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How can we test reincarnation?

I would like to see it proven before believing in it, seeing as it means I can relax a bit in this life, and not worry about living fully.

Why live this life, when I'll just get another?

Can you prove it in a way that would convince anyone?

A Christian, a Jew, A Muslim, and me?

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Just to declare, I am not a Muslim anymore, neither I am Christian, Jewish or Atheist. I have my own beliefs that I reached on my own. I am also a scientist, but science brought me back to believe in spirituality

Reincarnation in my point of view doesn't mean to relax and not live your life fully. It is actually defines, in my opinion, the concept of going to Hell. Why?
Because, we as humans live our lives very much wanting to control everything around us. At the same time we want to be loved, appreciated, have lots of money, enjoy life...etc
Since it is impossible to control everything in our lives, that is one big reason to cause frustration. Let alone that we may not find love, wealth or health. If we find one, we are usually lacking the other.
If we are wealthy, then we work even harder to have more money fearing that we lose it. We don't trust people around us and we live in fear of losing our money. If we love someone or loved by someone, we are devastated when we lose them. If we are not loved, we learn to wear masks and change who we are just to be loved. But if it worked, we are never happy because we are not loved for who we are.
As we keep running after all those evasive things, we get tired and frustrated. Life in this case resembles hell to most of us that we sometimes wish to die instead of living. We keep blaming God or whomever for everything wrong that goes in our lives, but even God can't do anything if we choose to live the way we do. He will not force a change on us unless we want to and ask for it.

I have no scientific proof of reincarnation. When the soul is born again in a different body it forgets the past. You as a person associated with your body now will be gone. The only things that persists are the challenges (and the wisdom if you collected any) that your soul inherits coming back as a different person.
I am sure everyone experienced at some points in their life recurrent challenges and difficulties of the same type. It feels like we are falling in the same trap over and over again. We feel unlucky and angry. We think "Why things don't work for us easily" or "why this happens to me all the time". These are the only proof of reincarnation. Until we change our way of thinking or dealing with that particular issue, it will just keep recurring. When it is solved, another challenge will come fourth. This will happen until we solve the puzzle of our life.
Although reincarnation defines the concept of Hell, which could seem eternal to some if they are lost for a long time until they find their peaceful destination. Reincarnation is the way the universe is telling us "here, you get another chance to find true peace and happiness"

So, you better live your life fully but wisely.

Sincerely :)

If you cannot prove it, why are you explaining it?

Please prove these ideas to me before telling me about them.

There are many people who claim to know what happens after death, and you are one of them.

However, I think that none of them actually have any sort of proof.

Including you. It sounds like you just made it up yourself, and that's why you say, "I have my own beliefs that I reached on my own."

If you reached it on your own, how did you reach it? How do you know that this is true?

If it's not true for sure, then why are you telling me about it?

I am a scientific person, and that means I respect the scientific method.

Let's use the scientific method on your beliefs. Once you've proven them, tell me all about them. If you cannot prove them, why?

Well, You asked me and I told you what I think. I am not trying to convince you or prove to you anything. That is why I am saying it is my own thoughts that I reached.
Maybe all these hypotheses about life after death cannot be proven but they are valid hypotheses because they cannot be disapproved either. If you want to think there is no life after death, you are correct. If I want to think there is, I am correct too.

Even in science, although we work on our hypotheses to prove them by experiments, but no matter what and how many experiments we use, they never reach a solid 100% certainty. It is always an association that gives us the highest probability of success. We need to study disease and compare it to health, because we will never understand what health is and how it happens or works if we didn't have disease.
Physics and Math are all numbers made up and proven by theory. But as life goes on, someone else appears to disprove what was proven and bring fourth another theory.
Anyway, Since you didn't want to hear my opinion, then I shall not say anything else.

Take care :)

All I'm asking for is proof. Are you personally offended that I don't simply believe you?

You told me you used science to come to your beliefs.

What was the process? Where is the proof?

Science relies on observation, then hypothesis, and then you must test that hypothesis with an experiment, and then use the results of all that to create an explanation.

Have you done this?

No no, I am not offended at all.
And that's not what I meant by science made me more spiritual. Not by experiments to prove spirituality, but by observing the wonders of human body and cells that cannot be understood completely by science.
Anyway. Gotta go do some real scientific experiments ;)

I would prefer experiments to prove spirituality.

No one does this, and I wonder why not. If such things were proven, the world would change.

My dear friend @heretickitten
It is extremely hard to prove spirituality with experimentation because spirituality is not a physical entity. Until this date, science is not capable of completely understanding how human use reasoning, makes logical decisions, relate and perceive things or feel emotions. Because everything that is related to mind function (which is different than just chemical and electrical signals in the brain) is not physical or tangible. If something doesn't have physical form, it is hard to do scientific experimentation on it.
I can take a cohort of people and experiment on them, but the results will be ranging wide and far depending on how each individual thinks, what they believe or not believe and how they perceive things. Some they may claim they saw God, but how I can prove them?
Prophets supposedly showed people "Miracles" as proof long ago, didn't they? But still not all people believed them. Even though science was not around then.
The only experimentation you can do is within yourself. I experiment with myself and the universe all the time. But I can't just go and kill myself to prove that there is reincarnation or hell or heaven, neither you will believe me even if I did say that I have seen them with my own eyes.

Thanks for the interesting discussion though! I was very happy to talk about my newfound spiritual feelings, even if they were not convincing to you. And thank you for your patience and questions :)

You're welcome.

I don't wish to oppose anyone, or offend them, but as a scientific philosopher, my new desire is to "Prove Philosophy with Science," a thing, as you said, is normally not possible.

But I want to try. I must try.