Who are we?

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We know that we are being lied to.
Wars, politics, news, healthcare, chemtrails, education, 5G, history, the list is endless...

Everything we think we know is at least faulty or incomplete, if not a complete fabrication.

So, who are we really? Could it be that our self-perception is flawed as well?
Could it be that we are not what we are being told over and over again?
For generations we have been fed information that "human nature" is that of a predator.
We fight wars, steal, cheat, lie, rape and murder each other.
At least this is what's in the NEWS every day.
We are being flooded with violence wherever we look.
From videogames to TV to movies to music.
We are being assaulted with negative messages about ourselves and our "nature" from cradle to grave.

What if THAT is a lie as well?

What if our TRUE nature is completely different but we just don't know and do what we are being told we are? Tell a child often enough that it is bad and stupid and watch what happens. It will act accordingly.

Maybe we are NOT what we were made to believe over generations.

Maybe the parasites have fucked up our minds as bad as they have our health and our wallet.

And we have no clue who we really are...

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Just found this one and like to share it with you.

Have a nice weekend :)

LOL. Thanks man, I know this one. I like David Icke, he makes quite a few good points. Have a nice weekend as well :)

I like him too watching his stuff for many years some I don't agree but many are good on point.
Maybe that one is more on point with the question in the headline in your post ;)

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Hmnn... I absolutely agree we are inundated with violence in every form and that makes us more violent. However, it seems to me that we have the potential to be both. We have the potential to be compassionate, caring, forgiving, loving, trusting, etc. On the other hand we have the capacity to be vicious animals. I'm going to write about this pretty soon. Look forward to your input. And now will be on the lookout for information that will validate your assertion. I have little problem in changing my views and opinions if presented with good information that hopefully is sustained by nature and experience. Blessings.


The fact that you're asking, means we probably don't know who we are/would have been had there been no socialization. Probably impossible to get around entirely, but definitely evil in the ways/whys/hows of today.
Visit a local impoverished school and see just how bad things have gotten. Now, when you ask kids what they want to be when the grow up (in these title 1 schools) the majority will say: Military, police (criminal justice) and/or video game developer.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yup. Socialization. Ask yourself by whom? Who manipulates our "education system"? Who runs the media? And who told us that we were born with "the original sin". From birth on we are supposed to be bad, because Adam took a bite? That is insanity. Or intent.


Such a lovely man...that Rockefeller fella...

Yup. What a good looking lad. makes my toe nails roll up. Glad he's in hell now. Hope he has the opportunity to dance a naked Tango with Kissinger, Rothschild, Clinton, Bibi and all the other parasites soon...

Bibi? Bibi Reboso...Nixon's old friend?

Speaking of Rockefeller, at about eight years old, my father helped campaign for Nelson (Rocky) Rockefeller for Governor of New York...Nelson shook my hand as he gave me a bunch of pamphlets to hand out on the street; then told me to tell people to vote for "my uncle Rocky..." I really thought that he was my uncle after that...but, never got a birthday card from him.

No, Bibi the punk without a foreskin who plays with matches in the Middle East to set the world on fire. You know, the Rothschild puppet and notorious liar who likes to hang out with Dumby Dump.

So, take it you learned your lesson about doing favors to creepy 'uncles'...

  ·  last year (edited)

"Creepy" might be an understatement, but fitting enough...I do think though that it wasn't a total favor; I got paid fifty cents. (but not from campaign funds; my fathers pocket) 'That' was the 'big' favor for the scumbags, from my father who was rewarded with 'broken promises' of a job following Nelson's election.

I think that you are right my friend. Thank you for saying your thoughts. Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you!

We are fortunate to be able to understand without being told, and even to understand that what we are told is not always true, or entirely true, even if it is in part.

But, yeah, they've fucked our minds worse than they've fucked our health and wallets. Hell, that's how they get in them!


Exactly. Thank you! They bomb innocent people in foreign countries and make US pay for it. THAT IS FUCKED UP!

  ·  last year (edited)

I often think of these things. BS is hammered into us, as you say, on all levels. It's insidious particularly when we start doing the job of the ones trying to control us. We belittle ourselves, we diagnose ourselves with ailments and begin to believe that we can't be helped but with meds. We have built-in excuses for every failure and misstep we take, rarely taking responsibility. I wrote on these lines a bit this morning about how we tell ourselves we suck at stuff when we don't know that we do at all, but by labeling ourselves as 'bad' at something, we make it true. Time to start bending the matrix to suit our own needs.

You hit the nail on the head my friend. Could not agree more!

Yes definitely. Theyve done expierments with children in a classroom. 1 group was built up the other put down and it showed majorly. Theyve also done it with dogs where they ignored a dog for some time and its cells actually changed in a bad way. Then took the same dog and petted/loved it daily and cells improved more than original. Our nature is peace and Love itself, imho.

Thank you, yes, this is what I am talking about. For many generations we have been told this crap and don't know any better than to act accordingly. This is NOT our true nature. Glad there are people like you who agree with me on that. I wish you a good day, my friend. With no pain...


I agree too, and if it's your religion telling you that a baby is a born sinner or it's repressing you and making you feel guilty about everything, get a new religion. I won't argue whether you need one or not but if you're going to have one, it should enrich your life.

For a good job today, a worker has to be a thinker.

Yes, you can exchange your religion for a "better" one - after all this shit has been hammered into your developing brain for many years by well meaning parents or authority figures whom you trusted and did not know better themselves. The damage is already done psychologically, even if you should discover one day that all this was nothing but dangerous brain wash to create obedient slaves.

For a good job today, a worker has to be a thinker.

I'd encourage you to take a look at common core. This does not produce thinkers. It produces rule following drones who are not even allowed to think logically. I recommend this short video from Truthstream media. Our children are being dumbed down SYSTEMATICALLY AND ON PURPOSE.
As we have been.

Yes, this arithmetic was awful and "see" and "say" was ridiculous although I managed to miss it and I think it's gone from our system now. Some teaches just refused to teach it. I also have a pet peeve about elementary school math being taught by arts graduates that never liked math.

When I first heard the phrase "common core" I thought it had something to do with common curriculums between states. We had done something similar between school boards in Ontario just because people are mobile, and when you move from one area to another, the systems shouldn't be completely different.

As long as a student has an internet connection, they can learn for free from the Khan Academy and they will learn properly but they still won't pass that test.

I have a friend whose son flunked a question on a physics test because he knew too much for his schooling level. I disagreed with that too.

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