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When I first discovered presence of extra-terrestrials on this planet in 2007 it came a quite a shock to me when I really 'got it' and the fact that I had 'missed it' right until then. I'm pretty sure I suffered some cognitive dissonance, as any normal person would, having gathered enough evidence to make a strong argument for this claim and personal revelation. This moment reminded me of a quote:

"Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." - Niels Bohr

I had to assimilate a much larger picture of how I understood the universe and my reality around me. After the initial impact, it took me a couple of months to digest this into my worldview and integrate this previously overlooked and misunderstood material into my being.


Figure 2: Zecharia Sitchin holding replica of ancient cylinder seal from Sumeria

The Big Picture
The evidence presented here is not supposed to necessarily be conclusive based on a single fact, but rather is supposed to connect previously disconnected bodies of knowledge, like ancient literature and modern day photography, and show the mounting evidence throughout history up until present today's pop culture. Also most importantly to re-define and understand the terms and concepts using a common nomenclature and up to date ancient and modern literature, scientific and witness-based evidence.

This may be a lot for some people who are new to this to take it all in but I present my Steemian Full-Disclosure research material for people interested in greater understanding of themselves and the multidimensional reality. Exploring the omniverse and introducing hidden and suppressed wisdom to all earthlings.

Ancient Evidence
From the very earliest times in our recorded history, we have ancient writings from around the ancient world detailing our ancestors contact with extraterrestrials and beings that came “from the sky”. In ancient Mesopotamia Sumerian (& Babylonian) accounts of “gods” that came in "shining wheels" or “celestial chariots.” In 1947 a large hoard of parchments and scrolls were discovered by a Bedouin shepherd in a cave at Khirbet Qumran, overlooking the Dead Sea - they later became known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, which detail the Sumerian account of human interaction with these extra-terrestrial beings.

In 1945 an Arab peasant discovered the Nag Hammadi Codices which was concealed in a jar in a cave in Upper Egypt, near Luxor. The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons. After researching these pre-Christian and Gnostic materials it was shocking to discover that ancient seers acknowledged and investigated the issue of alien intrusion long before the 1st century CE.

So many ancient and mysterious writings have been recorded a long time before the Christian, Islamic & Jewish holy books were in circulation. Although there is much information from the bible for example in the forgotten book of Enoch. Many other previously mystical texts or passages suddenly begin to make more sense and become demystified. The deeper insights about the gnostic theory of cosmological order where they explain the origin of these entities and their interest and subsequent involvement with humanity. It’s also described how these entities operate in our dimension, and what they want. The Gnostics taught these entities envy us and feed on our fear. Above all though they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light” - a gift of divine intelligence within. We get similar insights inside the Bible with the Nephilim, the bloodline of Cain and The Watchers. In the Koran there is reference to the Djinn and this theme resonates throughout all teachings modern and ancient alike.


Figure 1: Nag Hammadi Codices

A mention should also be given to other ancient writings in holy books like the Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, The Koran and The Torah. Each of these holy books speaks about God(s), Angels, Demons, Giants and other seemingly miraculous events. Many of these magical and mysterious events could be understood as a higher science (or ET involvement & manipulation) which was only shared with selected initiates, and gave them prophetic and other powers.

Photographic Evidence
People have been snapping pictures of UFOs since the very earliest days of photography, and it’s believed that the oldest UFO photo ever taken dates back to 1870. Of course some of them may be faked but in the early days of photography, it was very difficult to manipulate photographs and there are many images taken before the days of Photoshop.
Some of the photographs come from very reputable sources, like the U.S.A., U.K., France & Russian governments, and many other countries as well.


Figure 3: The Great Los Angeles Air Raid photograph from the Los Angeles Times in February 1942

Photos are not localised to a particular region, area or culture, and we literally have photographs from all around the world of unidentified flying objects. Sometimes as a flying object moves in a certain direction, other photographs emerge of the same object hundreds of kilometres away, further down the road as it were, and many alleged sightings are confirmed this way. An example of this is the UFO in Jerusalem slowly descending over temple mount, hovering for a short time, and then lifting off and ascending into the air at unimaginable speed. This event was filmed by many different people, on various cameras and mobile phones, all over the area from different angles, near and far, so we can therefore verify that this was an actual real event.

