So Many Things the Epstein Drama is Distracting You From: Exposing the Psyop

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There are two major ways the orchestrators of our reality who own the controlled fakestream media in turn control the minds of the masses: One, they control the narrative of the top stories being talked and written about in the 'news'; and two, they control which stories become 'news' and which ones are completely suppressed or ignored so that they become either quickly forgotten or are never really even covered in the first place.

So when I look at the current Epstein story and see what looks to easily be the top story of the week, it certainly makes me begin to question why. Anytime a story is given such heavy covered by the MSM, it should be questioned why, even if the story appears to be relevant when it comes to exposing the criminals running our government and indeed most of the world. When everybody around you, even those who normally could care less about politics or the news begin to talk about a story, it is a good bet the story is an orchestrated psyop being rolled out by the powers that be.

As most everyone has by now heard, due to the above facts regarding the immense coverage of the story, Jeffrey Epstein who was arrested on child trafficking charges has allegedly committed 'suicide' in his jail cell and is apparently now dead. This is the 'official' version of the story. One of the most popular alternative versions of the story widely circulating is that the convicted child trafficker was obviously 'suicided' aka murdered by those he would have exposed were he to stand trial again and 'spill the beans'. Another popular theory being pushed by the co-called alternative news is that Epstein's suicide was faked in order to get him into witness protection, presumably so that the hero of the day Donald Trump will ensure Epstein's testimony in order to bring down the Clinton syndicate. The fourth, and in my opinion the closest theory to the reality of what actually took place regarding this situation, is that Epstein was rescued and whisked away to Israel where he is in all likelihood sitting on some beach in Tel Aviv.

None of these theories are relevant to the subject of this post and I am therefore not going to get in depth into any of these theories, the evidence at hand, or the reasons I think the latter of the theories is the most accurate; because as l hope to prove in this post, it simply doesn't matter. Also by doing so I would be feeding my energy into the very debate which the enemies of humanity who have constructed this story want. I will instead simply state that obviously the official version of events makes no sense whatsoever to any thinking mind, especially considering there is conveniently no camera footage available of this 'suicide'/'hit'/'witness protection setup'/'rescue op', and I will link to @thoughts-in-time's wonderful post covering this, which explains the reasoning behind why some version of the third 'rescue op' theory seems most likely. And that is all I have to say on Epstein's alleged suicide; the remainder of this post will be dedicated to showing why this entire story is completely irrelevant.

As most of us are aware, those elites pulling the strings behind the scenes control the media in two major ways, not only by controlling the corporate media but also by controlling much of the so-called alternative media, that is the controlled opposition. Many of these have been thoroughly exposed and are well known, such as Alex Jones of Infowars, Rebel Media, and AMTV. So when a story such as this instantly becomes a top and trending story, heavily covered by both the entire MSM as well as just about every alternative news source out there, red flags should be going up in all of our minds.

Why? Why is this suddenly such a big and popular story; and more importantly, how relevant is this piece of news and how exactly does the outcome of this story affect any of our lives regardless of which version of the story may be closest to the truth? I'll tell you, that as far as I can see, this story has absolutely zero relevance to the lives of Americans and indeed the entire population of the world, and regardless of what actually took place in Epstein's jail cell, it doesn't affect my life or yours in really in any way whatsoever. That is, besides the disruption and re-channeling of our time and energy away from any number of activities or relevant stories that do directly impact our lives, into this story which I firmly believe is a clearly a well-planned psyop. Jeff C (@fakenewsreport) did a good video on this.

This definitely appears to be a massive psyop meant to distract us all from a host of highly relevant stories, news events and truths which do in fact directly impact most Americans along with the population of the entire world. You see, it doesn't matter if Epstein would have been convicted, because he was already convicted once for child trafficking and got a measly 18 months in prison before being released to continue operations in the trafficking ring. It is irrelevant whether Epstein committed suicide, was offed by some Clinton hit squad or Trump assassin as the trending hashtags #Clintonbodycount and #Trumpbodycount may seem to indicate, whether he was secretly taken into a witness protection program as many 'alternative' sources are claiming (by those loyal to the 'hero' Trump who is 'bringing down the deep state' and draining the swamp' of course), or if he was whisked away and 'disappeared' to Israel to safely enjoy the rest of his days on a beach near Tel Aviv.

None of these possible scenarios directly affect Americans or the population of the world, none of these possible scenarios change the fact that there are in fact large international child-trafficking rings to which Trump and the Clintons BOTH have links to, and which no matter how much evidence is brought forth will likely never be 'brought down' by the US government for the obvious reasons that too many within this same government are a part of these crimes against humanity. DC, the district of criminals is filled with pedophiles who have links to child trafficking rings, and the department of injustice likely isn't going to be bringing justice to any of these treasonous criminals any time soon.

