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in conspiracy •  2 years ago 

Nasa lies.

The earth is flat.

Get over it!

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Your awesome get in there give it to them!!!

I am into the truth, and nothing but the truth! I'm following you! Cheers!

Forget the clean shaven, smiling hero astronauts and wise sage-like scientists in lab coats. Forget the images of rockets booming into the sky and CGI rendered satellites and planets. Forget the "let's pretend" of the ISS, forget the laughable out-dated moon landing footage. Forget their science fiction that is peddled as fact. Ignore their propaganda.

Underneath it all, deep in the over-funded bowels of this massive military arm of the government, deep underneath the deceived and well-intentioned employees and well paid contractors, deep under the knowledge of many high-level government public servants, is the heart of NASA. The Occultists and Satanists. Their tentacles are in our schools, our universities, private industries, State and local governments (who bow down to them). They have become the final authority on all things having to do with "science" (so called) and "Space" (so called). They have become the modern-day teachers of the LAW (scientism).

Yeshua rebuked the teachers of the Law: "You have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering." Luke 11:52

The image of the spherical earth and the EMPTY vacuum of space (no Heaven) and the pride in our "Babel" accomplishments are all stumbling blocks of faith and have caused many to fall away.

Yeshua said "Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks! It is necessary that stumbling blocks come, but woe to the person through whom they come." Matthew 18:7

Yes sir! The globe is officially dead now all we have to do is spread the word! Much love!

BRO what's your secret?? How you making so much money with so little upvotes! I'm only making pennys might give up here I'm not getting the message out to enough people. I'm serious here I might stand beside the freeway with a big sign WAKE UP THE WORLD IS FLAT. It's killing me nobody Is listening to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep grinding bro! More and more people are waking up daily and we need people like you on here.

I have a little list of truth tellers I look for and upvote them:))) You're now on my list, bluntendo!

You're absolutely right. Keep posting these great posts. Following now too

Thanks man I followed ya back!

Thanks a lot! Interisting stuff 😄

For sure thanks for stopping by 😅

Agree, NAZA is a lying cunt. There is so many thing not matchinig up

60 million stolen daily and we still don't have a photograph of the globe.

Haha, and we will proporly ever have one:-) because everything we have learned is absolutely fake :-(

I sure do appreciate the truth! I followed you, too, Mackjez-santos:))) Cheers!

But math isn't real....lolz

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Great bro, i am flathearther and vegan too, rare to find somebody with the same combination of qualities. keep posting about flat earth, this place needs more of it, i gonna make it on spanish community.
Kind regards

Sweet man!

Definitely need people like you to reach out to the spanish community to spread this message as well!

Followed you, hope to hear from you soon!