I should also be noted that many people have reported being able to actually ‘see’ UFOs after taking pictures with infra-red cameras. Many modern day cameras block out certain light frequencies, which could in fact cloak visible objects, which could be hovering right above us, but they’re outside of our visible light spectrum. I was also interested to learn that NASA has been using Hasselblad cameras for the Gemini and Apollo missions, and these cameras are probably used in many other scientific and military applications, because of the fact that they capture objects like they really are, eliminating various filters and potentially erroneous consumer software, which could interfere with the rendering of images.


Figure 4: Modified Hasselblad camera for the Mars Curiosity rover developed by Mike Ravine

Video Evidence
There are some very interesting videos of alien craft and beings, which have surfaced over the years. We’re pretty sure that many of these videos are faked, or created with CGI, but some have characteristics which look supernaturally far-off, and could actually be real film.

A possible example is the WikiLeaks UFO video of an alien attack where just before the spaceship activates & blasts some sort of particle beam weapon, all the birds suddenly fall out of the sky. To shoot something like this on film would be very difficult and expensive to create, which doesn’t mean that it’s genuine, but it does raise some interesting questions about the nature of our universe, and “what-if” if it is authentic & genuine? One thing I’m certain of is: truth is stranger than fiction!

We found a couple if interesting sources for excellent footage, like the UFOTV and UFOvni channels on YouTube, and there is an ever increasing number of sightings which come from normal people all over the world, filming interesting things on their smart phones & video cameras. We found some other fascinating documentaries that have been produced with exclusive footage of spaceships and beings, from what appear to be advanced civilizations, right here on our very own planet earth. The footage shows that we are now going way beyond seeing lights in the sky, but tangible scientific evidence of off-world involvement here and now.

Radar and Satellite Evidence
There have been a number of airports closed down temporarily because of UFOs, which have been spotted near the runways of the airports, or are in front of an airplanes flight path, and these temporary closures have been authorized and verified by radar data.


Radar operators are expertly trained and when they witness tangible echo returns from UFOs, it is pretty hard to deny the authenticity of their claims. In many cases these bizarre blips suddenly invade military and civil radar screens, and are seen to execute manoeuvers completely beyond the abilities of any known aircraft. Many of these sightings have been simultaneously witnessed by naked eye observers on the ground and in the air. These objects reported ground speeds of 6000 mph (miles per hour) which are apparently nothing unusual in such cases.


With multiple witness’s sightings at large facilities, like Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and three Chinese Airports shut down by UFOs in five years! I’m thinking there’s are more to these shutdowns that we’re being told. Understandably, the so called “airport authorities” avoid these incidents & and bury them, for fear of extra costs and regulation. These authorities are also ill equipped to deal with a disclosure and the ramifications for their businesses.

There has also been many countries armed forces, which have released official military surveillance footage of UFOs. The Mexican Government released details about an incident where the air forces surveillance plane started tracking 3 UFOs on their radars, which were invisible to the naked eye but using their infrared cameras, were able to track them. Over next half an hour period they recorded 11 UFOs moving through the sky at a very high speeds, and one of the objects seemed to divide or split into 2 different objects. The Mexican government has released all details of the event and provided the crew, footage and head of the Mexican Air Force for examination and questioning by the worlds media.

Witness Testimony Evidence
Today there are an estimated 70 000 UFO sightings on average per year, that’s approximately 192 reported cases every day. There are even UFO tours and hotspots, like Area 51 (which has now recently been acknowledged by the US government officially) in the Nevada desert, or the ECETI ranch where you can allegedly regularly see UFO craft with your own eyes! What is more staggering about people from all around the world claiming to have had experiences with ET’s and UFOs, is that they come from all walks of life, from all ages and cultures and in many instances are reporting very similar experiences.

There has been some very interesting research done by leading doctors of psychiatry, like Dr John Mack who was a psychiatrist, writer and professor at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Hospital physician. He was a leading authority on alleged alien abduction experiences, and there is an interesting case where there was a mass sighting of a UFO craft that landed on a school field in rural Zimbabwe at the Ariel School, which is a private elementary school located near Harare, on the morning of 16 September 1994. So UFO investigator and psychotherapist Cynthia Hind and John Mack spent two days interviewing the parents, teachers, and children about their experience.