And, to bring us to the first thing I'd like to point out which this story is definitely distracting us from, and which should really in my opinion be a main focus of the very story itself, and which none of the many theories about this story being spread like wildfire across all media platforms and avenues appear to be discussing, is the infuriating truth of the corrupt injustice system which this very story illuminates: That convicted pedophiles such as Jeffrey Epstein can be sentenced to a measly 13 months in prison despite federal officials identifying 36 girls he had molested, while peaceful Americans who have never harmed a soul can be sentenced to life in prison for growing a plant just because the federal government classifies marijuana a certain way (while far more dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical drugs are completely legal and endorsed by the FDA!).

Or, you know, that those who simply exercise their free speech rights to criticize corrupt government agencies or corporations end up spending the rest of their life in prison after surviving murder attempts by corrupt cops - as happened to Jeffrey Weinhaus (see my video on this tragic travesty of justice below).

The number of nonviolent and innocent people behind bars in this country while convicted sexual predators like Epstein (who also happens to be a child trafficker) can get a slap on the wrist is relevant to all Americans, because nobody knows when it will be their turn to be targeted by a corrupt cop or misidentified by authorities next; and something is terribly wrong in this country when we trust the same system to 'solve' the child trafficking epidemic which 'punishes' these same predators with such lax sentencing. I mean there are convicted murders released on parole before many nonviolent criminals are ever released... And every day people spend distracted by the countless possibilities in the Epstein mystery drama is another day Jeff Weinhaus and hundreds of nonviolent political prisoners spend behind bars in a steel cage.

But that just begins to touch the surface of the many things the Epstein drama is distracting Americans from, from ongoing sagas which are continually ignored by similar top news stories, to recent stories which have been eclipsed by this psyop, to powerful truths the controllers want us to continue ignoring - all of which are far more relevant and directly impact our lives and the lives of those around the whole world far more than this petty drama.

For example, Americans pay taxes, on average 25% or more of their income, which amounts to three whole months per year working full time for the government, a government which squanders our stolen money on things most of us don't even approve of while never putting one dime towards those things every taxpayer does expect from their government. There is a myriad of these 'unapproved' things which these American taxpayer dollars are going to fund, which they want you to never think about.

Such as the more than $10 million dollars PER DAY going to the state of Israel, praised under the current president loyal to and zealous of Zionism whose campaign motto was ironically 'Make America Great Again' - but should have been 'Make Israel Great Again' if accuracy or honesty were of any importance in politics, as this president supports even more of your money going to Israel. And even for those who support Israel, what exactly is so special about Israel over all other countries - especially our own country - that American taxpayers must be spent at such a high rate on this particular foreign nation (which just so happens to be the biggest war machine in the Middle East), while their own social security and medicare is set to run out of funds in just a few years? Makes a lot of sense for anyone who want to 'Make America Great Again'...

Then there is the insane over $700 billion annual US war budget our tax dollars are funding, which the US House just voted to increase for the year of 2020, so that the war budget will now be greater than the federal government spending on everything else COMBINED! But that's not insane, considering many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, some are going hungry, others are homeless, and you know, social security and medicaid are still anticipated to shortly run out of funds - let's just spend American's three months of earnings going straight to the government on more war, bombing more people we've never met who've never harmed us living in countries most of us can't even find on a map. Brilliant idea. I can see why those who spend our stolen money prefer we talk about Epstein over topics like how said tax money is spent...

There is of course also the fact that your tax dollars don't go to any of the services the taxpayer expects them to, and not even to the government itself, but rather 100% that isn't wasted goes directly to pay off interest on the federal debt, straight to the international Zionist bankers who own the president and the whole damn country, who create money out of thin air and use these debt notes to bankrupt the nation and economy, destroy the middle class and to perpetuate endless war-for-profit.

On a related note, there is the fact that your taxpayer dollars are funding a government which not only spends obscene amounts of money on war but also continues to arm, fund and support radical Jihadi terrorists in both Syria and Yemen, and god knows where else across the Middle East and Africa.

If you think this is just a nutcase conspiracy theory rather than the simple truth supported by a myriad of evidence collected over numerous decades which has become absolutely conclusive, then consider this: The legislators of this same government which claims to be fighting a 'war on terror' against ISIS and al-Qaeda has at the very same time refused to support the very basic 'Stop Funding Terrorist Act' introduced in 2017 which simply demanded the US government not fund organizations this very same government has already officially deemed 'terrorists' such as al-Qaeda and ISIS which it claims to be waging an 18-year international war to eradicate! The bill had so little support it never even made it out of committee - the House version only garnering 14 co-sponsors and the Senate version zero! Oops, I guess despite waging a 'war on terror' for 18 years, Congress doesn't want to actually stop funding the terrorists themselves after all...

Every single day these US-backed terrorists are terrorizing the people of Syria, constantly shelling villages, opening fire on both military outposts and civilians, as well as carrying out suicide bombings; often injuring and killing both soldiers and civilians alike - but everyone is distracted by these ongoing crimes against humanity by Epstein's 'suicide'. Every single day the the murderous Saudi Kingdom and the UAE - both close US allies - are committing a genocide against the people of Yemen with the full support of the US government, the government which takes three months of your life to fund its madness. But I'm sure the currently unfolding Epstein story and all the juicy drama it entails is somehow more important or relevant than your hard-earned money paying a government whose bombs kill innocent Yemeni children by the busload...

