, but from a different perspective.

I intend to write on these issues asap - when I can free myself from my job.

BTW notice you're in Cambodia; I'm in Thailand.


Oh great! I agree with you completely! I lived in Asia a long time and happy to be here in Cambodia. I will be in Thailand soonish we should have a beer or a Tom Yum together! ;-) Maybe both! LOL! Followed and UPvoted with pleasure! =)


Yes, let me know when you plan to visit! I liked Cambodia, but not yet sure if there is enough work to live there. May be visiting Siem Reap at some point soon-ish.


There is normally a spare bed here mate! =)


You live in Siem Reap? Wrong to assume all foreigners are in Phnom Penh!
Let's see which trip happens first, then :-)


No sorry mate you were correct! I live in PP but I move around a lot so I'm sure we will bump into each other soon enough! =)

@jockey A very nice post by my little brother. When I get OLD I want to be a CRYPTOJockey. I was a @stokjockey most of my adult life.........


Yay! I've been wondering who you are my "older brother". Love your sense of humour! Lets have a chat on sometime! Followed and UPvoted with pleasure! 😃

Jockey, Awesome Posts. Great insights on how traditional capitalism works. I stepped away from the Corporate World 4 years ago and dived into Abundance LIfe Coaching. 2 Years ago, I bought my first bitcoins. Like you I finally made the decision to live into a different story about money. Today, I am encouraging my youngest daughter to mine crypto currencies with me. If she can get started the other 4 daughters will follow. My hope is that they too will make the transition away from capitalism, where Debt and Taxes are used to enslave folks. followed, upvoted and resteemed..


Well what a lovely comment from a clearly forward thinking father! You are on the right track! Good luck with your daughters! UPvoted and followed buddy! =)


She got hooked when I explained that mining cryptos was like real estate investing without the hassle of dealing with people. Buy a Gaming Computer and get it to cashflow mining bitcoins. Those coins may appreaciate in value while you are accumalating. Also, if you use a private wallet then no taxes or debt involved..


Agreed! What a forward thinking father you are! Excellent! UPvoted with pleasure! =)

I firmly believe this. Right Wing, or Left Wing, they are all all controlled by the same bird!!!

  • the wings are controlled by the "polls".
  • the "polls" are controlled by the media.
  • the media is controlled by the small group of "leaders" that are commonly referred to as the Illuminati.

I like this a lot! Thank you! I see it as two wings with one brain in the middle deciding when to flap the wings! UPvoted and followed for that Polynesian flare! ;-)

Congratulations... You've managed to summarize every conspiracy into one post... Very interesting... Point of Interest, they use the word conspiracy to discredit people, yet judges charge normal people with conspiracy all the time...but the second you mention powerful people conspiring...suddenly you're a tin foil hat wearer


Brilliant! You are so correct! UPvoted and followed buddy! =)

Wow!!! You create some quality content for sure ! Excellent article and topic.
Since I had a big mess posting duplicates I can’t read everything now but will bookmark it.


Brilliant! Love atchya from Cambodia! UPvoted! =)


Enjoy !!!! Lovley Cambodia!


Cheers! The is a spare room here if you are ever passing through! =)


Wow! You are so kind and oh yes I will 🤗


Brilliant! =)

Great post señor. Very well put together. The Revolution will be one of consciousness. We must wake up to the fact that we're infinite consciousness that has been manipulated to forget who we are so we can be controlled and used as energetic sustenance. An awakening is currently happening and I'm guessing you're on the front lines of it. Great job from Colombia!


Yes excellent comment! UPvoted and followed and sending you regards back from another country that begins with the letter "C" - Cambodia! =)


Based on your work you may want to check out David Icke if you don't already know of him!! He's been researching in this field for over 25 years and is really one of the pioneers when it comes to this stuff. :)

Great information here! You sure have spent some time digging down the rabbit hole. I'm interested to see if you have come to the realization about these 4 of the biggest lies in history.



What an excellent comment! I do have opinions on all those points. I didn't raise any of them here as I did not want to dilute the subject but I am glad you raised this! UPvoted and followed! =)


Playin' it saaaaafe ;)


No just trying to make sure the information I am sharing maintains the strongest impact for as many people possible! ;-)


Those that speak, don't know.
Those that don't speak, know.

I woke in 2014 when I stumbled on the ET cover-up. I've been rabbithole diving ever since, it's accelerating so fast I have a hard time keeping up. What time do:

  1. Connect to Source - be the son or daughter of the Infinite Creator that you are
  2. Follow Universal Law - Love
  3. Follow the Voice of Source to the area of world need that matches your particular gifts, and serve.
  4. Be compassionate to the Sheep in your life, give them only what they need.
  5. Broadcast the former hidden crimes of the elite with boldness, but focus on bringing Light, not just exposing darkness.
  6. Live sustainably, keep seeking, keep learning the best ways to live in harmony with Earth.
  7. These three remain: faith, hope, and love.

Brilliant it is great to have another friend to explore the warren! Excellent points! Followed and UPvoted with respect!😃


Of all the 7 items you've listed above @circleseeker I think #5 is definitely the hardest of all (at least it has been for me) . People have been so misinformed and disinformed they feel it natural to be making some of the decisions they are making with no regard to what the actual facts might be until they are hit smack in the face with the "fallout" from those same decisions.