They had analysed the interviews and concluded that the children did not experience a mass delusion - what they had witnessed that day was real. Preconceived notions of aliens and UFOs were quickly ruled out as many of the children admitted to never having heard of UFOs before the event.
The findings were that the children “had experienced a very powerful encounter with these beings, and we’re left with a rather disturbing fact that this seems to be what it is and it seems to have no other psychiatric explanation.”


Figure 7: Artist Impression of UFO Abduction

There have also been other long term detailed scientific studies done on so called abductees & experiencers, and the results are really quite sobering and conclusive - many of these people are completely normal and not delusional or suffering from any other psychiatric condition. There has been amazing work done to help support experiencers deal with the shock and often trauma of having real contact with extra-terrestrial beings, by people such as Mary Rodwell. It should be noted that many people have had real contact experiences, good and bad, and quite often they need to be with like-minded people to help them to normalize this experience, make sense of it and internalise this new paradigm into their being. Some of these contactees become interested in regression therapy, often under a hypnotic state, to extract memories from a past encounter event. Having regression therapy with people who are not qualified or experienced in this field, can be dangerous and psychologically damaging if inexperienced therapists attempt to decode some of these memories, and can leave lasting damage in the patients. So if you need counselling, speak to someone who is experienced and up to date with latest academic literature on this subject.

The 2001 Disclosure Project, held at national press club in Washington D.C. where over 500 Military and Government Personnel, including civilian contractors, many which hold "Top Secret" security clearances, who all are testifying to the government suppression of back engineered advanced Free Energy / anti-gravity technology (UFOs), and knowledge of extra-terrestrial beings. This partial list of witnesses who have gone on record regarding disclosure is nothing to be sneezed at, and includes a bunch of extremely credible witnesses many who have held very senior positions in the government, military and academia.

area 51, scientist boyd bushman, real ufo, alien, deathbed confession, ufo news, real alien pictures, real ufo pictures, roswell incident.jpg

Figure 8: Boyd Bushman's deathbed confessions about Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity


Figure 9: Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works director had admitted in his Deathbed Confession
that Extra-terrestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars.

There are organizations like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) which have trained field investigators which help study the latest UFO sightings, and they also have an “Experiencer Questionnaire”, educational information, and a rather large global network of resources.

Political & Legal Evidence
There is some evidence that any information regarding UFOs seems to end up in the hands of certain corporations, which sell aerospace technology and supply the military industrial complex, and so there is a trend to patent and to make this data secret and or proprietary. For example when people see UFOs in the U.S.A., they are referred to the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) which in turn refers them to Bigelow Aerospace’s Advanced Space Studies. How did this corporation get to be the go-between the US government, and any potential contact with extra-terrestrials? Shouldn’t any information about ET contact be made available to the public for further study and investigation?

There is also Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extra-terrestrials or their vehicles?

In the USA because much of the research has been done with government funding illegally, it presents a fundamental problem with disclosure in the United States because so many people are involved in the cover-up and the security of the cover-up that it's definitely a political issue. This which will ensure that the chances of full-frontal extraterrestrial disclosure of species and advanced technologies is unlikely to come from the US Government. There is also the issue of the 1954 Greada Treaty, when the Eisenhower administration bypasses the US Constitution and formed a pact with alien races. A researchers legal analysis states that the treaty is valid under international law.


Figure 10: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Amazingly the U.N. are also working on the implications of space technology here on earth. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) works to promote international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space, and in the utilisation of space science and technology for sustainable economic and social development.

Psychic Channelling & Psychic Mediumship Evidence
There have been many mediums, seers and sages throughout the ages who are said to receive messages from distant galaxies thru the ether, and many of them have been remarkably accurate in predicting future events, or sometimes providing advanced knowledge on miscellaneous subjects like our galactic history or cosmology. It’s an extremely controversial topic, and some people believe that they are in direct communication, or act as ambassadors for these extra-terrestrial intelligences.