There is much more that this story - like so many top stories - seek to distract us from, like that the corrupt western medical industry is built on treating the symptoms of chronic disease in order to enrich Big Pharma, while ignoring the root causes. That the biggest causes of chronic disease are lifestyles of constant stress and fear as well as constant exposure to and intake of toxins. This must be suppressed in order to protect the corporations profiting off of the production of the widespread toxins and also the consumerist American lifestyle inducing so much stress and unhappiness.

The corporations would implode if the masses realized that the true meaning of life was not to work-buy-consume-die, and thus stopped slaving their lives away to feed the government with taxes and the corporations with nonstop purchases and consumption, and then lived healthy lives without all the stress and fear inherent to such a life which make us sick, thus leading to independence from the Pharmaceutical drugs treating the symptoms of this unnatural and disconnected lifestyle. The actual cures for these same chronic diseases which some 50% of the population are afflicted by are both simple, affordable and existant, much unlike the addictive and relatively ineffective pharmaceuticals so many Americans find themself on. And the cure is simple: Stop poisoning ourselves, unplug from the materialistic corporate matrix of mind control, debt-slavery and consumerist mentality, stop working for the machine and start living life as a human being.

Yes, this is the sort of information that directly affects most Americans, seeing we all live in this consumerist society and most are already affected by chronic disease whether it is they themselves or a loved one who is 'permanently' sick. Most Americans are on more pharmaceutical drugs than they can count on one hand by the time they retire, and maybe it is just me but this seems far more relevant to just about everyone than any aspect of the Epstein drama.

There is even quite a bit of recent news which seems to me to be far more important and relevant to the average American than the whereabouts of Jeffrey Epstein, particularly Trump's alarming, almost terrifying speech in response to the latest alleged mass shooting. I say alleged mass shooting because so many have been faked in the recent years starting with the notorious Sandy Hoax, while others are obvious false flags like Vegas, and others entirely real, it is hard to know what to think when these are first announced other than that if they receive widespread coverage, they are almost certainly a psyops just like Parkland turned out to be - staged and covered up.

One thing is certain despite the confusion about the specifics of many of these alleged shootings, that there are far more mass shootings than the ones covered by the Media, so when one is widely and heavily covered - whether a 'real' or 'fake' shooting - rest assured it is for the purpose of an agenda. An agenda which Trump's speech was clearly pushing. An agenda to further erode the freedoms of Americans, infringe upon and take away our rights, expand the American police state and increase the power of the state, demonize free thought and criticism of the powers that be, and of course more gun control - in this case a push for 'red flag' laws to keep guns out of the hands of potential mass shooters based on a list of 'red flags'. Ryan of @tlavagabond did some excellent coverage of this speech in his show that day, so to hear the Trump insanity for yourself and get a good analysis of it, see that video below.

Why this isn't currently the top alternative news story, but has instead been eclipsed by the Epstein psyop would be a mystery if it wasn't known just how controlled the so-called alternative news has sadly become.

We've got Trump pushing for pre-crime arrests like straight out of a sci-fi film, seeking to quickly jam perpetrators through the injustice system to speedy death sentences because the legal process be damned I guess, blaming video games on our 'culture of violence' despite his own glorification of military power in an age of perpetual war, blaming the internet for 'radicalizing' people who become mass shooters, and demanding that the 'mentally ill' be forcibly arrested against their will. What Trump is demanding is Orwellian to extremes Orwell himself probably never would have dreamed of!

It should be alarming that Donald Trump also said he would give the FBI all the power they need to go after and stop mass shooters before the shootings begin, considering just the day before the FBI was asking to target 'conspiracy theorists' as 'domestic terrorists'. Especially considering the past history of the MSM and government labelling any free-thinking American as a 'conspiracy theorist'. It should be a huge red flag to all the 'alternative' voices who are yet die-hard Trump fans, that Trump would offer to fully support the FBI in such an endeavor, when this is the same FBI which has allegedly been going after Trump in the whole Russiagate investigation in order to 'take him down' on behalf of the evil Clinton Deep State, especially considering many of these same alternative voices know well many of these mass shootings are psyops used to push Deep State agendas.

Instead, everybody and their mother is obsessing over the Epstein drama, which it should now be clear is an obvious psyop. To what purpose besides distracting from far more relevant truth, you ask? @v4vapid may have given the most simple and concise possible reason in the title to his own post on this story: Epstein "Suicide" Transforms Normies into Conspiracy Theorists aka Domestic Terrorists

As the agenda continues to be pushed forward, most people are too busy focusing on the Epstein drama that they are missing the importance of Trump's speech and what it signaled as far as the next steps to be taken to push the agenda forward. And that is just how orchestrated psyops are designed to work.

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BOOM > "None of these possible scenarios directly affect Americans or the population of the world, none of these possible scenarios change the fact that there are in fact large international child-trafficking rings to which Trump and the Clintons BOTH have links to, and which no matter how much evidence is brought forth will likely never be 'brought down' by the US government for the obvious reasons that too many within this same government are a part of these crimes against humanity." - An excellent article, cheers.

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