Down the Rabbit Hole: The Seven Mayan Prophecies and Solar Flares Pt. 1

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Mankind has always been fascinated with its own apocalyptic demise. Whether it be the Book of Revelations, the End of Days, Y2K, the Mayan Calendar, or many other predictions, it is fascinating to contemplate exactly when a new era will start and whether mankind will be involved or not. Most prophecies have two different outlooks on prophecies of the end: 1. That mankind will be ended in a cataclysmic event of some kind. 2. That mankind will enter a golden era of peace and prosperity.

Some background on Mayan knowledge is necessary to understand their prophecies. They believed that the sun was alive and that it synchronizes itself with the galaxy, at which point, during these synchronization periods, the sun produces a solar flare which causes huge magnetic changes to all the planets including Earth. They believed this happened every 5,125 years and that the Earth’s axis is displaced causing a great cataclysm. The Mayan culture likened this process to the universe breathing, that it is cyclical in nature. There has been already 5 cycles, according to Mayan culture, and that this new cycle will be the sixth. The previous civilizations of the past sun cycles had been wiped out each time as civilization each took steps towards the ascent of the collective consciousness of humanity. The belief was that humans would prepare themselves for what is to come if they pass down these traditions. We will come back to these points at the end.

Let’s examine the six Mayan predictions to start, interpret them and then analyze them in context to the real world to see how these two different outlooks could be happening.

1. The world of hatred and materialism will finish Saturday 22 of December of the year 2012. On this day, humanity will have to choose between threatening to destroy the planet or evolve towards harmonic integration and understanding that everything is alive and conscious. There will be time without time, at which point, humanity will enter the great room of mirrors. Materialism will give way to liberation from suffering.

Interpretation: This prophecy points to the time frame around 1999 to 2012. A possible interpretation is that the human race will stop valuing time as a mechanism that control their life. Once mankind can look beyond time and live in the moment while knowing the trials of the past, this will lead to a great future. The “room of mirrors” means that individuals will begin to meet themselves in every relationship, furthering the bond between men and women alike. Secrets and hidden truths will be revealed as there is nowhere to hide them in a “room of mirrors”. It will be a time to face oneself and another for what they have done according to their nature and in respect to the planet. The valuing of objects, wealth, and status will end and give way to a future where all are equal. This will be the time to decide whether to change and decide to eliminate fear and the lack of respect in all relationships.

Analysis: There are more people than ever that realize the current outlook for Earth is not too good and that changes towards a sustainable future will require huge shifts in governance, banking, business, environmentalism, and living, to name just a few. There are many technologies, products, and real world examples that have been shown to solve mass problems of homelessness, pollution, poverty, corruption, and collusion. We are seeing huge shifts from individualistic thinking towards holistic concerns on collective level.

There are so many innovations, yet we still do not see them taking root on an international level. Many are beginning to wake up to the fact that many of the super wealthy do not have the average man or environment in mind when making decisions that impact a mass population, merely themselves and their profit margins. There is a huge shift happening in this current generation where they do not want to be successful in a monetary sense, rather, live in as sustainable, spiritual sense that is fulfilling to one’s own purpose that is aligned with many principles found in religious and spiritual teachings. But that does not mean all are making this shift or trying to live in an ethical manner.

The date of December 22, 2012 was the date that many predicted the world to end. This did not happen but a very rare galactic alignment event occurred. The dark rift between the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, which is aligned perfectly with the Milky Way galaxy’s center. The arrow of Sagittarius (the bowman) lines up every 11,000 years. It is here along this dark rift, where the gravitational waves emanate from the center, exists as a flat plane along the equatorial region of the Milky Way. There is a prediction that this would be the very onset of an increase of earthquakes, hurricanes, climate change, and an eventual pole shift. The poles are currently shifting and there has been a direct increase in the aforementioned weather event. But that will be another article for another day.

2. The behavior of humanity will change very quickly since the date of 11 of August of 1999. These changes in human behavior/morality will be the perception of the world and are directly linked to the changes that will occur to the planet.