Figure 11: A Vril Society psychic medium

There are various groups that have made contact with individuals here all over planet earth, like the “The Guardian Alliance” or the “The Galactic Federation of Light” and there are a multitude of other groups around all representing different star systems, civilizations or alliances from around the multiverse. It is a very big picture, complex if you will, because we are looking at this from a cosmic or soul level, and trying to make sense of millions years of galactic history, and existing treaties and alliances. So people observing this going on from the outside, understandingly think that these people are just crazy or mad. But there are very real tangible insights and intelligence which is de-cloaking and unveiling what’s really going on in high places, and much of this information has been corroborated by insiders and various whistle-blowers. So we are getting a steady stream of higher knowledge and information from groups like “The Andromeda Council”, “The Orion Federation”, “Sirian High Command” the "Sphere-Being Alliance" or one of the many other groups that may be out there.

The Bases Project


Project Camelot


Exopolitics Institute




A word of warning when attempting to communicate with unknown ET beings or groups: Not all of these beings are benevolent, and some of them literally want to harvest Earth as a slave colony. There is also a danger of encountering certain black-ops military groups, who use this ET/UFO phenomena as cover for top secret mind control programs on targeted individuals, and exotic abduction techniques using implants and other black technologies.

In the modern Ufology in-depth research has been done on Project Paperclip and Operation Highjump there is much evidence for connecting the Germans through the Vril Society, which was the inner circle of the Thule Society and had members from prominent positions in the Nazi Party, with the first Extraterrestrial contact and who started reverse engineering UFOs with the help of off-world intelligence's. Among their claims was that the society made contact with an alien race and they'd dedicated themselves to creating spacecraft to contact the aliens. In partnership with the Thule Society and the Nazi Party, the Vril Society developed a series of flying disc prototypes.


Figure 122: Haunebu Craft


Figure 133: Haunebu Craft Variant

With the Nazi defeat, the society allegedly retreated to an impenetrable base in Antarctica and vanished into the "Hollow Earth" to meet up with the leaders of an advanced race inhabiting inner Earth. These accounts appear to be likely inspired by historical German development of specialised engines, such as Viktor Schauberger's "Repulsine" device around the time of World War II. The Nazi became very interested in this device and he was forced to weaponize it for the war effort.


Figure 14: Early Haunebu Craft

What may be forgotten was that German engineering was way ahead of their European counterparts for example discovered fission and created innovations like Airborne Operations the first jet powered aircraft & bomber, Cruise Missiles, Methamphetamine's and Rockets. Rockets today still use these designs and then there's that spooky Aleister Crowley & Jack Parsons connection. All this history is legacy from the German magical workings and contacting entities from other worlds and dimensions and the connection with actual extraterrestrials and space flight.


Plans for Viktor Schauberger Repulsine A & B

Space Probes, Observatory’s and Satellite Evidence
Now with the emergence of the internet over the past couple of decades, we have started getting access to video camera & sensor data from outer space. Most of the feeds were proprietary and only a small number of people ever got to see them, namely people who worked at American (NASA & DoD) or the Soviet (Russian Space Agency) or a handful of international space agencies would ever get to see, footage of what’s going on in outer space in the Milky Way and beyond.

There are a number of real-time feeds and data dumps of instrumentation, cameras and data from a bunch of earth orbiting satellites. There are instruments that are dedicated to just observing our sun like SOHO, and other resources where you can check for X-Ray Flux, Solar Wind Speed/Density, Gamma Ray Bursts and Cosmic Rays! There are interesting maps and Emergency and Disaster Information services, which allow us to view and conceptualize our world in a whole new & different way. There are dedicated sights like SpaceWeather & Suspicious0bservers which keep an eye on activities going on in space, around planet earth and beyond.
There are many dedicated websites that provide solid evidence that much of the official story we have been told is a complete hoax. Researchers discussing the Apollo mission to the moon point to facts like no evidence of a blast crater, which should be present under the 10,000 pound thrust rocket when it landed. Also extreme radiation, heavily doctored footage and many other inconsistencies that have emerged. Modern day scientific advancements and technologies have raised questions about what we’ve been told. So there indication that there has been much happening in space with huge implications for mankind, which has been concealed.