I feel we have a real opportunity to shine the Light on the darkness that disrupts the lives of so many and I'm beginning to understand how this Steemit platform may be just the tool we need to move toward a more fully informed public. I listened to some of the Steemfest recordings and all of the Steem Growth Forum yesterday and am so very impressed with all the good intentions and new models that will help us all. Steem on and always, let peace be the journey!


Thanks, I can identify with the difficulty knowing how to gracefully share what I know with those around me. I, too, have felt led to use the blog platform as a starting point for me to sort out my findings and invite others to see what I see. These are truly remarkable days, and I'm so glad to be sharing the global shift experience with my internet community, even if my home community remains clueless or indifferent. Namaste!


education, food and medicine the most worrying of all - thanks for sharing your views on this, and helping to further enlighten us @steemians, although it is the outside world we need to inform somehow, think this community somehow more aware of all the corruption...


Yes mate it is my pleasure! UPvoted and followed! =)

What a delight to "meet" you! I have a full line of very fashionable tin hats that I sport daily...
I LOVE your title, your expose' of item by item lies, and most of all your passion for truth. The r3VOLution rolls on...
I must confess, I got a chuckle out of how long the post was. You said it ALL in the title, what needed explained? ;)


Hahahaha! Love it! Can I buy a tinfoil hat from you? Obviously something stylish!!! Love your tshirt! UPvoted and followed with delight! 😉


Sweet Buddha on a cracker!

You nailed it, buddy!!

'Nuff said.

Namaste, my friend.



Thanks buddy! I always appreciate your comments and the time you take to read my posts! You rock! UPvoted =)

Awesome post! You have nailed so many truths here. Just as a habit we would have television on until about 2 or 3 years ago and what a relief to be "unplugged" from all that nonsense.

I don't read much fiction because of the lack of time but was watching TV.
It would have been wiser to acknowledge they are both fiction and read the writers of choice.


What an appropriate comment! Nice to be unplugged isn't it! UPvoted and followed! =)

you ought to collect all this together and publish as a book!


What a lovely comment! That is so flattering! Thank you very much that fills me with confidence! UPvoted and followed! =)

Very insightful, and although I have not yet read your other works within this series this gave me much to think about. My level of thinking has always been this way, knowing within my soul that this life that is being flashed before us is no where close to how we should be living. I am behind my butt in student loans and have a hard time making it to the next paycheck. With what I make just enough to support my family that even 10 dollars is just not doable. Its such a tiring ordeal! Further research will be done


Yes I feel for you my sister! You are right! Actually there are ways in which you can quickly get out of debt but they are not very well known and I am in no position to give really detailed answers but I have had friends who have shown me the way! If you would like to contact me on please feel free! Perhaps I can point you in some directions to research! Great name! Followed and UPvoted with pleasure! 😉


Just found this reply from @canadian-coconut to one of my posts thought you would enjoy it! You should follow @canadian-coconut she has a lot of very valuable information. Here is her quote: "As to paying off your bank debts,
you may be able to use your cryptos as collateral to borrow the money to pay off your debts. I've invested in SALT Lending, which should be offering their first crypto loans around the end of this year.
I have debts that need paid off too, but I'm not willing to sell my cryptos that I know are going to greatly increase in value, just to pay off debts right now. With SALT, I can keep my crytpos and let them increase in value, and pay off high interest debts with the money that they lend me."

Good luck!


Great article. Fuck the system. Uncle Caesar has it all sewn up.


Yes mate! I want to be on your team! ;-) UPvoted!

You've coved all the main aspects here. Our parrot learning conditioning camps (schools). People are waking slowly to this but not enough. Article like this should be published in the media.

I eat organic and don't watch the programming box. When I tell people they thing i'm crackers. It sad to see but I won't give up. Great post wish I could print this off and handout all over the place.


Bless you! People think I am a bit odd for the same views! Except when I tell them I speak so entheusiastically and with shining eyes and a huge smile! Things are changing for the better! Thank you so much for your continued support and thoughtful comments! UPvoted! =)


Our ideas is becoming more and more common. Ten years ago I was a mad man to stay clear off now i just mad but funny. Progress in my eyes :)


Brilliant! Love your sense of humour! UPvoted! =)

'People will beleive whatever TV tell them to believe' George Orwell

Most of human thoughts are not their own, someone told them what to believe and they just like robots believe it. We know who is controling most of input people receive.


Yes we do mate! Thank you for your comment I did not know that quote before! UPvoted! =)

I'm going to have to read up on your previous posts as this is the first one I've seen. All I can say is excellent work and spot on! Upvoted, resteemed and followed!


Brilliant! Followed and UPvoted back! Great name and tag line boodles! =)

Change is coming. Can't wait to read the next series. Good on yah Jockey!


Thank you very much! This was the end of this foundation series but the good news is that the more interesting and esoteric posts are on the way! Cheers! UPvoted!

This post is awesome :)


Thank you very much! =)

well said nice post connecting the dot is not an easy , when we are going to connect some dots the gonna hidden or escape and some are rude and some are dont want to connect with us


Thanks mate! =)

Very good @jockey . . Thank's for sharing. .


My absolute pleasure my friend! =)


Thank you! =)

Wauw thanks for sharing. Let's wake up the mass🙌😀