Interpretation: There were two choices for humankind when this prophecy came to pass. Either the individual would lose control of their emotions and head towards chaos in their lives, and thus in the greater scheme of life or the individual would choose to strengthen their inner peace and their resolve towards sustaining peace. This prophecy further indicates that this time will be full of conflict, great learnings, collective separation and connection which will all lead to the processes of destruction and evolution. Those that choose aggression, hatred, dissolution and the confrontation of ideologies or models of morality will generate destructive situations of death and suffering but, in turn, will give rise of consequences of solidarity and respect with others. Those that choose to conserve harmony will learn/understand the process of evolution of the universe. Two inseparable forces will clash. One force that understands that the Universe evolve toward perfection, constantly changing. Another that is surrounded in the material plane that will feed its ego. This second prophecy further affirms that if most humans change towards a more aligned, universal path then this will help neutralize the drastic changes in most prophecies. Humankind has always decided its fate in the past and it will be no different this time around. The prophecies are merely warnings.

Analysis: We have seen that mass meditations can cause crime rates to go down in the intended areas. Many different studies have shown that intentions, symbols, and frequencies can affect plants or water’s structure either negatively or positively, depending on the nature of the energy involved. Many plant studies have shown that they will die when negative intentions or disruptive music is played, while plants thrive on harmonic music and positive intentions. Every thought, action, symbol, and spoken word has energy that can influence in either a positive, neutral, or negative manner. This may happen on a global scale. What would happen if we all shifted our energy towards positivity or constructing better societal constructs that do not exclude anyone from having heaven on Earth. We are currently in a very chaotic period: Democrats are at war with Republicans, racist constraints are still all too real, true education on how to be fully functional, holistic being in mind, body, and spirit is not taught in the traditional paradigm yet there is still a tremendous amount of headway towards a positive direction. There are many caring and loving individuals that are taking personal steps towards being even more loving and caring. There are life-changing organizations such as Ubuntu, Earth Nation, the Transition, or Edmundo that are trying to instill large-scale change for the betterment of the world. It is hard to say which force is more dominant.

3 and 4. Climate change will begin with a heatwave which will bring about drought, fires, loss vegetation, hunger, and the melting of the ice caps.

Interpretation: Not too much to interpret here, pretty straightforward. There will be a “global warming” period in which the climate will alter dramatically. Prophecy 3 and 4 were combined since they were so similar.

Analysis: Now there was a global warming period between 1960s and the early 2000s. The problem now lies with the data and how one computes this data. Nearly all predictions for global warming have been 3 to 4 times too high on average. This graph that will show what most climate models have focused on which is the average temperature from the past 60-80 years. This makes global warming look very real.

However, when we extend the data back to 1880, a whole other picture is presented entirely.

During the 1920s through 1940, the average temperature increased by up 2 degrees C, nearly half a degree higher than the current global warming. Looking back in time even further, there is much evidence to show that humankind is but a small influence on climate, the real culprit is actually the sun’s activity such as sunspots and solar flares.

Look into this yourself. Find any global warming chart and see how far it traces back temperature. Normally they will only go back 100 years. Look into the deep past and there is cyclical nature to ice ages/global temperatures (again, another article for another day). I want to be very clear and say this does not mean polluting the planet is OK, or that our action’s to the planet should be ignored. A global warming article over the past data, plus much more, will be coming up. This is a sensitive issues and deserves several articles of explanation before I expect others to see what I see.

So what did the Mayans mean then about a heat wave? Individuals such as Immanuel Veilkovsky and David Talbott, with more recent insights provided by Ben Davidson and Douglas B. Bogt have put forth theories that pole shifts are cyclical and correspond with cataclysms that produce near-extinction level disasters.

The latter two sources have brought very convincing evidence that this event happens every 12,000 years due to the sun releasing a micro-nova. This type solar flare event can cause ice ages to happen instantaneously, great floods happen due to Earth’s atmosphere dissipating (which releases some or all of our oxygen, which then reacts with the atmospheric hydrogen, in conjunction with an increased electric presence due to the micronova, can create water), and great fires to spontaneously happen due to the heat and energy of the micronova.

Earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, and other natural disasters would also occur in greater numbers due to a heightened electrical energy that has to be dissipated back to the atmosphere from the Earth due to the global electric circuit effect. So there would indeed be a heat wave, climate change would be even more tumultuous then it is today, natural disasters would be occurring in never-before seen rates, and near extinction would make food hard to come by.

All of this evidence will be presented again in future articles but this was a very, very brief overview of hundreds to thousands of individual sources of evidence which paint a very vivid and grim future. In conclusion of this particularly long portion of prophecy, the Mayans would be very correct in their assessment of how the planet is going turn out.

Part 2 will be coming in just a few days. Further articles elaborating on the extensive evidence for a micronova, climate change vs global warming, and other cataclysmic events will be coming up in the near future.


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