The story of "the vampire of Steemit" @ipromote

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Beware! all Steemians, the vampire of the Steemit @ipromote is coming! Many times he pretends to be a good parent, leading the son to cut hair. In fact that child is not his/her son, after returning home, the vampire just begins to suck the blood of that poor child! Innocent child, please run away quickly! quickly! quickly!

Do you want to know how he/she sucks blood of that child step by step cruelly? It's said that when sucking blood, he can become a horrible creature, with filthy fur, long fungs and sharp claws, which helps him tear the child's body apart... However, only very few people have seen his real ugly appearance like a beast. As usual, he/she looks like a generous gentleman!

I'll tell you in details next time! But make sure to Keep away from the vampire of Steemit from now on!

True, he/she always treats you very well at first time, upvoting your blogs and sending you SBD, once you love and trust him/her, it is just the time for him/her to metamorphose you into a child. Then, he takes you to cut hair and prepares to suck your blood.

The vampire of Steemit also wants to transform me into a child, sucking my blood, pitifully he/she knows that there is no way to meet me in reality, since I am from the eastern world/Asia. Even if he/she treats me very well, earning my love and trust, it is useless! He/she can't take me to cut hair in reality! He/she becomes more and more angry and desperate each day, a vicious thought came to him/her, he/she flagged all my recent 3 wonderful blogs at a stroke like a lunatic!

It is just the vampire of Steemit!

All dear Steemiars, keep away from him/her! Once you're found by the vampire of Steemit @ipromote, you just begin to have your nightmare!

I doubt that poor child in his/her blog has been dead now!

Below is what the vampire of Steemit @ipromote wrote:

"I was taking my son to get a haircut yesterday...while waiting I was holding $20 dollar in my pocket ready to pay when I had a thought..."

As we all know, malicious thought occurs to him again!

Soon later we will read the next blog of the vampire in Steemit:

"I was taking my beautiful daughter to cut hair happily and I bought her a large bunch of flowers and sent her 100 SBD as her birthday gifts yesterday, then..."

I have warned you all here! Don't be enticed and fooled by the vampire of Steemit by getting his/her upvotes and a little SBD! Never never trust the vampire of Steemit, once you are led by him/her to cut hair, even God can also have no way to save you!

After haircut, he takes you to his house where a lot of bones of human beings were buried, at first he/she sucks the blood of your body with an injection needle, then he/she cuts your body into pieces, mixing some salt, some sauces, some oil, some garlics and scallions together, ready to be fried! Every time you visit him/her at home, you're attracted by his/her pot-stewed meat, oh! God! What a delicious smell!

But he/she seldom invites you to taste his/her meat! He/she doesn't want people to know he/she is eating the human's flesh!

Yeah, he/she is sucking blood and eating the human's flesh every day in secret!

Do you know why? If he/she doesn't eat human's flesh,
he/she will keep vomiting all day long!

It is said that one day he failed to find an aim, without sucking child's blood and eating flesh, he/she vomited fiercely and painfully. His/her whole house was covered by the odorous vomits. Too horrible!

God! I pray to you sincerely! Help the vampire of Steemit! Help him/her! Demon lives in his/her body! He/she is controlled by a horrible orge!

Once a time, the vampire of Steemit was also a normal person, but he/she sold his/her soul to the demon/orge because demon promised him/her a lot of money by helping him suck blood and eat flesh of human beings. In fact, the demon looked for a lot of people as exchange, all being denied! Only the vampire of Steemit @ipromote agreed!

He/she is serving the demon/orge!
If he/she can't satisfy the demon/orge, he/she will be tortured to throw up to death!

We normal people love to serve God! God tells us not to be greedy for money, always remember to nourish our mind, having a healthy body! The vampire of Steemit becomes so envious of me, since I look so healthy and sunshine! I serve God every moment!

I firmly believe God will triumph over the demon/orge!

Just serve God piously! Amen!

There's another life after death! No matter in western or eastern religion, it is the same! In another life the vampire of Steemit @ipromote will suffer in the burning fire of the hell forever! Because he/her has betrayed God, serving demom all along! God has prepared the buring fire for him/her!

Maybe the vampire of Steemit @ipromote refuses to believe "the afterlife". Let's wait and see! He/she must pay the price for his/her sins!

Hullelujah! Immanuel! Hullelujah! Immanuel!

God is always with us!

P.S. I have never met such kind of villain like @ipromote in my life before. He unexpectedly flagged all my 3 Steem blogs which I made elaborately without rhyme or reason. Those wonderful and carefully-chosen pictures inserted in my blogs are being hidden, too, and the good income/SBD I earned through my hard work all became into zero. I wish all Steemiars know that @ipromote is a big demon, a vampire of Steemit! Such kind of holligan like @ipromotea should be thrown into the burning fire of hell forever! There have been a lot of Steemiars protesting his/her bullying and atrosity.

Just due to @ipromote's existence in Steemit, I even begin to hate our lovely global/international Steemit platform. Such kind of flagging system in Steemit can only help form "the internet bullying culture"! It is absolutely too bad and intolerable for the development and prosperity of Steemit platform itself.


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