Down the Rabbit Hole: The 7 Mayan Prophecies pt. 2

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This pt 2 of the closer examination of the 7 Mayan prophecies, to find part 1 follow this link:

Much background knowledge is needed to venture forth into the wisdom of the Mayans. Please head to my first article to get an overview on how the Mayans believed in a 5,125 year cycle in which the sun sends out a solar flare that brings a cataclysmic like end to the world. This does not mean that complete extinction happens but that extinction-level events are cyclical in nature and just a natural part of the sun’s “clock” that is synchronized with the galactic energy outputs. This could have some direct connection with the center of our galaxy as we passed through a period of alignment with it in 2012.

Looking at the first four prophecies, it was clear that humanity had two choices: become more spiritual and raise their inner-standing that all matter has consciousness and to treat/live with respect to each other and Mother Nature in that regard to drift deeper into materialism, consumerism, and any other “ism” that divides humanity from its spiritual roots. Each choice would have a different outcome int his end of times. Two outcomes for the spiritual path would be that the crisis would be either a) not happen or b) still happen but humanity would be prepared to handle it due to being aware of what would come. The other egocentric path would lead to near-extinction level event that would end most of humanity while starting another era in which we would have another chance to evolve towards a spiritual being yet again.

Much of the first four prophecies are eerily relevant to the current time and shifts that the Earth is facing: there is an ongoing pole shift, there was a brief period of global warming that has made way to a huge collective of further climate change, and more are becoming spiritual awakened. However, there is still many problems that exist, that could easily be gone if the men and women banded together to change old systems. Homelessness, poverty, pollution, and access to food and water could be solved in a just a few years yet there is still resistance from corporations, governments, and banking industries. It is still unclear which path humanity is on.

Now for the interpretation and analysis of the last three Mayan prophecies.

5. All systems based on fear will fail while man takes steps to a new reality of harmony. Humanity will bring itself to understand creation and the natural ethics of the True Self.

Interpretation: Systems that rely on fear are prevalent in modern society. Many examples exist such as health care, politics, and religions. Human beings will need to take steps to quiet their minds and reduce stimulation in order to gain more understanding of reality. The natural ethics of the True Self are things that seem very easy to understand: not taking advantage of one another, not stealing, being humble, submitting to the True Self. There a wide variety of techniques to establish this innerstanding.

Analysis: Politics rely on fear to garner votes: whether it be fear of change, fear of stagnancy, fear of war, fear of a bad economy, fear of terrorists, fear of “old establishment”, fear of immigration, and so many others, it is very easy to recognize how these different fears drive the population to vote for different individuals instead of taking power into their own hands and establishing different love centered communities that align with their principles. This is a major oversimplification and there are very good reasons why the previous fears mentioned are a reality. But politics have been more of a problem, then a solution, as power, control, and fear are just part of the foundation of this type of establishment. More articles will present illuminating evidence of the history of modern politics.

Another example of an old system is many modern religions. Religions that demonize humanity, place the power into the hands of the few, and obscure knowledge purposefully have limited use in the development of spirituality. Not to say there are no great truths in religions and their texts, because there are. However, the spiritual development of the individual is more prudent now than ever, and most religions are not developing a spiritually aligned being. What is the difference? A religious being seeks for answers from his teacher or others through the foundation of his faith and knowledge. A spiritual being seeks answers from the Divine within. The religious hold onto their knowledge, teachings, and faith. The spiritual have the courage to let go of their attachments to seek greater space within their being. Letting go of all indoctrination allows the Creator to fill the mind and body. More articles will be presented on this as well.

Looking at the birth of the cosmos, it is prudent to know that there is no difference from the matter within the human body and a star’s matter. The universal composition is within us all. The four main elements found in all the galaxies (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen) are the main elements of the human body (the four necessary components for the amino acid). Once beings start tapping into the potential of meditation, previously considered notions of human impossibilities will be broken. There are many stories of monks that are able to perform impossible feats such as put a hundreds to thousands of psi of force upon their bodies but leaving no visible harm. Others are able to generate self-heat and travel in sub-zero temperatures with no clothes. This is just a few of the untapped potentials.

6. A comet will come to put the Earth in danger due to its trajectory.

Interpretation: Not much to interpret here. The Earth may get hit by a comet, or not.

Analysis: The Mayan believe that comets were change agents that brought balance to the world in order to allow the evolution of collective consciousness. In the Bible, it is referred to as Wormwood. It is very unclear to whether this impact will be 100%. It seems that if humanity’s intentions become pure and they utilize their consciousness and knowledge, they will be able to disarm or change this trajectory. There are so many different theories about which comets will hit Earth and not. The soonest prediction is February 25th but NASA says that it will miss Earth by 35 million miles. Those that follow conspiracies say that NASA or the government would not tell the public the truth but this is conjecture.

It must be noted that a comet (named the Chelyabinsk Meteor) actually struck Russia and injured over 1,500 people. NASA did not detect it until it entered the atmosphere.

The other part of this story comes from the possible ejecti that would be released from the sun during a solar flare. Looking further into the work of Ben Davidson and Dr. Vogt (from the Diehold Foundation), the solar flare that hit Earth last time would have left a crater-like impact, as well as leave radioactive space elements that one would commonly associate with as space debris. A solar flare would cause much of the same destruction as a comet hitting the Earth, if not more so. Will this happen for sure? Dr. Vogt believes that it will and there is monumental proof that it has occured in the past. But this prophecy, as well as the others, seem to indicate that not all is lost and that annihilation can be avoided.

7. From the year 1999 to 2012, light will emit from the center of the galaxy which will synchronize all living beings and create internal transformation which will lead to new realities. Limits will disappear from the power of pure thought.

Interpretation: Energy due to the alignment of the Earth in conjunction with the center of the galaxy will help bring about internal transformation. This internal transformation (enlightenment) will help bring humanity in touch with all of its potential. Many impossibilities will become possible.

Analysis: As previously discussed in the first part of this series, Earth became aligned in between the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio which, in turn, was aligned with the Milky Way’s center. This happens every 11,000 years. This cosmic energy was supposed to help bring about a shift in consciousness and human potential. There are several examples that can show that people are collaborating and transcending many boundaries that have limited humanity. These several examples will be the present in future articles. Meditation and enlightenment will help forge the path to peace and prosperity.

Ending: So what is there to take away from this? The knowing that an ancient culture was very advanced for its time. That they saw potential in the human race. That we have the potential to become something more and to create a sustainable future. The potential to avoid a possible catastrophe, or always be prepared for what’s to come. This life is a gift and all of energy should be focused on creating the utopia that should be present as if it were present. Now is all about coming together, and figuring out the future together.


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