Down the Rabbit Hole: 5 Facts About 5G's Harm

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5G wireless technology is being installed nationwide (by AT&T) by 2020 despite more evidence of harmful effects caused by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). The way 5G will be implemented is through adding cell towers on street lights, sides of buildings, and utility poles. Each of these cell towers will have over a thousand antennas communicating simultaneously. The frequence range of these will be anywhere from 3400 MHz to 6 GHz during the introductory period. However, this frequency is supposed to increase up to 40 GHz in the US during pre-commercial deployment. It is important to note that this is 90 billion electromagnetic waves hitting the body per second which is many times more radiation then we are exposed to naturally. Due to these waves not being able to travel very far, this is why these cell towers will have to be placed everywhere.

Those that oppose the idea that 5G can harm the body usually refer to studies that show that the non-ionizing radiation caused by these frequencies do not penetrate the skin, and since they do not have the same intensity as a microwave, they will not cause the body to heat up. The only problem with this sentiment is that this does not take the interaction between nerves, blood vessels, and other electrically conducting structures in the body that can carry these frequencies further. The body is an antenna and when a extremely short electromagnetic pulse enters the body, these little antennas reradiate the electromagnetic field. These reradiated waves are called Brillouin precursors.

As more evidence is presented through hundreds of studies, it is clear that a dialogue must be started in order to determine the long-term effects of 5G on the human body. These are 5 facts about 5G’s implementation, effect, and criticism.

1. A UN staff member warned the UN Secretary-General of the 5G rollout.

A UN Office of Vienna staff member by the name of Claire Edwards experienced continuous ill symptoms for several months after the office installed powerful WiFi and cellphone access points. She discovered that she had become electro-hypersensitive with this latest installment and alerted the UN staff union administration and medical staff to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Ms. Edwards talked to UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres (an electrical engineer and physicist), who responded by saying that he knew nothing about repercussions of EMFs and that his issue should be taken to the World Health Organization (WHO). Unfortunately, despite many attempts follow-up on this issue, there have been no replies by the WHO.

Due to this lack of action, Ms. Edwards joined the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space because of its well written and referenced work on the tens of thousands of biological effects of EMR. She, along with many others, are dismayed that there are no legal limits to EMR and the increasing amounts of this type of radiation may also be contributing to massive loss (75%) of insects in protected areas. Her immediate focus is to gather others to contact and try to stop those that are pushing the 5G agenda forward such as Elon Musk who is set to launch the first 4,425 5G satellites in June 2019.

2. Stakeholders and regulators of 5G have deliberately excluded the negative studies of 5G.

5G is supposed to be the beginning of smart cities where cell phones, homes, traffic, and millions of other devices are all connected and interacting with each other to create a more efficient city. The rollout of 5G has moved particularly fast due to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approving a rule that limits the local authorities to interfering with the build of networks, especially how much city officials can charge the telecommunication companies. Although these industry and government initiatives have been quick to hasten the release of this technology there is evidence to show that cherry-picked data was utilized in order to push this agenda forward. A very prime example of this is the SCENIHR 2015 document an industry-friendly set of documents that has a reference list of nearly 48 pages in length.

Confidence by U.S. National Cancer Institute in this document was expressed even though there were many omissions, flaws, and falsehoods. To highlight one of more important flaws, the SCENIHR paper critiques another paper that will be recognized as the “Aldad et al paper”. The “Aldad et al paper” is from a distinguished Yale laboratory of Hugh Taylor’s and was published in well respected scientific journal. The paper presents evidence that prenatal exposure from phone radiation to pregnant mice showed highly significant changes in the adult mice. The mice had a decreased memory function, increase in hyperactivity, and increase in anxiety. The author concluded that “these behavioral changes were due to altered neuronal developmental programming”.