Figure 14: Apollo Moon Mission Patch

Miscellaneous and Other Noted Evidence
There’s still much compelling evidence and interesting titbits that don’t quite fit into above categories but deserve a mention.
Disinformation & Collusion
At least some of the gaps in understanding the missing pieces, are likely to be the result of an ongoing disinformation campaign.
One example is the Secret Space Program, which has been ongoing since the end of World War II and has now been thoroughly documented and exposed, thanks to people like Richard Dolan. NASA has also been exposed for editing footage of UFOs, and cutting live feeds when spaceships fly past, and other questionable actions by researchers like Richard Hoagland. There is also testimony by US Army Command Sergeant Major - Robert Dean, who was a commander for NATO, who was involved in “clean up” operations of crashed UFOs, under his Cosmic Top Secret security clearance.

The video below highlights the actual collusion ongoing to dupe humanity into a managed disclosure paradigm and attempt to use propitiatory technology and patents to attempt to control the free energy aspect of this.

Figure 155: Chevron/ Vector Symbolic coincidence in Space Agencies?

The idea if we've made contact with advanced civilisations then there are spacecraft flying all around they're obviously are not doing that with fossil fuels, therefore other propulsion technology must be being used and is being used. We cannot become a space-faring civilisation until we've used our advanced technologies to fix and heal and co-create a new paradigm together for the benefit of everyone and then we can represent our selves as a Type 1 Civilisation.


Figure 166: Vector/Chevron Symbolism

I wrote the barebones for this article on 21st September 2015 just to put passage below into context.

Researchers have reported about the June 28 explosion of a Space Exploration Technologies’ (SpaceX) Falcon 9 booster suffered a catastrophic failure, 2 minutes 19 seconds into flight, losing the rocket and the Dragon capsule, and critical cargo intended for resupply and expansion of the International Space Station (ISS). And commentators have been saying that:

"This rocket didn't explode, it was lasered by Lockheed Martin. You can even see the laser's flickering as it continuously blasts the rocket at 2:15-2:23 right before the explosion. It's the intense flicker dot that goes from one side and then appears on the other side on the upper top half. Free markets are great, as long as you don't have any competition."

Figure 17: SpaceX Explosion

SpaceX was granted permission to launch Department of Defense (DoD) payloads, which for the past 10 years, only United Launch Alliance (a Lockheed Martin-Boeing collaboration) have been allowed to launch, and have been charging $200-$500 million for each flight. SpaceX has stated they will do it for $90 million. The video evidence is intriguing and the exact causes are still unknown, but we don’t need to be rocket scientists to know whenever there is so much money involved, especially with military contractors, there is always motivation for sabotage and interference.
Investments behind these new bleeding edge space technologies, would be in the trillions of dollars of capital at stake, and access to new cutting edge technologies that are so advanced they are called “disruptive technologies.” So this means, that there certainly is motive to suppress space age technologies and inventions. Indeed there are vested interests and a desire to keep hold on their current monopoly in space.

Many people know how Nikola Tesla was essentially robbed of his inventions, and was denied making his creations available to the public for the benefit of humankind, when his patents were seized by the US Secret Service, for reasons of “national security”. Tesla even designed blueprints for his own UFO, but was forced to hand over his genius discoveries, and a bunch of patents he invented, which landed ended up becoming property of the DoD. Let’s just say: the patent system is evil, and speaking of darkness, this seems to be the mainstream Media's contribution to possibly the biggest story in the history of mankind! Even with regard to mass UFO sightings, almost nothing is mentioned of these events, no enquiry or debates started, and quite often there is some dis-info thrown in for good measure.


Figure 18: Nikola Tesla UFO Design


Figure 19: Nikola Tesla UFO Sketch

And then there is a Nikola Tesla connection to Donald Trump and the intrigue with information from William Tompkins that Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) indeed is not ignorant of factions within off-world groups and factions some of which may be operating within his military.

A few days after Tesla died on January 8th, 1943, his possessions were seized by officials from the amazingly-named government Office of Alien Property. About 3 weeks after that, all of Tesla's things and documents were given a thorough examination by a group of FBI agents that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald J. Trump. - ThinkBig


Please check part II of this article for a complete list of references over here.
(Apologies this post was too long and I had to cut it in two.)