The SCENIHR states this about the study: “Neurodevelopment from a functional point of view was studied by Aldad et al. (2012) who exposed mice in utero and investigated them as adults for certain behavioral traits and electrophysical characteristics. Exposure is poorly described but is reported to be a muted telephone (900-1800 MHz) displayed hyperactivity, memory deficiencies, decreased anxiety, and impaired glutamatergic transmission. Although the study employs relevant biological end-points, it cannot be used for any conclusions regarding prenatal mobile phone exposure and functional development of the brain.”

Notice that the SCENIHR paper does tell how the exposures were poorly described nor does it provide any reasoning why any conclusions can be made regarding prenatal mobile phones exposure and functional development of the brain. There are at least a half-dozen more citations within the 5G paper compiled and written by Martin L. Pall, PhD. Within these other citations are more evidence of harm being directly caused by exposure to Wi-Fi and cordless phone EMFs. The SCENIHR paper knew about two of these papers that correlated with the Aldad paper and failed to connect them as correlating evidence. SCENIHR chooses to ignore the roles of pulsation, window effects, frequency, cell type, polarization, and the different effects of to biological activity.
The SCENIHR paper is very close to propaganda that pushes forward an agenda to help push 5G through the correct agencies. There are many more flaws that will not be mentioned here due to length, please check out Martin L. Pall’s paper in the sources below for more proof.

3. Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation include cancer, heart disease, changes in brain function, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Professor Dr. Karl Hecht has published a mass compilation of 1,500 Russian scientific papers as well as the clinical histories of over 1,000 of his own patients in Germany. His findings include the development of “sleep disorders, abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, digestive disorders, hair loss, tinnitus, and skin rash. Subjective symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headache, memory loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and cardiac pain. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been shown to affect an estimated 100 million people worldwide, with the potential of that number increasing greatly if 5G is permitted.

Some effects monitored in children involve an increase in autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and asthma. Another 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies also demonstrate many other harmful effects such as increased free radicals (which cause oxidative damage in the body), impaired sperm function, miscarriage, altered stem cell development, DNA damage, obesity, and neurological damage. Despite 5G technology utilizing the same EMFs as energy weapons used in military operations and crowd control, local governments have been unable to act for a variety of reasons.

4. World governments are circumventing the public and local governments in a combined effort to install 5G internationally.

The European Union, United States, and other national governments have taken gregarious steps in order to streamline 5G. They are “prohibiting local authorities from enforcing environmental laws such as removing the “unnecessary burdens… such as local planning procedure [and] the variety of specific limits on EMF emissions and of the methods required to aggregate them.” These same governments are also permitting the use of wireless facilities on public land due to the constraints of 5G needing to be within close proximity of each other.

Public hearing and notice requirements are being eliminated. US law, for example, prohibit local governments from regulating “on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency radiation, and the courts have reversed regulatory decisions cell tower placement because most of the public testimony was about health. There is also no liability for damage caused by EMF risks, thus, no insurers will provide coverage on this.

5. There are natural solutions to help deal with the EMF stress.

One of the more simple solutions is to keep distance between you and your phone. Putting the phone on speaker phone is an easy way to keep EMFs away. Texting instead of talking can be beneficial since there is less EMFs needed to transmit texts. Substances such as bee propolis, melatonin, green tea polyphenol, and ginkgo biloba have been shown to mitigate the effects of EMF damage. A Faraday Cage also effectively blocks all EMFs. Then there is a unique solution that utilizes Sacred Geometry.

The theory behind the Sacred Geometry EMF protector is that it can interact with these waves and change their waveforms, intensity, polarization, and other variables in order to neutralize the damage. One particular interesting usage of Sacred is BioGeometry. The creators of BIoGeometry implemented its technology in a Swiss town of Hemburg, who’s residents started to suffer from electro-sensitivity due to the implementation of many cell towers in their town. In just six days of implementation, people reported sleeping better, having fewer headaches, exhibiting less aggression, and having more energy. More information on this amazing solution can be seen below.


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Interesting article. I've been wanting to see some scientific studies like these. Thanks!

My pleasure. There is much research on this topic for both sides of the issue. I highly recommend checking out the links especially the 5gspaceappeal website.

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